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text 2021-06-10 10:02
Watching the Transformation of Social Media in the Past Decade!

The era of social media hit great advancements with the introduction of Facebook, Linked In, etc. A decade back, many predictions were made about social media. Some anticipated that it would fade away, while others claimed that it would bring new waves for businesses.

From the beginning to present times, in the race of social media application development, several different social media platforms came up and vanished quickly because they lacked the optimum user base.

Just like other entertainment & media app development, there are only a few top social media apps that have gained maximum attention and luckily they have this from the time of app launch. The reason behind this is - there always exists an uncertainty that the app being new, would stop working, which makes the user conscious about privacy and therefore they count only on the top-rated apps.


Let’s see what transformations headed towards in the social world in the past decade:

Real-time interactions

The time is long gone when getting the latest information on the happenings around the world was done through the newspaper. Today, people receive the information at the moment something happens. For this, social media is playing a very important role. Social media users can make any news or video go viral just in seconds. Businesses these days are monetizing and leveraging social media offerings to go viral and trending.

Expanded to businesses

Social media is no longer limited just to making friends or to connecting with friends online. Slowly but for sure, the value of marketing over social media began to appeal to the local businesses rather than just normal individuals. Marketing professionals soon understood that the world is going to travel through social media. Nowadays, a business without a Facebook page may not be considered a business in many aspects.

Used for enhancing CX

Social media platforms are strong marketing tools because customers these days don’t like ads. Using social media, brands and marketers are allowed to interact with the customers on a different and relatable level. Not only this, but social media also provides them with the potential to create more meaningful customer experiences. It allows the customers to raise their concerns and suggestions.

Conversations rather than Ads

The potential to talk directly to customers is extremely valuable and having a healthy interaction may provide better returns. Social media encourages such conversations with its new features and various content curation tools allowing users to enhance their social media experiences as per their preferences. Customers these days are more likely to skip ads, but would positively respond to a message.

Emerging Artificial Intelligence technologies like AR & VR

The social media platforms are aware that embedding the latest emerging technologies is the only way to hold on to the existing users and attract new ones. AI technologies like AR, VR, and other machine learning algorithms are turning out to be a hit on social platforms, giving users an ultimate interface and experience.

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Video Content and Live Streaming Sessions

In the last few years, video content on social media apps has grown to be more prevalent. From Youtube to Instagram, almost every top social media platform has video streaming services. There are thousands of content creators on Youtube and other social platforms. Live streaming has also been popular lately, empowering influencers, brands, etc. to provide interactive live sessions to their audiences instead of scripted videos. One can also invest and expect good returns in media and entertainment app development like video streaming apps.

Read this to know more about Video Content: Future of Marketing in Social Media?

Making Brands Appear More Relatable

Social media sites have provided marketers with powerful platforms for storytelling. Unlike previous generations, customers these days are more inclined towards authenticity and prefer to spend on brands that appear more human and relatable than the old-school marketing platforms. The storytelling concept is unique to consumer experience and the brands profit from this by telling their brand stories and relaying values.

Going through the above-mentioned points, ultimately, social media today is not exactly what it used to be a decade back. And it is also a fact that it won’t be the same ten years from now. The present scenario is quite exciting with all the possible technologies.

To succeed in the long run, one needs to pay attention to these changing trends and learn what works best for their niches for social media.

If you wish to be a part of this trend and you are looking for a social media development company, there can be no better choice than Consagous Technologies.

Consagous Technologies is the top and best social media app development company. With our highly experienced team of developers, we bring you the absolute best social media app with cutting-edge technology-loaded features and whatnot. Our team has experience in serving clients from various industries. We are also a top mobile app development company in the USA. To know more about us visit consagous.co now!

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photo 2021-06-07 07:32
  • One of the most effective ways to ensure a company’s website speaks to their ideal clients and, thereby generates a profitable income, is through creating a custom website. Creating a custom website sets your company apart from the competition because a custom website looks professional to anyone visiting your website. Custom-built websites can optimize SEO on each page so that the likelihood of people visiting your website is increased. Custom websites are built around flexibility and adaptability, meaning they can change and grow with your business as time goes on. However, you’ll need the help of experienced website developers in Centennial, CO to build a custom website.

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url 2021-06-03 17:44
QuickBooks Unable to Backup Company File How to resolve?

To avoid the risk of data loss, trying to back up the company file but continuously facing the QuickBooks unable to backup company file error? If yes, you must walk through the linked article to know why it occurs and how you can fix it. You can also get the QuickBooks backup failed error fixed instantly by speaking to our technical support team at 844-888-4666.

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text 2021-06-02 12:36
How SEO Can Help Your Online Business in 2021 - Short Overview



In today’s cut-throat competitive digital business, only having a website will not help your business in any way no matter how brilliantly it is developed. It’s crucial that your website should gain exposure from the group of customers that you are seeking to target. On the other hand, it’s evident that customers get the privilege to contact thousands of companies offering the same products and services that you offer.


So, the question is how your website can catch the attention of customers? Well, the answer is search engine optimization (SEO), which helps your website rank in Google and enjoy having a top position in SERPs to get exposure of your target customers. It makes hiring an SEO company in Bangalore vital.

Let’s discuss here some other reasons why you should hire SEO services for your business.


Improve Brand Reliability


No business can survive in the market for long without creating good reliability among customers. SEO helps your business in this arena. It helps your website constantly maintain a good position in SERPs and create a perception among people that you implement the right practice. And they never hesitate to hire you for getting your products and services.


Improve organic Traffic


Google is the most preferred place for people when it comes to searching for any products and services. And the most important thing is that SEO helps your website in increasing its online presence in Google. It works in increasing traffic to your website.


Increase Conversion


As mentioned above, an SEO company in Bangalore implements the latest practices of search engine optimizations of increasing traffic to your website. It also helps you in generating lots of leads. And the best thing about organic leads is that they are quality-based and can be converted easily.


SEO is Investment


Most businesses think that hiring SEO Services in Bangalore takes a huge cost. But, they should also think that SEO is an investment that yields outstanding outcomes.

Source: www.webomindapps.com/seo-company-in-bangalore.html
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text 2021-05-26 13:57
Strategy for web development company - Top 5 Steps for Generating Quality leads

The process of website development involves lots of steps that developers perform after implementing a solid strategy. Once they get projects from clients, a website development company first drafts a clear strategy keeping in mind the specific needs of projects. And then set delivery time-frame according.

Implementing strategy is another vital step that a website development company in Bangalore takes care of and then follows various steps.


Gather Requirements


The great attribute of a genuine website development company is that they are never in a hurry when it comes to gathering their client’s requirements. They spend enough time listening to client's actual needs and then create strategies accordingly to develop a website for clients.




After gathering each specific need about the clients, web development professionals need to perform in-depth research work. They go through your competitors’ websites, review features, functionalities, etc. They also review the things that make your competitors’ websites high-performing and outstanding.


Create Website Design


It’s now the job of web designers to create a sitemap to give clients an idea about how the website will. Once clients approve it, then designers do prototyping to give clients a complete visual idea in terms of how visually their website will be. A website development company in Bangalore implements the latest design trends to make design outstanding.




It’s the core step of website development. In this step, developers need to make a selection of the right programming language to create a website. They perform coding work while following the design and then create a final website.




Last but not least, testing is a crucial phase that gives clients surety that the website is free from technical glitches and contains no bugs. In this phase, testing professionals access your website on multiple browsers, devices, etc. to check whether it functions properly. In case, they find any glitch, they instantly inform developers to change in coding to resolve it.

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