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Ship Breaker - Community Reviews back

by Paolo Bacigalupi
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Read All The Things! Reviews
Read All The Things! Reviews rated it 6 years ago
A YA dystopia with minimal romance—I liked this book before I started reading. It also gets bonus points for not being a one-teenager-must-save-the-world dystopia. Nailer just wants to stay alive. Nailer lives in America’s flooded Gulf Coast and has a job stripping old ships of their valuable meta...
Hooked on Books
Hooked on Books rated it 6 years ago
I noticed this book won an award a while back so I put it on my TBR but have just now had a chance to read it. I'm glad I finally did though. It's one of those stories that will make you appreciate all the things you have and take for granted on a daily basis. It's set on the Gulf Coast in a post-oi...
Fangirls Ahead!
Fangirls Ahead! rated it 7 years ago
I feel so bad giving [b:Ship Breaker|7095831|Ship Breaker (Ship Breaker, #1)|Paolo Bacigalupi|https://d.gr-assets.com/books/1327874074s/7095831.jpg|7352929] two stars. I mean, it won the Printz! But it just didn't work for me. I can see how it might work for some, just not for me.
Robin's Reads
Robin's Reads rated it 7 years ago
Ship Breaker, by Paolo Bacigalupi Bacigalupi has written a complex, violent novel in a grimly plausible near-future, where our rape of the planet has altered not just the physical plane, but also the way we live. The coastlines are altered beyond recognition as the seas rise, and resources worldw...
Nannah's Bookbox
Nannah's Bookbox rated it 7 years ago
I have to start this off by saying the first third or so of this book is AMAZING. The world-building, the characters, the plot, the gritty and realistic atmosphere (does that cover deliver, eh?)--everything is absolutely riveting and fantastic. Heck, every character but one is a person of color, too...
want a real life adventure? come to Australia we have spiders bigger than your hand.
I sadly didnt enjoy this book as much as i was hoping to. im not really sure why? maybe to me the kids didnt seem savage enough? dont get me wrong their certainly not a bunch of pansies partying on the beach, but i dont know i suppose i kind of expected them to be more feral than what they were? tho...
Randolph "Dilda" Carter
Randolph "Dilda" Carter rated it 7 years ago
After an auspicious beginning and a fascinating look at a totally different world of a future and the lifestyle of a particular group of the impoverished shipbreakers and beach dwellers (this is after the depletion of fossil fuels and a catastrophic increase in global warming), the book devolves int...
meganbaxter rated it 7 years ago
I am not really sure what to write about Shipbreaker. I finished it about a week ago, but have been dawdling on writing the review, as an immediate tack to take failed to present itself. I thought about it. I tried telling my husband about it. And still, nothing. This is not the best sign. Which is...
book reviews forevermore
book reviews forevermore rated it 8 years ago
I’m slightly ambivalent about Bacigalupi’s writing, but Ship Breaker has strengthened my affection. His short stories are hard for me, as in hard-edged, hard-hitting, hard-healing. I liked The Wind-Up Girl, mostly, though I was troubled by the lack of feminism and the bleakness of the dystopia. You...
TCWriter rated it 8 years ago
This is another of Paolo Bacigalupi's distopian stories about those living on the knife edge of survival after an economic/oil/environmental collapse. It's engrossing stuff, though like his earlier work, it's not particularly pretty.Ostensibly a YA novel, Ship Breaker is relatively short and the pro...
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