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review 2020-06-25 18:59
A Story for Every Corner by thepinupchemist
A Story for Every Corner - thepinupchemist

An engaging fanfic in which teenaged omega Dean runs away, finding refuge at Gabriel's B&B. Updated to 4 stars on my second read.

Source: archiveofourown.org/works/2650172
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review 2020-05-24 08:57
On the Corner of Love and Hate - Nina Bocci

Initial thoughts:
I walked into this series already knowing I would love it. Nina’s ability to create a character with richness and realness, build them a world you could live in, and make it all feel important to you — it really is a gift. 


Having made the rookie error of reading book three in this series first, I had a good idea about how some things were going to end up — but I loved getting there. 


What I loved:
First, I loved learning more about the town of Hope Lake. Seriously, I wanna go there, maybe move there. (Ok, not move there, I don’t do snow, lol!) Kinda like the fans in the football stadium are sometimes called the “12th man” at a game… supporting their team and influencing the process, I feel like this town is another character in the story. There are some things that happen in the story ONLY because they’re in a town like Hope Lake. 


I loved the families and friends of the main characters. They all contributed so much to the entire feel of the story. The scenes with Emma and the other two parts of their “friendship quartet” were really great, and I loved seeing how close they all still were, even with the rift between Emma and Cooper. The elderly ladies group cracked me up and made me cheer.  


I loooooved every time Cooper called Emma “Emmanuelle”, even though it drove her nuts. I loved that even though he made her crazy now (for any number of valid reasons), she still allowed herself to remember some of their happier times. She didn’t shut herself off from those memories. I loved Cooper’s steadfast belief in the town, and his interactions with the residents during his campaign. Even when he wasn’t 100% sure of himself, his genuine dedication to them never wavered. 


As far as the conflict with these two — this mashup of  “second chance romance”/”friends to lovers”/”enemies to lovers” tropes — I was worried that it would get to me, but it didn’t. At each point I could see something happening that, in other stories would get dragged out too long, or handled badly, but this author just nailed it! Yes, I cried when things got mucked up, and that sucked cause I don’t like to cry, but I didn’t spend page after page feeling gutted and horrible about the situations that were happening. I SO appreciated that! Then — when it was time for the happy — I was ALL ABOUT THE HAPPY!! 


What I didn’t love:
This is the second time that I feel like the leading lady “got off easier” in the responsible for the pair’s conflict. Yes, Cooper broke her heart… and yes, when you’re young, you don’t always handle that in the best ways. But there were circumstances in both pivotal moments of their younger years that *could* have been handled differently — on both of their parts — and I feel like Emma blamed Cooper for all of it, and he just took on all of it. She could have done things differently, too. Having said that — everything was written realistically — I can easily see exactly those situations happening, and them going exactly as they were written. 


Final thoughts:

Of course I loved this book. I was thrilled with my HEA, and I can’t wait to get to the next in the series. 

Source: funknfiction.com/2020/05/24/review-on-the-corner-of-love-and-hate-by-nina-bocci
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review 2020-03-10 03:52
Review: Love Around the Corner by Amanda Weaver
Love Around the Corner - Amanda Weaver

Reviewed for Wit and Sin


I adore a good second chance romance and Love Around the Corner hits all the right notes. Gemma and Brendan’s story is chock full of emotion; love, fear, hope, distrust, and the terrifying sensation of taking a risk for a chance at something more all blend together wonderfully to create a satisfying romance.

Since the death of her mother, Gemma Romano’s focus has been on her family. She’s never truly allowed herself to dream, instead putting all her time and effort into making sure her sisters succeed and that she keeps the family bar running. The only moments she stole for herself were fourteen years ago when she lost her heart to – and then had it broken by – Brendan Flaherty. Gemma is sometimes a prickly heroine, but she’s easy to like and respect. She works so hard to keep her beloved family bar up and running, but times and her section of Brooklyn are changing and old fashioned bars simply aren’t drawing in new customers. I hated watching her struggle, especially when it’s clear she’s doing it out of a combination of love, fear of letting go, and a sense of responsibly, rather than true passion. I wanted to see her spread her wings, to take a chance on herself and her incredible talent in the kitchen.

Gemma is forced the face the music when Brendan comes back into town. Her first love is all grown up and hotter than ever, but he’s also a property developer – aka the enemy. Of course, Brendan isn’t the bad guy she wants to paint him as. Like Gemma, he’s done what he’s had to do to support his family from far too young an age. It was easy to adore Brendan, especially when he was so clearly head-over-heels for Gemma. They may not have been equipped to handle the curveballs thrown at them as teens, but those times serve as a solid foundation for their second chance at love. Ms. Weaver does an excellent job at conveying the depth of emotion that time, distance, and hurt feelings couldn’t break down. It’s clear Gemma and Brendan are one of those couple that are simply meant to be, even if Gemma is resistant and afraid to risk her heart.

Love Around the Corner is the third book in the Romano Sisters trilogy, but as I haven’t yet read The One I Love to Hate or Love and the Laws of Motion I can safely say this book stands on its own. That being said, after enjoying the family dynamic so much in this story I will definitely be picking up Jess and Livie’s books. Familial love is just as important to Love Around the Corner as the romance and it makes Gemma and Brendan’s world all the warmer for it. I truly enjoyed Gemma and Brendan’s book. It’s heartwarming, sexy, vibrant, and hopeful.

FTC Disclosure: I received this book for free from the publisher in exchange for an honest review. This does not affect my opinion of the book or the content of my review.


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review 2020-02-27 16:03
Vigilante or Rogue – The Silent Corner by Dean Koontz @deankoontz
The Silent Corner - Dean Koontz

It’s been a while since I’ve read a Dean Koontz novel, so I joined the Library Challenge to encourage myself to catch up on some authors I have been missing. I am so glad I did and have already downloaded Book II, The Whispering Room.


The Silent Corner (Jane Hawk, #1)

Amazon / Audiobook / Goodreads




I checked out The Silent Corner by Dean Koontz from the library and I am so glad I did. I love characters like Jane Hawk, who do what must be done when others are unable to stand for themselves.


Call her a vigilante? Maybe. Call her a savior? Well, she can’t save them all and she pays a huge price. It was the suicide of her husband that sets her on the hunt. She doesn’t believe it. She must find out for herself…WHY.


The hunter becomes the hunted, when those who want to keep the suicides secret find out she is on the hunt. She finds some unlikely allies as she struggles to stay one step ahead of those who want her dead.


I thoroughly enjoyed joining Jane Hawk on her wild adventure. It made me think…could this happen today? Nanobots…are they good or bad, or both? Someone always finds a way to take something good and make it bad and ‘they’ do it in a frightening way in The Silent Corner by Dean Koontz.


The Silent Corner by Dean Koontz is part of the Jane Hawk series and does not stand alone. Read in order of release.


I immediately downloaded The Whispering Room, Book II in the Jane Hawk series.

Animated Animals. Pictures, Images and Photos4 stars





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Source: www.fundinmental.com/the-silent-corner-dean-koontz
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review 2019-11-14 00:00
The Bookshop on the Corner
The Bookshop on the Corner - Jenny Colgan My rating: 3.5 stars

Heard the audiobook after reading the physical book for a few pages. Preferred the audiobook. I liked the book, ok. Especially loved the references to different books sprinkled throughout the book. It does get a little boring in some parts but overall it's a casual chill read. You'll be transported to Scotland & that says everything about the atmospherics in the book. Go for it if you need a cozy comforting read.
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