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Sinful - Community Reviews back

by Charlotte Featherstone
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Rachel's books
Rachel's books rated it 5 years ago
Oh my this was my catnip. Hero is very flawed and overall horrible human being with a deep, dark secret. Heroine is born of the "lower" classes and not attractive who reforms and falls in love with him. What I got, was good until the last couple of chapters. That was, WTF??!!Granted, there is an epi...
MsNalla's Take...
MsNalla's Take... rated it 8 years ago
This book was some straight up Bull Sh*t!1st of all I need to make it known that I am not big on historical romance/Erotica. But there have been a few times, very few times, that I have been pleasantly surprised with this genre. So since this book was on my Kindle already, I decided to finally read ...
JLC ~ Down The Rabbit Hole ~
JLC ~ Down The Rabbit Hole ~ rated it 8 years ago
A brooding H that seems to struggle with his darkness thru sex - more aptly - sex with the h. What more can you say?
Geri's Ever After Romance
Geri's Ever After Romance rated it 9 years ago
This story is just too beautiful for words. I need to read the epilogue. I love this book! This is such a wonderful and heartbreaking story. Matthew and Jane are just perfect together.
Sleepless Nights Romance Reviews
Sleepless Nights Romance Reviews rated it 9 years ago
(Better reviewed on Sleepless Nights: Book Reviews)This is one of those books where you'll stop after reading it, think, and then want to ask why some people can't just have the happiness they so deserve? I don't think I've ever wished harm to fall upon a female as much as I did here, but oh god, I ...
KizunaYueMichaelis rated it 9 years ago
So far, I have met 2 kinds of rake in historical romances: the one that is polite, likes to amuse himself mocking others, that is handsome and powerful, with mistresses but who is always a gentleman (example: any hero created by Georgette Heyer"). The other kind of rake is the one that has a lot of ...
Sassafrass rated it 9 years ago
Warning: Do not, I repeat DO NOT read this book without getting the epilogue on charlottefeatherstone.netIt is imperative to your sanity as a reader to make sure you have this epilogue with you!This book started off very slow for me. I have only read one other book by Charlotte Featherstone and tha...
ibrium rated it 9 years ago
I wanted to love this book, and there were times I almost did. But so much of it left a bad taste in my mouth. It all felt like a jumble of worst things to happen to a person ever, all cured by the magical healing power of sex (forced sex, mind you) between soul mates. Er, no. Just...no. And then th...
vysed rated it 9 years ago
Top of the list for this genre. Never have I read a harlequin novel with so much depth. Ugh, I know, I can't even believe I just typed that, but it's true. A definite step above the traditional "rogue" tamed by virginal "plain" gal. And the epilogue posted on the author's website was a sweet ending ...
Anna Bobs Her Hair - Silent Reader, Talking Books
3.5This book had a good start then fell flat for this reader. The dramatic last third of the story saved it from tedium. The conflict felt authentic and the obstacles realistic. Then, the author unexpectedly delivers an unconventional ending. Kudos!The StorySinful contains a dark tortured hero a...
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