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No Proper Lady - Community Reviews back

by Isabel Cooper
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Rachel's books
Rachel's books rated it 2 years ago
This is a little like The Terminator, but with roll reversal. Joan is the assassin. Overall, I liked this, but it was slow in places. I liked how accepting Simon was, but the whole "I can't compromise you" got old. And now that I think about it, Joan told Simon how she felt, but I don't remember Sim...
I Swallow Books Whole
I Swallow Books Whole rated it 7 years ago
No Proper Lady is the hands down, weirdest historical romance I have read. If you take all perceived notions of historical romance and mix in a weird helping of Victorian occult, tentacle-wielding rulers of the universe, a manuscript that houses the mysteries of the “Dark Ones” bent on destroying li...
lostinadream rated it 8 years ago
This was an odd book, time travel back to the 1800's through in some demons, badass heroine, stalling the apocalypse, it flowed well, but there was a long wait to the climax and then it just dropped a bit, still enjoyed it, may read the following ones as well
otakumom rated it 8 years ago
I almost gave up on this book. The pacing is painfully slow even though the actual story is very interesting. Joan travels back to the past during Victorian times to try and save the world. In her time, the world is overrun by demons and humanity is losing. Her mission is to kill the man who wrote t...
rameau's ramblings
rameau's ramblings rated it 10 years ago
I wanted to like this book more than I did. The plot, the premise, everything about the set up works better in theory than in practice, unfortunately.No Proper Lady tells the story of Joan, daughter of Arthur and Leia, a warrior from the future travelling two hundred years back in time to save the w...
Rose Lerner
Rose Lerner rated it 10 years ago
This book was AMAZING. All I want to talk about right now was how great this book was. The characters are amazing, especially Joan, who is so strong and tough and liberated and when she cried and said she wanted her mother I got all choked up. The worldbuilding is wonderful. The way she sets up t...
Malin rated it 10 years ago
I picked up this romance because it was voted one of the best of 2011 by Publishers' Weekly, and because claimed it was "Terminator meets My Fair Lady." It's a surprisingly fitting description. Joan is sent back several hundred years into the past, in a last ditch effort by humanity to save the worl...
Nocturnal Book Reviews
Nocturnal Book Reviews rated it 10 years ago
Despite clearly seeing all the things that could have been much better in this book, I really really enjoyed it!I wanted to read No Proper Lady since I've heard it being described as "Terminator meets My Fair Lady". Who could resist such a sales pitch, right?It's not quite good old Arnold and very l...
AlexiaChantel rated it 10 years ago
3.5 Stars!Cooper has blended historical romance with paranormal and created something new and fresh that needs a brand new category to contain it.The paranormal side of No Proper Lady is dark. Demons being summoned and released on the world resulting in the apocalypse. Enough descriptive detail to g...
Manga Maniac Cafe
Manga Maniac Cafe rated it 10 years ago
4 stars. I enjoyed Isabel Cooper's re-imagined Victorian England where things really do go bump in the night. I liked the contrast between Joan and Simon, and the pacing of their relationship. So glad that I don't live in Joan's world, though!Full review soon at www.mangamaniaccafe.com
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