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Seveneves - Community Reviews back

by Neal Stephenson
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Wortmagieblog rated it 2 years ago
Als der Mond zerbrach, glaubte die Erdbevölkerung, ein einmaliges, faszinierendes Spektakel am Himmel zu erleben. Niemand erkannte die Gefahr. Erst, als die Bruchstücke zu kollidieren begannen, sich weitere Gesteinsbrocken abspalteten und Meteoriteneinschläge zunahmen, begriffen Wissenschaftler, das...
Elentarri's Book Blog
Elentarri's Book Blog rated it 4 years ago
"The moon blew up without warning and for no apparent reason."Seveneves is an entertaining, complex and thought provoking hard-science fiction book that takes a look at humanity, the good and the bad, during an apocalyptic event. The book is split into three sections. The first sections deals wit...
CDRBill rated it 5 years ago
What can I say. This is an amazing epic! Classic Stephenson. The moon is destroyed and the Hard Rain makes Earth uninhabitable and the human race in space is reduced to seven women thus the book title.Highly recommended! You will not be disappointed.
Tannat rated it 5 years ago
This is basically two books published as one, which is better, I guess, than arbitrarily splitting a long book in the middle. I’m not sure whether listening to the audio version was a mistake on this one. And although I didn’t dislike Will Damron’s narration, I’m not entirely sure why it was decided...
The Professor
The Professor rated it 5 years ago
“Adapters were also floating around that would facilitate nose-to-nose coupling, but these had been found to be not as useful as the hep and tri frames.” So this is what happens when an engineer writes a novel. The perfect example of a narrative which depicts absolutely cataclysmic events but still ...
Cynically Speaking
Cynically Speaking rated it 5 years ago
I think Mr. Stephenson is more effective in the thriller/adventure space than in the pure sci-fi genre. The premise of the moon breaking apart is good and tension builds nicely, but after so many 'crap-can-go-horribly-wrong-in-space' episodes I began to think - Ok, let's get on with the story. As ...
Weirdly marginal
Weirdly marginal rated it 5 years ago
The good thing about reading the short/long lists is that it forces you to read books that you wouldn’t normally go anywhere near. Neal Stephenson’s Seveneves is a good example of this. Neal Stephenson is one of those authors who I would normally avoid. Firstly, he is a popular author and that ...
Carolyn Cannot Live Without Books!
Carolyn Cannot Live Without Books! rated it 5 years ago
AudiobookI liked this book about what happens to everyone when the moon is split by a meteor right up until the ending which I didn't really get. I agree with the other reviewers that the first two parts of the book were the best. That's even with the loooonnngg descriptions of how machines, the pla...
Tolle Lege!.
Tolle Lege!. rated it 6 years ago
I'm glad this one is finally over with. The author essentially wrote two completely different stories after all the time is separated by 5000 years. I enjoyed the first story. It had a lot of cool physics, biology, genetics and science speculation. Also it had a lot of nuanced themes such as muc...
KatieMc rated it 6 years ago
I could probably write a log review discussing the problems with this book. It's super heavy on the technical detail. It's very unbalanced in its treatment of major and minor plot points. It short changes major components and drops some all together. The author lazily appropriates real people instea...
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