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url 2021-01-28 18:54
book release metaphysics of sound in search of the name of god
Metaphysics of Sound: In Search of the Name of God - Nataša Pantović Nuit

Metaphysic of Sound: In search of the Name of God, or A Brief History of the World beyond the Usual by Nataša Pantović Novel Released in Jan 2021.


Short Description


Join Nataša Pantović, Maltese and Serbian researcher of ancient worlds, on a mind-boggling tour of history and sounds - from the Ancient Sumerian Priestess Sin Liturgy right up to the development of Ancient Greek and Cyrillic alphabet.

Source: booklikes.com/events/book-release/metaphysics-of-sound-in-search-of-the-name-of-god/1450
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photo 2021-01-27 21:56
Metaphysics of Sound: In Search of the Name of God - Nataša Pantović Nuit
Metaphysics of Sound: In Search of the Name of God - Nataša Pantović Nuit
Metaphysics of Sound: In Search of Name of God, or a Brief History of the World beyond the Usual Nataša Pantović

Metaphysics of Sound: In Search of Name of God, or a Brief History of the World beyond the Usual Nataša Pantović

Source: www.goodreads.com/photo/group/220405-aol-consciousness-research
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text 2020-07-24 07:49
Things About Sundar Pichai And Why You Should Change Your Role Model!

Sundar Pichai Quotes. Things About Sundar Pichai And Why You Should Change Your Role Model!



Sundar Pichai, in full name Pichai Sundararajan, (born July 12, 1972, Madras [now Chennai], Tamil Nadu, India), Indian-born American computer scientist and executive who had been CEO of both Google, Inc. (2015-- ), and its holding company, Alphabet Inc. (2019-- ).


For a boy growing up in Madras, Pichai use to sleep in the living room of the cramped family home, but his father, an electrical engineer at the multinational GEC, ensured that the boys received a good education.  In a young age Pichai exhibited an interest in engineering and an outstanding memory, particularly for phone numbers.  ,sundar pichai


After getting a degree in metallurgy (B.Tech., 1993) and a silver medal in the Indian Institute of Technology Kharagpur, he was given a scholarship to study at Stanford University (M.S. in technology and materials science, 1995).   He remained in the United States thereafter, working briefly for Applied Materials (a provider of semiconductor materials) and then making an M.B.A. (2002) in the Wharton School at the University of Pennsylvania.


Following a short stint at the management consulting firm McKinsey & Co., Pichai joined Google in 2004 as the head of product management and growth.  He originally worked on the Google Toolbar, which enabled those utilizing the Microsoft Internet Explorer and Mozilla Firefox Internet browsers to easily get into the Google search engine.  


During the upcoming few decades, he had been directly involved in the growth of Google's own browser, Chrome, which premiered to the public in 2008.  


That same year Pichai was appointed vice president of product development, and he started to have a more-active public function.  From 2012 he was a senior vice president and two years later he was made merchandise chief over both Google and the Android smartphone operating system.

Back in 2011 Pichai allegedly was aggressively pursued for employment by microblogging support Twitter, also in 2014 he had been touted as a potential CEO for Microsoft, but in both cases he had been allowed big financial packages to remain with Google. 


He also was known to have helped negotiate Google's $3.2 billion deal to acquire Nest Labs in 2014.  


Consequently, when Google cofounders Larry Page and Sergey Brin announced the creation of Alphabet Inc., in August 2015, it came as no surprise to industry insiders that Pichai was appointed CEO of Google, which was reorganized as a subsidiary.  In December 2019 he was named CEO of Alphabet, substituting  Larry Page, who resigned. 


Best Sundar Pichai Quotes


  1. "I really do think it is very important to follow your dreams and do something that you are excited by. Should you follow your heart and do what you like, you will always do much better.  It doesn't matter what your educational qualification is."  -- Sundar Pichai
  2. 2 "Wear your failure as a badge of honour."  -- Google CEO Sundar Pichai
  1. 3."A man or woman who's happy isn't because everything is right in his life, he's happy due to his attitude towards everything in his life is right." -- Sundar Pichai
  2. 4."At Google, we've got an ambitious strategy to things , we call it Moon shots" -- Sundar Pichai
  3. 5."We strive to work on things which countless people will use every day." -- Sundar Pichai

Motivational Best Sundar Pichai Quotes On Life

  1. 6."We aim high." -- Sundar Pichai
  2. 7."Keep pushing your limits" -- Sundar Pichai
  3. 8."It is important to follow your dreams and heart. Do something which excites You" -- Sundar Pichai
  4. 9."As a leader, it's important to not just see your success, but focus on the success of the others." -- Sundar Pichai "


10.We try to use deep computer science to which we make so that we have a differentiated way of solving problems." 

  1. 11.At Google, we have an ambitious approach to things we dowe call it Moon shots"


12."I really do think it is very important to follow your dreams and do something that you're excited by.  If you follow your heart and do whatever you enjoy, you will always do better.  It does not matter what your educational qualification is."


Inspirational Sundar Pichai Quotes

  1. 13."We try to use deep computer science into what we create so that we have a differentiated way of solving issues."
  2. 14."Good companies do whatever it takes." Alphabet CEO Sundar Pichai
  3. 15.Keep pushing your limitation "When Larry and Sergey founded Google Search, among the things that struck me is that it was available for everybody to use. We deeply want our services to work for everyone. And that inherently implies we must work together with partners.  That's the thesis underlying everything we do." 


16."Computing is growing beyond phones, and individuals are using it in context across several scenarios, be it within their own tv, be it in their vehicle, be it something that they wear on their wrist or even something a lot more immersive." 


Conclusion: Sundar Pichai is a Self Made Billionaire CEO employee. He is the only employee who is earning in Billions and have highest salary on the Planet.Hope Sundar Pichai Quotes will motivate you and inspire you. He is and will remain inspiration for students and corporates and as a general for everyone.

Source: goodmorninglovequote.com/sundar-pichai-quotes-on-life
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text 2020-01-06 13:48
Reading progress update: I've read 398 out of 416 pages.
Alphabet Squadron - Alexander Freed

This is my first dive into the post-Disney acquisition "canon" books, and while it's a decent novel I'm not enjoying it as much as I do the Expanded Universe/Legends series. I was struck by this passage, though, in which the main character, Yrica Quell, discusses Operation Cinder, the Emperor's post-Endor directive to his forces to destroy planets joining the rebellion, with a reprogrammed torture droid.

     "Can I offer my theory?" the droid asked.

     "As a friend?"

     "A proper therapist would let you figure it out yourself," the droid said,. "But I'm ignoring boundaries tonight—so yes, as a friend."
     Quell managed a strained smile and nodded. "What's your theory?"

     "The answer," the torture droid said, "is simple: The Emperor who ordered Operation Cinder, who oversaw countless genocides and massacres and created an Empire where torture droids were in common use, was not a man of secret brilliance and foresight.

     "He was a cruel man. Petty and spiteful in the most ordinary of ways; and spiteful men do spiteful things. Whatever else he intended, that is the root of it all." 

I found that especially profound in light of recent events.

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review 2019-11-18 17:56
Spirit of Christmas Past
O is for Outlaw - Sue Grafton

This book was a great look into Kinsey's past. We have heard offhand via the books that Kinsey was married twice. Her first marriage was to an ex-cop Mickey Macgruder and we know that Kinsey and he parted on bad terms. This book gives us even more information than what we were given before. Mickey was accused of murder and Kinsey bounced. She never talked to Mickey again after the divorce, but you start to see some glimmers in the man which probably is what led her to getting hooked up with her long-time lover Robert Dietz. This book does such a great job of developing Kinsey. She's like a pit-bull this entire book. Once she realizes that someone hurt Mickey and is setting her up to take the fall for it, she doesn't let go and her investigation leads her all the way back to the Vietnam War. 


"O is for Outlaw" has Kinsey at a bit of loose ends. When a storage vultuer (no idea what else to call the guy) calls Kinsey and tells her that a storage locker he bought has her stuff in it, he offers her cash for some of the belongings. Through that Kinsey realizes that her ex-husband Mickey has kept a ton of her things in this locker, but has stopped paying on it. When Kinsey gets her belongings back (l loved how she does that) she finds a letter sent to her which implies that Mickey was having an affair and was with his mistress at the time when Mickey was accused of killing some man. With that Kinsey starts trying to track down Mickey and get to the truth, which has her in the police's cross-hairs since someone out there is trying to make it seem as if Kinsey is part of whomever gunned down her ex.



Kinsey was great in this one. I think Grafton did a great job of showing that Kinsey was wrong about Mickey, and that her jealous over realizing the guy was cheating on her while married was actually understandable. You see her still feeling territorial over him, but also realizing that a lot of tricks she now employs she learned from him. At one point I did wonder was this book going to lead to Kinsey getting arrested, cause she seems to be dancing on the local police's nerves through this whole thing.

Other characters are fascinating to read about as well. Though we don't get any one on ones between Mickey and Kinsey, you get very good insight into him and what made him tick. You realize though the guy wasn't the greatest husband, he was actually a very good cop. 

Other people that Kinsey knew back in the day pop up in this one and that also helps you get a better sense of Kinsey too. She's kind of a prude is what someone says about her and I had to laugh at Kinsey's sense of outrage about that.

The writing actually moves at a fairly big clip. I wondered how Mickey's shooting could tie back to what happened years earlier and then when you find out what Mickey was up (investigation wise) I got even more hooked. It's a really fascinating story and there are a lot of moving parts in this one. The flow works from beginning to end and I really did feel a sense of sadness on how things ended in this one. Kinsey gets to the truth, but doesn't get to do a verbal amends. 


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