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Redemption Ark - Community Reviews back

by Alastair Reynolds
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Books 'n Stuff
Books 'n Stuff rated it 3 years ago
Synopsis: As alien machines build a gigantic machine meant to destroy a star, Ilia Volyova and Ana Khouri hatch a plan to rescue the inhabitants of a nearby planet from annihilation. Meanwhile a maverick outsider abandons his allegiance to his faction in search of a group of powerful weapons to use ...
The Professor
The Professor rated it 4 years ago
“Kill me, please. Kill me now.” The ‘Revelation Space’ saga continues and if you’re in this far the news is good: ‘Redemption Ark’ more than satisfactorily continues proceedings because Reynolds, God bless him, doesn’t faff about. The Inhibitors are in play from the start and they’re merrily obliter...
lupalz rated it 6 years ago
Finally finished "Absolution Gap", final of this dystopian space opera. It took me a while to pick up the third as the second was a bit of a disappointment, I was hooked with "Revelation space" in which the potential for an epic story was laid out, disappointed with "Redemption Ark" where more chara...
Tannat rated it 7 years ago
[Revelation Space #2] Ok, I have to say that I like Reynolds's solution to Faster Than Light travel. It's not impossible; it's just a really, really bad idea. You could edit yourself right out of the universe. Or this universe, anyway.I was tempted to go for 3.5 stars but I wasn't quite sure the b...
Only the good stuff
Only the good stuff rated it 8 years ago
A few loose ends, but let's see if the 3rd volume deals with those. An excellent story that kept me looking for more.
Book Ramblings
Book Ramblings rated it 8 years ago
Revelation Space (a standalone novel set in the Rev Space universe) , and it was a case of "He Shoots, He Scores!" again.My reservation about reading Redemption Ark is that it is apparently a continuation of Revelation Space, a book I did not like that much, and thanks to my sieve-like memory I have...
target acquired
target acquired rated it 9 years ago
i'm just going to copy and paste this from a group, because i'm lazy that way. okay maybe i'll edit it a little bit too. for kicks.it was a good book overall, and i enjoyed it as much as its predecessor. lots of great concepts to digest and i'm still digging the basic idea behind the enemy threat of...
Redacted rated it 9 years ago
Safari ate my long ass review so here are some brief thoughts while I compose myself.Reynolds is great at the ideas but not as great at characters.I have never read a Reynolds book that I regretted reading.In the Revelation Space series, this is far better than Revelation Space but not nearly as goo...
Strong tea and good books
Strong tea and good books rated it 10 years ago
The second book in the Revelation Space series I found this to be a significant improvement and far more enthralling than the first, which was slow to develop.Events from the first book are taken forward a level here. Some that were merely hinted at become central to this book, while there are trace...
D3's Booklog
D3's Booklog rated it 10 years ago
Caveat: this is not really a review, but rather a plaintive cry and is based on having read the previous book set in this universe in full (Revelation Space or the story “Swarm” in [b:Schismatrix Plus|161296|Schismatrix Plus|Bruce Sterling|http://d.gr-assets.com/books/1309282782s/161296.jpg|155668]....
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