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review 2018-11-18 08:31
A Night To Remember by Celeste Bradley & Susan Donovan
A Night to Remember - Celeste Bradley,Susan Donovan

In Wedding Knight Katrina Trapp takes her nervous twin sister's place at the altar, only to find out her sister never had any intentions of marrying Alfred Theodious Knight in the first place...

This was a quick, quirky and funny little romp about a woman switching places with her sister, who ends up disappearing and leaves her in the lurch of being married to a supposed tyrant of a man. But as the two newlyweds come to get to know each other, they also rediscover themselves, and dare we hope fall in love?

I liked the two protagonists, although I felt Katrina was a tad too bratty at times, and I loved how they slowly changed for one another as they got to know each other and developed tender feelings of one another. Of course, seeing how everything was based on a switch, the inevitable twist had to come.
I felt it was resolved a little too quickly, but that's scandal for you.

A lovely little budding romance story.

In Have Mercy Winifred Mackland, having failed to deliver a good manuscript, is packed away on a forced writing retreat by her agent...Who turns out to have matchmaking tendencies...

Quick, funky and hot as hell.

Initially, I felt it was all moving a tad too quickly (even for a short story), but as it moved along, and the two got into their easy rhythm beyond jumping naked into the hot tub on the day they met, I came to love them and their little romance.

The progress and the reservations thanks to Mac's profession, was organic and realistic, and they were super cute and super hot together. Besides, the story made me smile, which is always a plus.

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review SPOILER ALERT! 2018-07-20 03:29
With This Ring - Celeste Bradley

The cover for this book is utterly stunning and it's the only thing that kept me reading.


In the third installment of the Wicked Worthingtons, we see Elektra's story. From afar, the story is whimsical sounding - Elektra probably the only Worthington who cares about the state of the family - I mean what about  Calliope? She married well in the first book, but doesn't even send over not even an apple to help our her family SMH - and Elektra feels she must marry well to reinstate her family to their former glory.


To ensure this, she plans to kidnap the most eligible bachelor, put him in a compromising position and make him marry her. But her plans goes awry and it doesn't help matters that the Lord she kidnaps has been involved in a scandal that drove him from London and 10 years later he's finally back hoping to win his father's forgiveness and favor in his deathbed. 


So, the story  was so-so, but  I found there was just too much concentrating on the  Worthingtons and not too much on Elektra and her story. The 3 stars are merely for the cover and 1.5 for the story. So ends my travels with the Wicked Worthingtons. The next book cover is super dull and I find the Worthington family just gets on my nerves. 


story features:

sexual content

historical romance




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review SPOILER ALERT! 2018-07-20 03:12
And Then Comes Marriage - Celeste Bradley

The second o installment f the Wicked Worthington series really missed the mark for me. I truly enjoyed the first part, but everything unraveled in the second  book. 


Cas and Pol are twins - though they are grown men they are irresponsible and only think about inventing well absolutely nothing worthwhile. They run around the brothels and spend money like there's no tomorrow, never caring after the wellbeing of their family. I'm not sure if the author meant this in an endearing way, but I found nothing endearing about this behavior whatsoever.


The twins are making their usual mayhem when a widow is struck by Pol's handsomeness. She cant get Mr. Worthington off her mind, not knowing he's a twin. 


A complex but rather dull story ensues of a back and forth of should they - shouldn't they as it seems both men fall for her. But just when I thought it was going to be a menage book, everything falls apart as they all can't figure out who should be with who. Add in a pesky clause that the widow shouldn't do anything scandalous or she'll lose her fortune and it's all one big mess I couldn't be bothered with.


I really didnt care who stayed with who as I couldn't believe how irresponsible these idiots were. I was floored they got the widow to lose her fortune and then made her live with their parents because they are such losers they didn't have a home of their own. What a waste.

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review SPOILER ALERT! 2018-07-10 04:02
When She Said I Do - Celeste Bradley

Rating: 4.5 Stars


Calliope Worthington is a spinster as the oldest of the Worthington girls as she's in her thirties. Gone are her dreams of being introduced into society, much less getting married as she's resigned her life to taking care of her wild and rambunctious family and younger siblings. 


But then one fateful night, a storm washes away a bridge her family is traveling on and they all descend upon what looks like a deserted and decrepit manor. While everyone struggles to get their bearings and dry their clothes, Calliope goes up the manor, exploring to her heart's content. 


In her soaked nightgown, she spies a chest full of jewelry and she can't resist trying on the beautiful baubles. But it turns out the mansion isn't deserted, and it's Master, Sir Lawrence "Ren" Porter doesn't take kindly to thieves. 


Ren bargains with Calliope and in exchange for her doing his dark and devious biddings, he'll give her one pearl a night from the necklace she stole. Once the pearls are all given back, Calliope will be released from his hold. 


But even though Ren is a disfigured beast and hides away in his estate, Calliope sees him for more than anyone has ever done before. Slowly, she unravels his past and Ren opens up and lets her slip past his guarded walls.


As time passes and Ren entreats her night after night with new and deliciously seductive experiences, will Calliope leave his side? And what of the villagers? Will they welcome her and their reclusive master or do Ren and Calliope have an even bigger fight on their hands? 


When She Said I Do features: 



oral sex





historical romance

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review 2018-06-14 01:35
history meets the present, and love is found in more places than one.
Breathless - Celeste Bradley

This was a fun read, a mixing of past and present with a link between the two. Brenna is drawn to the history of "the Swan", a courtesan. Fitch is drawn to "the Siren" paintings. He finds them for his client. The two bump heads but find love while figure the history out. I loved the mingling of past and present. I tried to guess where the story was going but was not correct. Despite that, I enjoyed this story.

I received a copy of this story through Netgalley, and this is my unsolicited review.

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