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review 2016-03-19 06:50
So Close, Yet So Far Away
A Million Suns - Beth Revis

A Million Suns is the follow up to Revis' first book, Across the Universe. Godspeed has a new leader, Elder. With the help of clues left behind by Orion, Amy and Elder are working to unravel all the secrets and lies the previous leader, Eldest, has tried hiding for so long. The ship is in chaos though because the residents have lived so long being mind-controlled that, that's all they really know. A lot of the residents want to keep the old ways and live on the ship forever, others however, including Amy, who has seen what real stars, grass and the sun is like and knows that there's more to life outside the walls of Godspeed, want off the ship. Someone else though, has different plans and is working against Elder and Amy, using any means necessary, to try and stop them from reaching Centauri-Earth. 


I really liked the way this story was laid out like a scavenger hunt, with Amy and Elder having to solve one clue to the next to learn the big secrets behind Godspeed. It was like one big adventure and a lot of fun trying to solve the puzzles. I actually enjoyed this book more then the first because it just wasn't as frexing weird. Their word not mine. : )  

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review 2016-01-26 08:58
A Million Suns by Beth Revis
A Million Suns - Beth Revis

#2 Across The Universe


I read Across The Universe back in July and I really enjoyed it. A Million Suns was even better. It's the second book of the trilogy, but it did not feel like a second book in a series. There is not much action but still, many things are happening. They are still abroad Godspeed and the ship is falling apart. People are angry and they do not trust Elder anymore.

The relationship between Amy and Elder was not my favourite. It was not really developed, Amy could not really make her mind about him but it did not feel natural. Elder likes Amy a lot, but he does not really have time for her and he often has to chose between her and his people. Amy is determined to find the truth about the ship because she thinks Orion left her some clues. Elder is trying to hold the people together, they have different goals and so they are often fighting.

I love the "political" stuff happening on the ship. It is only natural that after a certain time, people questioned they system and try to change things (especially when the situation is not that good). The people aboard the ship will have to make the ultimate choice, trying to land on Centuri-Earth or staying on Godspeed...


Thanks for reading,




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text 2016-01-24 09:30
#RYBSAT Day 5 - January 23rd
A Million Suns - Beth Revis

Pages read: 178

Books read: 1


A Million Suns is so great, it is really captivating and I don't want to stop reading. I think I'll finish it really soon and starts Shades of Earth which is the last book in the trilogy! (Unfortunately I don't have this beautiful edition!). I'm going to Mons today to visit my new place (I'm moving next week!), it means a 2 hour drive with plenty of time to read (my dad is driving :) )


Enjoy your Sunday!

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review 2014-12-23 13:50
A Million Suns - Beth Revis

Luckily this book is clearly not suffering from Second-Book-In-A-Series-itis. However, I must say I liked the first book more.

This for various reasons. Let's start with the people. I know drugging people to make them obey is not ok, but I think it would have been better if they had been drugged. Seriously, they get the chance to have their own opinions, to have their own things, and what do they do? Revolt, rape, murder, steal, don't work and a lot more. I was just sick and tired of them by 1/3 of the book and I dragged myself through all the rage and such.

Luthor was a disgusting character, I hated him and I hated how he raped and murdered people because he could and he apparently liked it. He is also a big reason why I didn't like the book that much. I didn't understand how someone could get away with all of it.

Amy and Elder, I was sad to see that there was barely any romance between them in this book. I had hoped for a bit more, considering the events of the previous book. Too bad the only things that happened were fights, a few kisses, a few looks and that is it.

Amy is still my favourite character, though I will still stick with the whole: She should think a bit more. She often just does things even when she is warned or asked to wait with things. It amazes me that she survives throughout the books. But still, she is my favourite character. I can mostly understand her. She is from earth, a true earth girl through and through, and I can just understand how one must feel to wake up, miles away from home, on a ship. Finding out there is no way out, there is always the walls, always artificial lights.

Elder was so-so. I didn't particularly like him in this book. I think he is doing too much at the same time. Like for instance, I liked that he tried to get the population of that drug, but I think he should have done it slowly. Now it is instantly poof and that is never a good idea with drugs.
I didn't like his attitude towards Amy. He even called her a freak, something he promised he would never do.

But the last part of the book picks up and brings us a lot of action and excitement. I really loved it, and I can't wait for the next book.

All in all, a book I would still kind of recommend.

Review first posted at http://twirlingbookprincess.com/

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review 2014-10-18 02:11
A Million Suns Book Review
A Million Suns - Beth Revis

*Spoilers for Book One*


This is such a strange series and seems to only be getting stranger. But I suppose that's typical for true science fiction stories. A Million Suns felt more like a sophomore slump leading up to the big finale. Nothing exciting happened 90 percent of the time and I felt myself skim reading.


With Eldest dead, Elder is now the leader of Godspeed. And now that they aren't moving anywhere chaos throughout the ship is spread. Amy is devastated that she'll never be on Earth with her parents. But then the clues come and hope begins to emerge.


Not the best series I've read. But fans of science fiction will most likely be enhanced by the likes of Godspeed. I'm interested how the series ends as it did leave on quite a cliffhanger.

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