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Succubus Shadows - Community Reviews back

by Richelle Mead
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julieclarkjones rated it 6 years ago
Sped read this one. Definitely not my fave book by any means of this series. Could have totally done without reading it.
Tellulah Darling
Tellulah Darling rated it 8 years ago
My least favourite of the series for a couple of reasons: [spoiler] 1) Why didn't she just warn Seth as soon as she knew another succubus was after him? and 2) the many chapters of dream stuff bored me. Not to mention that I didn't understand why they would Oneroi would let her see that many truths ...
Kim rated it 8 years ago
Since I didn't immediately write a review after finishing this my thoughts may be a bit muddled. You want a mindfuck? You got yourself one in here. Did the Georgie-bashing by Maddie and Seth actually happen? I thought this was another great installment but after coming down from the drama-filled epi...
Robin’s Reading Rendezvous
Robin’s Reading Rendezvous rated it 8 years ago
“Your truths are worse than your lies.”Minor spoilers books 1-4 RM still has a sense of humor even when things in her book get dark she still add in some punchiness to lighten the mood. I will say there were some very disturbing heart pounding moments where I really felt for Georgina. The scenes f...
ashwednesday rated it 8 years ago
Because I read this in a day. A day may come when all this intense, voracious reading coupled with peaks in my adrenaline will lead to a yet-to-be-named syndrome/disease and I'd look fondly back to these consecutive days and nights when I was so invested in Georgina and Seth's well-being and.. sti...
Liz* ~ Procrastinator Extraordinaire
3.75 Stars Your truths are worse than your lies.Mixed feelings…Why, oh why on earth would you make souch a fuss about not being with the guy you love because of his soul if you're gonna sleeping with him anyway? Richelle! Whyyyy? After reading book #4 I was worried of just one thing: Shark Jumping… ...
Jackie's Ramblings & Rants!
Jackie's Ramblings & Rants! rated it 9 years ago
One word AMAZING!!! I absolutely enjoyed this book. This entire series is worth reading. If you haven't read this book,or this series,I highly recommend! 5 stars!
Life of a bookworm
Life of a bookworm rated it 9 years ago
Wow, I mean, WOWI knew there was something from the past coming in Georgina and Seth's life. You are the world, LethaJumping to Book #6 right now.. I love you, Richelle Mead!
Turner's Antics
Turner's Antics rated it 9 years ago
This is another fantastic Georgina Kincaid tale. Following on from the last book, poor Georgie is still stuck in love. Plenty of twists and turns in this one. Will that dream actually come true for her? I hope so!
CharlotteBuriedinBooks rated it 9 years ago
I'm ready for this series to be over. I still can't understand how I can LOVE Vampire Academy and have such a bad reaction to Georgina.The only reason I keep reading this series is to make sure that Seth gets a good outcome. And Roman. Georgina mainly just gets on my nerves, stop the whining for ...
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