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review 2020-03-30 04:18
Burn Zone (Hotshots #1) - Annabeth Albert

Jacob has been in love with Lincoln for a while.  They have had to live apart, since Lincoln would not give them a chance and hurt his best friend.  Jacob being his best friends little brother put a kink in the works.


Lincoln is not sure what to do when Jacob not only comes back to town, but works with him as a smoke jumper as well.  He has paid his dues.  The only issue now is can Lincoln let Jacob run in danger and not blow his cover?  His feelings have been hidden and now they may come to light.


This story was so HOT!  I mean that in both the figurative & literal ways.  I loved that this was a second chance story.  The job is dangerous, but so is loving someone forbidden.  These characters made losing sleep worth my while, as I could not put this one down until I finished the whole thing.  Lots of sparks a flyin'!  I give this read a 4/5 Kitty's Paws UP!


***This ARC copy was given by Netgalley & its publishers in exchange for an honest review.



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review 2014-05-11 11:24
The Burn Zone - James K. Decker

I really wanted to write a good, detailed review for this because holy fuck, it's awesome. Of course, then I came down with a cold, and it's vicious, and I can barely focus on words right now. I'll put this here as a placeholder, in the hopes that eventually I'll be able to write something longer. But seriously, this was so good. If you want some sci fi starring a female character, but David Weber is too infodumpy for you and Ann Aguirre uses too many romance tropes, then this is probably what you're looking for. 

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review 2013-05-09 00:00
The Burn Zone - James K. Decker This book is a little bit of The Matrix and almost as confusing. Is this real or isn't it? She falls twice and there's a blip but am I the only one who remembers that? And who in the hell knows what the aliens really look like because the descriptions seem to change which I guess is part of the story, but why go into so much detail then? And since what is described in the book happened to the world, why are there so many ships outside the province trying to warn them? See, I'm really confused and there weren't any real explanations that I could find but maybe it's because of my tiny human brain. I wanted to like the book more than I did.
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review 2013-03-31 00:00
The Burn Zone
The Burn Zone - James K. Decker 3.5 Stars

Started out a little slow, then fast, then slow and... Yeah, it had some pacing issues, but I'm glad I stuck with it. I could easily see this as a move. Aliens supposedly crash land on a human planet at a time that the planet is not doing so well. However, the Haan's, that's their name, are willing to make things better for them, but at the same time, they are eating them out of house and home. One Haan doesn't want to share the planet and has other plans that are set into motion. It had a great twist at the end and other than the main character, Sam, and her potential love interest being awkward, and a few other niggles. I found this book quite enjoyable.
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review 2013-02-05 00:00
The Burn Zone
The Burn Zone - James K. Decker 3.5 Stars - Won a copy through Goodreads First Reads.I normally don't read a lot of science fiction as a general rule, so take the review with a grain of salt. But the premise of the book sounded interesting, and I like reading out of my preferred genres every so often.The first 1/4 of the book was the hardest for me to get through. Part of this stems from setting up the world and getting introduced to the main characters, but it did read rather slow at first, even as the action got the characters moving.One of my biggest complaints with science fiction (and fantasy too for that matter) is often times certain details will take up to a paragraph to describe look, form, and function.. which is fine, but too often interferes with the flow of the narrative.I did enjoy Sam. She comes across as a very capable character that has had to deal with some very hard realities in her life. She's resilient, tough, but also has a softer maternal streak that you see when she's dealing with the haan infants.One quibble I did have is with the relationship between Sam and Dragan, her guardian. I understood that he pretty much rescued Sam from a pretty awful fate, but I never saw why she felt so much for him. I don't think that was illustrated very well. Very little was shown about why she felt the way she did and the extreme lengths she was willing to go to in order to rescue Dragan. The interaction between Sam and Nix were one of the best parts of the book. Sam moves from overt suspicion to wary acceptance and finally, to something that resembles friendship.Burn Zone managed to suck me in after I struggled with the first part of the book and left me wanting more. I'll definitely continue reading on with the series.
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