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text 2015-01-12 17:47
Online Reading in Progress: LOTR and Star Wars If They Were D&D Games

I get to blame this on Moonlight Reader posting commentary while watching LOTR - it reminded me of this blog comic that was popular back in 2006.


DM of The Rings

First comic in the series

Index page of newest (end) first, oldest last

The DM standing for Dungeon Master.

Premise: A group of friends is tabletop gaming through the Lord of the Rings - and you see the story via screenshots from the Jackson films. Narration and speech in yellow is all the dungeon master, trying to convince the players (PC=player characters) to join in the storyline. You'll recognize all the characters in the films - but they're being played by this group of friends, so every now and then Frodo becomes Dave. Funny, and you end up learning a little D&D speak, even if you don't really need to know it to laugh.

Also it's a bit long - this is a series that lasted over a year.


Here, if you only want to look at just one to sample:


DM of the Rings XIII: Let's Not Go There

Easily taken out of its context and still funny. That's what you're in for.


Everyone loved DM of the Rings, it got linked a lot, and its author still does a lot of fun geeky gaming commentary on his site. (I still read it.)


And it influenced others - such as this group which took the same idea of player characters and movie screenshots into the Star Wars universe. It's different in that it has its own website (DM of the Rings is only a part of the larger site), and the most recent comic is linked on the main page:


Darths & Droids

This one started back in 2007 and is continuing - so it's also long! Here's a link to the archive if you decide you want to read through it.


A sample: here one of the players has brought his little sister along to game night, and the DM decides she has to play a role. And so she is JarJar:


Episode 17: Sally Forth

Frankly JarJar played by a kid makes SO much more sense to me. But you have to read more than just this one to see how that goes.


I'm still not caught up reading this one. It's currently on episode 1143.



Warning: the author of this post is in no way responsible for any loss of productivity or time that reading any of these links may cause. Yes, I do realize that I should have posted this at the top of my post. (Mua ha ha!)

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