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review 2016-05-04 21:00
Anything You Want - Geoff Herbach

To be honest, I think I am so not the target audience of this book.
I have a feeling that this would be much more liked by guys than by girls.
I am not a girly girl and in fact I love dude books quite often. I simply quite often used to think that's such a dude thing to say.
I mean Taco is your happy go lucky teen- who behaves as horny and stupid as many teens do. Half the time he was behaving like an utter child most of the time he was totally ignorate. I actually think alot of teens are a bit like - well they think they really grown up but actually are really not, and sadly plenty of them are totally irresponsible.
I don't particularly mind him, but I just couldn't relate.

I also couldn't relate to the humor half the time.

Which brings me to the marketing of this. I really think it is misleading.
Actually: Very misleading. I kinda expected something funny, cute & fluffy- it was not that.
I'm not sure what the cover has to do with the book?

I would love to know what guys think of this!

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review 2016-05-03 13:49
A Walk in the Sun - Michelle Zink

A Walk in the Sun did touch me deeply.
A story about loss and moving on. Yet also story about love and new beginnings.
This is not a cute & fluffy, nor is it exciting and fun.
It is a slow paced story that examines first love, coming of age and dealing with loss. And also in the end the reality of fear and new beginnings. It's beautiful.

My favorite part about this is definitely the way Zink managed to actually convey these themes. And also her descriptions of the farm and the life surrounding it. It's so far removed from all the glitz and glam, all the melodramas and excitement. I felt the solitude of the location and I could vividly imagine the way it feels being there.

The plot was slow, at times a wee bit too slow for me. I kept switching between the other books I was reading, which was for said reason. But also because this isn't a light read. It's not complicated or heavy. But I felt it needed my complete attention. I read at the ocean or first thing on my balcony on sunrise. Somehow it felt appropriate to, it enhanced the beautiful setting, the slow pace and it made me appreciate the beauty of the book more.

The character building was done extremely well. In fact this it totally character driven. There are a interesting side casts. And then there are the two MCs. The story is told in third person in alternating POVs. I think I would have prefered a first person narration. This is such a personal book, I felt like the third person was keeping me at an arm's lengths. Bodhi and Rose are both interesting and alone. But also somehow wise beyond their years. I loved their love for farming but also could relate to their yearning for traveling. They seem at opposites to each other in the beginning, but slowly as they get to know each other their similarities become apparent.

The romance was ok. I loved the slow burn of it. But I am not sure how I felt about their insta-connection...Then there is Will. He felt kinda planted in, well at least the issues with him. Somehow in compare to the story, it was like Zink decided she wanted to throw in some drama. In my opinion it was superfluous- in fact at times it was a bit annoying.

It's a book for someone who is looking for something beautiful, touching and romantic.

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review 2016-05-02 21:07
Kinda different from what I expected...
The Society - Jodie Andrefski

Actually to be completely honest, this isn't quite what I expected.
Though I am not quite sure what I expected... It's not like the blurb is inaccurate.
In fact after starting this I went and reread the blurb, and I reread it again after I finished. So I wouldn't be able to tell you why I expected this to be different. I kinda just did.
I think I expected more cute&fluffy? Possibly more angst and high-strung drama? Again I actually don't know.
And while I have been flaxing on about how this is different, let me point out that I did enjoy The Society very much. This is very near 4.5 Stars in fact.

The plot is really intriguing and it kept me on my toes. Though some twists were clear others were surprising, somehow the balance between anticipation and surprise was met perfectly. I loved each little twist and turn, each mishap and each happy fortune. Right until the end, and somehow it was to perfect for me? And there is a question mark because, well I am not sure why I feel like that. I mean it's not picture perfect, but I think the epilogue though it's nice, was kinda what was too much happy-clappy for me, it kinda took away from the story somehow. Even if I loved it.
Andrefski knows how to pace a story and how to keep her readers engaged.

I love each quote at every chapter. I really really love the choice of them, kinda little foreboding messengers of what is to come. Brilliant little literary tool used with absolute perfection.

In many ways that describes Andrefski style. It's a well thought-through and executed novel. The story is all told from Sam's POV. It's a well told story. But more so Andrefski manages to tell it without judgment. It's simply told. There is no wrong or right. It's simply what happened.
And while morally we shouldn't agree with some of the things that Sam does, we aren't given the impression that Andrefski doesn't agree. On the other hand, we are made to get where Sam is coming from. Again there is no righteousness put out there. I mean Sam does justify why she is doing whatever she is doing, but that's it. It's simply put not black and white but grey.
And I really like this. Because it makes this non-preachy and incredibly human.

The character building as a result of this is really interesting. Most characters end up having many layers, they become way more complex that you'd expect at the beginning. There is no true villain in this. Even if at first you feel there is, at the end while I still don't quite get where Jessica was coming from- I have never managed to relate to bullying, it simply doesn't make sense to me - we get a glimpse of the fact that there is more to her as well.
I think essentially Andrefski really got many situations just right, the little awkward cattiness between girls, let's face it we have all experienced that. She describes it brilliantly!
The insecurity of first love, or taking a friendship further...Odd little things about teens, unique to heir characters but also things we all did and felt- it's there.
Sam is a brilliantly written lead. Her anger, her frustration, her fears and her utter loneliness made me completely get why she did all the stuff she did. Add to that her confusion and her bravery. It does make her a really likable character. And then she hits rock bottom and I wanted to shake her. Yet she does somehow come to terms with her past, she faces the consequences of her actions and she discovers her own strength. Flawed yet likeable makes her very human and her braveness while being in some ways her downfall it's also most redeeming.

The Society essentially is about bullying- and it's effects, the cowardice around it, in many way it's mechanics as well. It is also a book about revenge and it's consequences.
I think Andrefski did a brilliant job at highlighting bullying. Looking at it from one of the victims POV but also the other side, when the victim essentially decides to flip things upside down.
I have to mention, I personally have no experience with the subject. As I said I simply don't get why someone bully others- and I am fortunate enough never having been bullied. I would love to hear what a victim would have to say about The Society. Can they relate as much to Sam as I did? Do they like the storyline?

So while it is a captivating easy read and there is a nice bit of romance- let me warn you it's slooooooow burn but o so sweet- it left me thinking about a serious subject.
As I said: so much more that I expected.

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review 2016-04-07 11:41
Romancing the Nerd - Leah Rae Miller Romancing the Nerd - Leah Rae Miller

Let's face it: I am geek. I closet one- but yeah well I totally am.
But Miller made me wonder if I need to get my nerd on...
Seriously the LRP, the dress-up stuff. The first time ever I got why people do this, more even I thought I could enjoy it
And that's just one aspect why I thoroughly enjoyed Romancing The Nerd. This is cute&fluffy with a good helping of nerd- but actually it's also kind of more.
Because we get to explore the whole popular thing with Zelda, and more so though, we get reminded that people aren't black and white. Just because someone likes LRP doesn't mean they can't be interested in sports as well...
Zelda's journey and character growths was amazing. I found her extremely opinionated and while I loved her sass and her POV- that particular part was annoying. I kept thinking she is like an old stuck-up woman when it comes to her views of people!
In fact it is amazing how Dan comes across as the opposite in the beginning but is actually just like Zelda. Both of them discover that there is more to a person that meets the eye...

I loved the romance, it's super cute, it's geeky/nerdy and just swoon-worthy. On that alone I can only recommend this one.
Add to that the great humor. And you got an awesome book.

While I enjoyed the fun & cute story line. This novel shines with character building. While we start off, with a clear picture on who is who- I kinda thought in fact, we going to have the normal YA cute&fluffy high school cast- Miller gave all characters layers and depths as the story went on.
It was nice to revisit Maddie and Logan from The Summer I Became A Nerd as well. I am really glad I read that novel, even if this one totally works as a standalone- I felt like seeing old friends and I got their connection. It was cool to see them from Zelda and Dan's POV as well.

It's a cute, swoony spring read for all nerds and non-nerds alike!

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review 2016-03-26 17:40
The Geography of You and Me - Jennifer E. Smith

So quite frankly somehow I am sitting here, wondering what I actually expected from this. But all I can say not really what I got.
I mean this is quite cute. I was hoping for a cute & fluffy. And I guess it is. Maybe, or at least some bits.
There is plenty of angst- but hey they teenies. I didn't mind that. I don't get the whole awkward phase thing, though.
Then the parents, are totally blase - but wait! we talking teenies!!!
The snail mail situation... uhm cute but who still does that? Ok well, I do but NO what'sapp, fb or email? Not even my granny does that!
The end yeay, cute and fab, but I was sorta over it all by then.
Basically the plot is rather unrealistic.
I enjoyed the writing style
So: my issue? I was bored most of the time. I kept kinda expecting something. Well, don't ask me what. Actually: Anything more.
I liked the night on the roof. But then, I just was given banal daily bore. I wish there was less family dynamics and all that, but more cute & fluffy instead.
Sadly not really my thing

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