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Pocket Apocalypse - Community Reviews back

by Seanan McGuire
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Murder by Death
Murder by Death rated it 8 months ago
The second of Alex's books, and the best of the two by a clear margin. This one takes place in Australia, and the author nails the setting, while taking the mickey about (northern) Australia's natural population's inherent desire to kill everyone. Half-off Ragnarok struggled to get this cultural u...
Ani's Book Abyss
Ani's Book Abyss rated it 2 years ago
Pocket Apocalypse by Seanan McGuire Book 4 of InCryptid Endangered, adjective: Threatened with extinction or immediate harm. Australia, noun: A good place to become endangered. Alexander Price has survived gorgons, basilisks, and his own family—no small feat, considering that his family inclu...
Fangs for the Fantasy
Fangs for the Fantasy rated it 4 years ago
Alex, the God of Scales and Silence, has been asked by his girlfriend Shelby to help with a problem in Australia - her home where her family still fights to protect Cryptids They’re having an outbreak of werewolves. The Lycanthropy-W disease is one of Alex’s worst fears and one of the most devasta...
Abandoned by user
Abandoned by user rated it 4 years ago
I really do love this series, although this was the weakest so far. I think that Aeslin mice are one of the most inspired creations in urban fantasy, and they were used to significant effect here, which was by far the most enjoyable part of the book. Overall, I am lukewarm on Alex, who was the mai...
Url Phantomhive
Url Phantomhive rated it 4 years ago
I'll let you in on a little secret: I mostly read these books for the mice. The Aeslin are awesome!I find this series such a relaxing read, that I'm always looking forward to reading it and enjoy it, even though I think this was not the best in the series. One of the main attractions is the world fi...
Jenny Schwartz
Jenny Schwartz rated it 6 years ago
I was really keen to read this 4th novel in the Incryptid series. After all, the adventures were coming to Australia! Unfortunately, for me, "Pocket Apocalypse" didn't have the energy, the crazy, delightful exuberance, that was so strongly part of "Discount Armageddon" that started the series. ...
Book Hoarders Anonymous
Book Hoarders Anonymous rated it 6 years ago
I like this series. I also like that this series doesn't follow the same person exclusively. So we're at book 2 with Alex. He's off to Australia with his girlfriend, to confront werewolves. In this world, lycanthropy and shifter are not the same thing. Lycanthropy-w is a virus that affects mammals...
Irresponsible Reader
Irresponsible Reader rated it 6 years ago
Airplanes: essentially buses that fly, and hence have the potential to drop out of the sky at any moment, spreading your insides -- which will no doubt become your outsides sometime during the collision -- across whatever you happen to have been flying over. Since we were flying mainly over ocean, I...
Jammies' books
Jammies' books rated it 6 years ago
Pocket Apocalypse was waiting for me when I came home from work yesterday, and I begrudged every single moment since then spent not-reading. Everything about Alex and Shelby's relationship felt real, and even the "monsters" were comprehensible. There was a death that made me cry, and one that made...
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