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text 2020-11-25 03:23
Barcelona will feature a series of announcements by mobile

France’s Orange has Djingo; Germany’s Deutsche Telekom Magenta and Spain’s Telefonica Aura, market research firm Ovum said. Telecom operators are looking to artificial intelligence as a potential money-spinner to combat stagnating mobile service revenues as once-lucrative features like text messaging have become commoditised and customer growth wanes as almost everyone who can afford a phone and a data plan already has one.Artificial intelligence, or AI, uses computers to perform tasks normally requiring human intelligence, such as taking decisions, recognising text, speech and images, or translating foreign languages.The industry also wants to do much more with the data it collects from its users which will give network operators insights into spending patterns. Also, 5G, China band sawmill long the subject of arcane technical debates and an elusive search for concrete applications, is finally getting down to business.. Turkcell, for example, aims to offer its Lifecell platform, which includes a range of apps for messaging, entertainment, music, TV and e-commerce, to foreign partners at the event. Device makers also spot a marketing opportunity for their latest glass-and-metal phones by including AI features inside to help cameras take smarter pictures or to anticipate the interests of their users. Processing new streams of data from networks of industrial or road sensors also holds promise.4-eyed phones and real 5GAsian smartphone makers will launch an array of new phones this weekend, but many are international versions of models already on sale in China, which with 1.Two words - artificial intelligence - promise to upstage familiar technology industry themes like 5G, the Internet of Things and virtual reality at next week’s Mobile World Congress, Europe’s biggest annual technology industry gathering. The big smartphone launch on Sunday evening by Samsung of its new flagship phone, the Galaxy S9, ahead of the conference will have a focus on dual camera features, Wood said. But the industry needs to show it can do more with AI than play buzzword bingo, Ben Wood, a consumer electronics analyst at CCS Insight, said.Barcelona will feature a series of announcements by mobile operators which want to reinvent themselves as digital ‘platforms’ – offering apps such as video messaging; music streaming or mobile video on demand on top of their traditional voice- and data-driven services.4 billion subscribers is, by far, the world’s biggest mobile market. Early 5G devices are set to go on show next week after smartphone chip maker Qualcomm earlier this month announced 5G-ready chips with 18 network operators and 19 device makers, analysts said.But 5G remains an abstraction for consumers, Forrester analyst Thomas Husson wrote in a blog post ahead of the show. The first commercial 5G roll-outs begin this year and next in the United States, Korea and Japan, creating new revenue streams for operators and beaten-down equipment makers. The exhibition halls in Barcelona will be full of talk of ultra-fast mobile video, connected cars, factory automation, digital health and smarter cities."Although we’re hugely enthusiastic about the technology itself, we’re increasingly concerned about the way in which it’s being marketed," he said. Several big-name telecom providers are launching own-brand home digital assistants which are two-way speakers such as those used by Amazon’s Alexa or Google’s Home. Yet this pits them against the likes of US tech giants Amazon, Google or Facebook that have proven adept at recruiting users and exploiting their data to sell products, services or advertising.Cameras, the more the merrier, are all the rage, with some phone models boasting four to five built-in cameras, said.

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text 2020-09-25 04:08
Sir Stroh Rise And Shine

Sir Stroh - Rise And Shine


This Is A Motivational Song Of The Times And Futuristic...A Song To Encourage Anyone To Get Up And Keep Pushing After Life Challenges Have Kicked You Down... No Matter What Keep Focus.

#rise and shine

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text 2020-09-15 02:36
The museum containing a


The Kakawin language is a storehouse of rich Javanese literature. The masks are only worn by the demon and monkey figures. We also met the great grand-daughter of Prince Tejokusumo. The entrance by the demon Kumbhakarna, brother of Ravana, was dramatic. Then in a quick flip movement, Dussashana dragged the upper cloth of Draupadi, and she got up and moved to the right side of the audience facing her and moved away. In the centre sit the musicians and artists who play gamelan. It is noted that last full-scale performances were staged in 1939 and since they were extremely expensive, the Sultan had borrowed money from the Dutch!Originally, male members of the royal family, courtiers and bodyguards, took part in the dance-dramas.Arriving by morning flight from Kuala Lumpur to Yogyakarta, we were settled in the moderate Tulips hotel on a well-known street — Jalan Tirtodipuran. Soon characters with fierce looks entered the stage from the left and from the other side entered Draupadi, extremely beautiful, with royal garments and a tiara, and she sat demurely.

The Bedhaya dance and Topeng mask theatre which started from the Mataram kingdom flourished. Revealing his original form as Lord Shiva, he gives the Pashupatastra to Arjuna. I had seen in the gallery a portrait of Prince Tedjoekoesoemo (I used to make it easy in Sanskrit as Tejokusumo) from whom Mrinalini Sarabhai had studied Javanese dances. So rich was the experience of watching these dance-dramas, where amazing as it may sound and appear, the Muslim Sultans have nurtured the traditions of India and its two epics, the Mahabharata and the Ramayana.The sequence of Dussashana-vadha follows the Indian Mahabharata story. When Dussashana tried to touch her, she raised her arm and Dussashana retreated.Traditional Wayang Wong plots or "lakons" are 19th century-written librettos mainly, as noticed earlier, based on the Mahabharata and the Ramayana. The museum containing a collection of traditional batik was full of a variety of patterns. With undulating movements, the Surakarata dance style, we were told, is more subdued than the Yogyakarta style

Theoretically, clothing brands could take back their clothing to use as raw material for sustainable clothing of the future. This has advantages over virgin cotton that requires large amounts of water to grow, and the use of pesticides as well.The company set up its wood drying equipment Manufacturers pilot factory in later 2018 where patented machines grind up wood pulp and agricultural waste into tiny fibres that can be spun into wool and then made into fabric for clothing.In a step towards environment conservation, a Finnish company has come up with technology that can create fabric from old clothing, agricultural waste, and even trees.The company is beginning first with wood pulp but it has experimented with multiple other sources of fibre such as carrot peels and cotton clothing..Spinnova, based in Jyväskylä, Finland, built a technology that creates fibre from cellulose, without the environmental challenges of older materials, Fast Company reported.Spinnova says that the process consumes less water than cotton because it uses trees that don’t need irrigation as they grow. It doesn’t even use harmful chemicals to break down the tough fibres.


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text 2020-07-03 16:48
Das Zeitr├Ątsel: Roman (Reise durch die Zeit, Band 1) - Wolf Harranth,Madeleine L'Engle


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text 2020-04-25 03:31
Make up of double glazing

They keep the warm air from the heater stays inside so there is the efficiency on the use of energy while keeping the cold draft from penetrating inside the house. A study shows that poorly insulated buildings leaked extra billions of dollars worth of heat because of the cold seeping in inside the rooms. Today, ZS Series Vibrating Screen Classifier Suppliers having the winters is somewhat different from the winters decades ago. Buyers of property particularly for homes are always very interested to homes that have double glazing because this spells large amount of savings from electricity consumption and as an added element for the house's security feature. This affects the normal shifting of climate and aggravates weather condition in some parts of the globe. You need double glazing because you need insulation for your home. Adding to that, it was found out that residents who do not have insulation with their 3 bedroom house are paying 30 percent more of their energy bill as opposed to the 23 percent more savings with houses that have properly insulated doors and windows. Ask a fitter about the advantage of double glazing and he will tell you about double glazing advice.. In the western part, the cold is bitingly freezing it could freeze you to death if you would stay naked outside the house for an hour. In some countries, their summer is more intense and arid. Why does this thing happen? This is because of the effect of global warming. Without the double glaze you will be constantly bothered by the cold seeping through your windows and doors. So aside from the glasses itself, the air provides most of the insulation preventing heat from passing through the glass while preventing the cold air from seeping into the house. It is a markup among property sales agent and hot among house buyers and that is why it became common that houses that have the glazes are more expensive than the poorly insulated homes. Our atmospheres have become so thin the rays of the sun penetrate though our layers of atmosphere and warm the seas. Double glazing advice is always needed because we need utmost protection while inside our homes. This numbers clearly show that there is really the need to improve home insulation. Double glazing are made up of two thick panes of glasses framed on top of each other so that they are separated by air gaps which serve as the insulators. Double glazing windows and doors can really improve the house's insulation. The features and make up of double glazing is simple. Aside from that they keep the noise outside and can serve as double protection from burglaries. It is much colder now even dropping the temperature to negative 30 in most areas of the United States. Why double glazing advice is necessary because it can make you realize how much you can benefit from applying it to your home. So if you want to get protected at home from such extremely cold temperature what should you do? Go double glazing your doors and windows.

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