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Silently and Very Fast - Community Reviews back

by Catherynne M. Valente
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Bun's Books
Bun's Books rated it 9 years ago
This is a beautifully written, evocative, highly intelligent novella about artificial intelligence and virtual realities. A lot of it takes place in a dream space, which is beautifully rendered. For me, and this is an ideosyncratic reaction, the language occasionally bordered on too ornate. There...
Amadan na Briona
Amadan na Briona rated it 9 years ago
When I became Elefsis again, I was immediately aware that parts of me had been vandalized. My systems juddered, and I could not find Ceno in the Interior. I ran through the Monochromatic Desert and the Village of Mollusks, through the endless heaving mass of data-kelp and infinite hallways of memory...
Xdyj's books
Xdyj's books rated it 9 years ago
A sf novella about transhumanism, revisionist fairytale, the power of imagination and story telling, and how fear of the Other can make us fail to stay human. Just like almost every other CMV's book I've read it is beautifully written & emotionally haunting, while critically engages w/ traditional n...
suzemo rated it 9 years ago
First, here - it's free: http://clarkesworldmagazine.com/valente_10_11/I'm very tempted to throw this on my "favorites" shelf.I cannot tell you, exactly, what I adore about this novella. Certainly, this work was a gimme for me to love. I adore Cat Valente's prose. I love mentally chewing on, and...
The Word Warehouse
The Word Warehouse rated it 9 years ago
This was my first read by Catherynne Valente, and I must say that her writing style is amazing. Imagine if you will the world's most incredible art expressed through words. There's brilliant descriptions in nearly every paragraph and it was nearly impossible to stop reading it before the end.Which r...
ambyr rated it 9 years ago
I loved the stories-within-stories, here, and the way the mystery of Ravan's fate wound through the complex backstory and flights of metaphor, grounding what could otherwise have been an overly intellectual exercise in a simple emotional tie. Valente's prose is at its best in places like this story'...
The Deckled Edge
The Deckled Edge rated it 9 years ago
Valente takes a tale of humans bonded with a machine and adds her fantastical storytelling ability for a somewhat unique SF story. I also like how she acknowledges some of the issues of artificial intelligences that other authors ignore or gloss over. That being said, I don't think Valente really ...
So Many Books...So Little Time!
So Many Books...So Little Time! rated it 9 years ago
Beautifully told, but I am not sure I really get it...
Datepalm rated it 9 years ago
Lovely writing and a punch of an ending.
The Reading Jackalope
The Reading Jackalope rated it 10 years ago
Beautiful science fiction about creation and souls and what it means to be alive and creative. An AI program who is self-concious and aware gestates in the minds/souls of generations of families. Because when you are creating something new, starting a new culture it takes a long time and what bett...
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