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Perfect - Community Reviews back

by Judith McNaught
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WhiskeyintheJar Romance
WhiskeyintheJar Romance rated it 3 years ago
For quotes/comments as I read and others commentary: Buddy Read Perfect 700pgs. 700 PAGES The first 30% was good, with amazing development and laying foundation down for our characters. In newer published books, that first 30% would have been edited down to around 10%. I miss layers like that. H...
Abandoned by Booklikes
Abandoned by Booklikes rated it 3 years ago
So here's the thing. I love, love, love romance books. I love the HEA, I love the hot sex scenes, I love a guy that is totally into the heroine and the heroine being kick ass. But as we have all said here time and time again, older romance novels are problematic. There are a lot of tropes that just ...
Mei's shelves
Mei's shelves rated it 8 years ago
The title says it all: PERFECT!!!I loved everything in this book: Julie, Zach, the story, the simplicity of the words used to tell it, the way it was written, the witty dialogue, the secondary characters, tehir stories, the immense love Julie and Zach had for each other... ALL OF IT!!!The way Ms. Mc...
Tell Me a Story
Tell Me a Story rated it 8 years ago
Now THIS is how you write a convict on the run falling for his kidnapped hostage. Authors take notes! :PI don't even know where to start with this. A roller coaster of emotions. My gaaaawd. I love how I can rip a book apart to shreds when I'm not happy with it and can't seem to shut up but when it's...
Blacky's World of Rainbows and Unicorns
DNF after 200 pages.You know, I usually have a lot of patience when it comes to books.I don't mind if they first do it at 70%.They don't even have to do it at all.I don't mind if the story progresses slowly.It doesn't have to progress at all.AS LONG AS I GET MY HEROES IN THE SAME SCENES TOGETHER!!!!...
tishke rated it 8 years ago
I was happy reading the book until the author did a 360 and turned Zachary into a big a**hole. I lost all interest when he got back to LA. The name dropping of all the famous people was so unnecessary and overdone. The Oscar moment was stupid. The book had so much potential and it went down the hill...
mybookjournal rated it 9 years ago
I feel as if I have finished a great emotional journey. Defiantly a great book from my favorite author. The book was just perfect as the title is. It is surly a 5 star book but I rated it 4 star because of the last dragging part, but surly I must tell u all, that just for the last part u should not ...
Aure `Reading With the Dark`
Aure `Reading With the Dark` rated it 10 years ago
I've read this book earlier this year. It left me breathless! I remember crying and laughing, and feeling such anguish or joy toward characters.Definitely one of best books I've ever read!
Wayward Kitsune
Wayward Kitsune rated it 10 years ago
Perfect is a bittersweet story of Julie Mathison, a simple and vivacious teacher from a small town in Texas. Being an orphan, Julie was obsessed in making her life as perfect as possible to please the people who raised her with unconditional love. While she was living the life that she dreamed of, c...
EeeJay rated it 10 years ago
a) Mehb) Double meh when I compare it to SEP's booksc) Too lengthy so I guess that's a triple mehd) I hate how on one end the H is described as rugged and then he is like a puppy dog going 'love you so much lalalala' to the heroine. Doesn't seem in character, sorry.e) I was going over how beauty and...
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