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Silently and Very Fast - Community Reviews back

by Catherynne M. Valente
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The better to see you, my dear
The better to see you, my dear rated it 5 years ago
This was so fucking weird. Gorgeous mind-screw. There is no way to really understand unless you walk the fine edge between paying close attention and just letting it flow. I can't even give a proper summary without diving into spoiler territory. Dream-like and powerful in imagery, heavy on symbol,...
gcsabai rated it 7 years ago
Really not my style but still it was ok
Medusa's Stories
Medusa's Stories rated it 8 years ago
Oh wow. I feel like I've just been punched in the chest. Not sure if it's in a positive or negative way. Wow.
futurista rated it 8 years ago
For Elefsis, the most important verb is "to be". You might find this strange since Elefsis is a house. Silently and Very Fast is an odd, haunting, and beautiful tale of a house that has managed to live both inside and outside its occupants. Every part of this novella reads like a dream, but it's a d...
Stuti's blog for depleting ships
Stuti's blog for depleting ships rated it 9 years ago
4.5I believe that as of right now, I am a hundred years too young and a hundred reads too early to fully grasp this novella.If you could capture the essence of surrealism, and the cold and fiery beauty of electric current, along with the simple complexity and stubbornness of a kaleidoscope, then gra...
andor rated it 9 years ago
Fantastic!Silently and Very Fast tells the story of Elefsis, who started off as a complex household system for a whole family, and with the help of a child of its creator, slowly ascended and became a true independent personality. They believe it might be the first truly "living" artificial intellig...
In the Stacks
In the Stacks rated it 9 years ago
Full review at SFF Book Review.Catherynne Valente doesn't take single wrong step. On the one hand, I am shocked it took me until the first Fairyland book to discover her, on the other hand, I am happy about the amount of unread Valente books I have sitting on my shelves.This novella (which you can r...
Bloody Shambles
Bloody Shambles rated it 9 years ago
Glorious. Just glorious. Once again, I've been seduced by Valente's writing. Damn her!Turns out this is one of the best science fiction stories I have ever read. Proper review to come when I get my thoughts in order.........................okay that's not going to happen. So I'll review it now. This...
Novel Tease
Novel Tease rated it 9 years ago
A tiny little novella that explores the boundaries between man & machine, being & not-being. What makes a human? Along the way, a robot introduces us to the memes behind myths, from the Sumerian creation to Little Red Riding Hood, Hansel & Gretel & Snow White (and even "Old Macdonald had a Farm")."L...
target acquired
target acquired rated it 9 years ago
hello gorgeous! i am amazed. such a tender story of an AI trying to grow up, such luminous prose, glowing pearls of prose, layers of myth and fable and parable and dreams and dreaming and dreamscapes and science like magic. a tale retold in so many ways, characters like archetypes but real, so real!...
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