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by William Gibson
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Nichole - Dirty H if you're nasty
Nichole - Dirty H if you're nasty rated it 11 years ago
I'm to presume that it is artsy to eschew complete sentences? Sure, whatever.I was expecting something a bit more fast paced. Although Cayce seemed to go a lot of different places, not much actually happened. It was atmospheric, but not enough to offset the slow pace.I liked the resolution of the pr...
I can't remember books
I can't remember books rated it 11 years ago
The first third is great but then it loses energy with each passing page until by the end it feels like we are both relieved to be done.
SilverPen rated it 11 years ago
This book is in third person Present tense and usually that would make it very hard to read. I did have a few moments of being thrown but for the most part it was beautiful. Its written like poetry. Every sentence and every paragraph sends images strait into your brain. And thats not even mentionin...
Bettie's Books
Bettie's Books rated it 12 years ago
Fast-moving thriller read by Lorelei King.
PhilJames rated it 13 years ago
I'm re-reading this so I that can read the rest of the trilogy. I was lucky enough to find "spook country" second-hand and I'll have to get hold of his latest somehow.
simmo rated it 13 years ago
Starts off slow but the intrigue picks up. Not sure why there were lots of references to 'the mirror universe' in the first half to be completely dropped in the second half. But highly enjoyable all the same.
altheaann rated it 13 years ago
Much has been made of Gibson's latest not being science-fiction – and it's not – but it's still Gibson, much like Cryptonomicon was still Neal Stephenson. Incidentally, I'd highly recommend this book to fans of Cryptonomicon, as well as to anyone who has enjoyed any of Gibson's other books.The ‘cybe...
Ceridwen rated it 13 years ago
This was a re-read, as I'm working up to reading his sort-of sequel to this book. I really enjoyed this book a second time through, as I had forgotten/blocked out how much this book was about 9/11 when I read it in late 2002. Set almost completely outside the States, the plot is very similar to Coun...
wealhtheow rated it 14 years ago
The ending was a total anticlimax, but the concept and characters were really interesting.
What I'm reading
What I'm reading rated it 17 years ago
This was my introduction to William Gibson. I loved it. I enjoyed the settings, the detailed world building just a shade of a step aside our own reality. I liked how he played on the trends of our times and probably creating a few of his own. The plot is coherent and I enjoyed following the traces a...
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