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video 2014-01-10 02:16

I was going to roll up in here and complain some more about Shia La Beouf and what a plagiarizing asshat that guy is, but then I learned that Amiri Baraka died today, so I thought I'd post about Baraka instead. It seems fitting, in a way, to preempt the childish antics of a man so privileged he thinks it's legit to steal from others and then validate it retrospectively with some boner concept of performance art. Anyone telling you art has to be free is already getting paid. 

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review 2013-06-30 00:00
Healing Power of Black Cumin
Healing Power of Black Cumin - Sylvia Luetjohann This book promises that black cumin, a plant substance, cures every ailment known to man -- a very suspect claim. And it was very poorly written.
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review 2011-07-13 00:00
Power Play (Black and White)
Power Play - Mari Carr Sexy,sweet, fun tale about office competition. Yes, there really can be two winners!
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review 2011-02-23 00:00
Power Play (Black and White)
Power Play - Mari Carr The story got off to a great start but sort of fizzled towards the end. I liked Frankie until we got to know her more. She's an A type personality that goes toe-to-toe with Reed. I loved their banter and their sexual chemistry leapt off the page. As Reed started getting more emotionally invested, Frankie pulls away. We learn why she's against relationships when we get a peek at her parents' marriage. Frankie doesn't want any man to threaten her independence. For Frankie, Reed is good enough to have sex with and work with but that's it. She pretty much treats him like a man-whore (which he doesn't object to initially). She wants no intimacy which means no kissing. Okay "Pretty Woman". Her 'no kissing' rule annoyed me. As the story continued, my interest in seeing Reed and Frankie get together faded. I would have been happy if they had parted ways as friends. No harm, no foul. For once, I didn't want a couple to have their HEA.
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