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text 2014-05-03 20:59
Booklikes Templates and Quotes

I really like both of the newer Booklikes templates but suddenly I'm running against The Great Wall of Quoting. As in, when I'm really into a book I like to use a LOT of quotes about it. And if you're viewing my blog in Dashboard currently you'll not see any problem with quotes. But if you go to my blog page with either the Bundled or Custom Colors templates (I've tried both) you're going to see quotes in either a font or a background color that makes it very hard to read.


So, two things.


1) It would be great if the Booklikes preview page in the templates (in the Theme: Customize) areas had examples of quoted text. Because in the sample text there are no quotes used within a review and so the only way you have of seeing what quotes look like is to use the template (save it and then look at it on your blog page).


This would be a big problem if you planned to buy one of the purchasable templates because I'm not sure how you'd see an example of quotes before purchase.


2) I realize a lot of people like the look of white font on a dark background. For sidebars, etc. I'm there with you. But if you have a multi- paragraph quote going, white text on dark color is not friendly on the eyes. (There's a reason books still have dark text on white backgrounds. And why computer monitors no longer have white text on black screens.)


Here, I'll put this bit in a quote, and you can see it on the webpage to get an idea of the problem.

Specific example of why I'll have to give up my current use of Custom Colors: my post on a reading in progress.

 - Note how much harder it is to read the white text.

 - Because the link color is so close to the background color, once you click on a link within the quote the words disappear into the background.


Oh and it's not that I'm terribly worried about masses of folk reading my reviews for the quotes (because I've still not reformatted all of the messy ones from the GR import) - it's mostly me using them to look up the quotes I liked. But I'm thinking I may not be the only one to not love the white on dark background thing (again, for lots of text).


Specific hope for help? If any of you css/template gurus could point me to the code where I can specifically tweek just the quotes portion (font type and color and background color specifically, and where I'd find it in the wall o code)? If I can find the start of that section of code I might be able to fix it myself. Maybe. (I'm fluent in most html, not so much css. Er, this is in css, right?)


If it's too much twiddling (and I muck it up badly, which is always possible) I'll just go to one of the other older templates. Which is kind of a bummer as I was liking the more spring-ish colors.



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