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Star Trek: Voyager: Full Circle - Community Reviews back

by Kirsten Beyer
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in libris
in libris rated it 5 years ago
This one is billed as the beginning of the Voyager novels' "relaunch". Well, the Voyager does get launched on a new mission about three-quarters of the way through the book after a whole lot of tying of loose ends from previous Voyager novels. I have not read those novels. The result was an intere...
nicky2910's book reviews
nicky2910's book reviews rated it 6 years ago
Full Circle is the first of the Beyer VOY-re-relaunch book, taking the flaundering series up in time to frame the Borg-invasion, the Destiny-events and their repercussions. First of all, there's Janeway who, after finally admitting that she's in love with Chakotay, apparently dies in the TNG novel...
Bookish for life
Bookish for life rated it 6 years ago
In light of Leonard Nimoy's passing last week I'd been cruising Youtube for Spock fanvids - and along the way I stumbled across a couple of Janeway/Chakotay vids. I only watched the first couple of seasons of Voyager, but theirs was one of the first pairings I looked up when I discovered online fand...
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