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Northanger Abbey - Community Reviews back

by Jane Austen
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WhiskeyintheJar Romance
WhiskeyintheJar Romance rated it 1 year ago
Rereading this 20yrs after the first time was quite a different experience, I wish I had time to reread a lot of other books.Catherine's nativity was more pronounced, John and Isabella Thorpe made my blood pressure rise, the Gothic satire portion didn't play as big a part as I remembered, Henry was ...
Dem rated it 2 years ago
What would be considered a romantic Rom Com in today’s Reading world, Northanger Abbey is more a fanciful, whimsical read that really didn't do anything for me. I am more a fan of the Bronte sisters as feel their novels are more intense and atmospheric whereas Austen tends to be more lighthearted a...
Merle rated it 3 years ago
This book was lovely, unexpected fun. After reading Mansfield Park and Persuasion in recent years, I concluded that Jane Austen’s work was not for me: their characters seemed bloodless, their heroines prim and infallible, their subject matter a tedious catalogue of the social lives of the independen...
The better to see you, my dear
The better to see you, my dear rated it 3 years ago
Why did I take this long to read this? From Austen's big six, this is the last I got to. I mean, I know what my reasoning was: satire and humour was not what I was looking for when I searched for an Austen volume. But I was wrong to, because this was a great romp. (On that note, one day I have to ...
Wyvernfriend Reads
Wyvernfriend Reads rated it 4 years ago
My last Booklikes Halloween Bingo read. I'm done with all the themes as of early this morning. Sometimes I forget how Jane Austen could look at something, poke gentle fun at it and still respect it. Yes a lot of genre fiction (not called it then but now this is the tar it's painted with) is frivol...
Tannat rated it 4 years ago
I went into this pretty blind aside from having heard that it counts as gothic and that it was apparently a kind of satire of gothic novels of the late 18th century. I'll definitely second calling it a gothic satire. I'd say its only real fault was was taking the satire a bit too far sometimes and t...
Lillelara rated it 5 years ago
Northanger Abbey is my second Jane Austen novel I have read so far (Pride and Prejudice being the first one) and I enjoyed it, eventhough I had some issues with it. What I liked: It´s a fun and lighthearted story and Catherines endeavours to open up a simple trunk or drawer are hilarious (she sees...
Reading Slothfully
Reading Slothfully rated it 5 years ago
Catherine Morland is a silly, not very well educated, 17-year old. She gets to take a trip to Bath with some neighbors, the Allens. There, she meets Isabella Thorpe, who introduces Catherine to Gothic novels, in particular the works of Mrs. Radcliffe, most notably The Mysteries of Udolpho. Catherine...
Portable Magic
Portable Magic rated it 5 years ago
I originally read this in middle school, when I first discovered Pride and Prejudice and immediately began trying to read through all the Jane Austen's I could find. Northanger Abbey was a real disappointment to me. Oddly enough, the satire that I recognized so easily in P&P went completely over my ...
Abandoned by Booklikes
Abandoned by Booklikes rated it 5 years ago
Well so far I seem to be on a home run with Jane Austen. "Northanger Abbey" is about a young woman named Catherine Morland who goes off to Bath for a season with her next door neighbors the Allens. Catherine who loves Gothic novels is in love with a Ms. Radcliffe's books and dreams of haunted castle...
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