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review 2020-06-28 13:57
Paul Temple: East of Algiers
Paul Temple: East of Algiers - Douglas Rutherford,Francis Durbridge,Anthony Head

Paul Temple and Steve are asked to perform a favour for a friend and deliver a pair of glasses that were left behind to their rightful owner in Tunis. Somehow this leads to murder and other crimes that Paul and Steve get to investigate.


To cut it short, this story was not great. It was really slow-moving and much of it just made no sense. 


Part of the charm of the Paul Temple stories is that they are all rather similar and all follow the same formula. So, in East of Algiers we get the usual plot, too. Paul Temple stories always require the suspension of disbelief. 


What I found absolutely ludicrous in this story was the way Durbridge wrote about the investigations in Paris and Tunis. 

While in Paris, they collaborate with the local police in the investigation.

However, when they get to Tunis, they somehow seem to bypass the local police and the investigation seems to be led by their friend Sir Graham Forbes of Scotland Yard.

While Sir Graham does make mention of his being asked to work on the case by Interpol, the lack of local police involvement made it look like it was perfectly fine for foreign authorities to take control of matters that really would be outside of their jurisdiction. 

The sense of Imperialism at work here spoiled some of the book for me.


To be fair, tho, the story was not exactly interesting otherwise either, but Anthony Head's narration saved the book for me. 


Oh, and why call the story East of Algiers, when the story is set in Tunis? Algeria or any other part of Algeria don't feature. I mean, sure, Tunisia is east of Algiers. That is true. But why not make reference in the title to something that actually has some relevance to the story?

These questions are entirely rhetorical, of course. I'm moving on to the next book.

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text 2020-06-22 23:18
Palate Cleanser
Paul Temple: East of Algiers - Douglas Rutherford,Francis Durbridge,Anthony Head

The Sheltering Sky was not good. Not good at all. So now I need something entertaining and light and most of all ... delightful. 


Bring on a Paul Temple story read by Anthony Head...and set in Algiers, I assume.

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text 2020-06-18 12:26
TOUR, GUEST POST & #GIVEAWAY - My Irish Dog by Douglas Solvie
My Irish Dog - Douglas Solvie

@GoddessFish, @Archaeolibrary, @DSolvieAuthor, #Suspense, #Psychological


Spencer held on to the faintest of hope, but still he knew the trip to Ireland had almost no prospect of remedying his internal dilemma. Then again, he never imagined that a chance meeting with a lost and dying dog named Shandy would change his life forever.


Step into the small Irish village of Galbally, where the unwitting Spencer stumbles headfirst into a parallel world that will test his will, sanity, and even physical well-being.


Time and promise are running out. Will unnatural forces and events scare Spencer away before he can connect again with the mysterious dog? Will he find his way forward before Shandy meets her inevitable fate? Or will suspicious locals and a nefarious Dublin innkeeper force Spencer from the village before he completes his life-altering mission?


Follow Spencer as he races to save a little Irish dog named Shandy. If he only realized that it is Shandy who is trying to save him...

Source: archaeolibrarian.wixsite.com/website/post/my-irish-dog-by-douglas-solvie
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url 2020-04-03 10:37
Luxury Accommodation Port Douglas

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Some of the best Port Douglas holiday rentals available for booking are Plantation House 1, Birdie At The Beach, Pavillion In The Palms, and Beachfront Sala.



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review 2020-02-08 00:30
Far Away Bird
Far Away Bird - Douglas A Burton
Constantinople in 512 AD is an ever-changing and dangerous world.  Theodora is a young woman when chaos erupts between the factions and follows her father into battle.  When the dust settles, Theodora's father is dead and the women of the family are left destitute.  Magister Origen steps in saying he has a place for Theodora and her older sister in a theatre, however this is simply a facade for a brothel that demeans Theodora and Comita and eventually leads to rape.  Theodora escapes and returns to her mother broken.  They plead in the Hippodrome for mercy and are saved by a member of the opposing faction. Eventually Theodora finds the strength in her sexuality and earns a living through acting and prostitution becoming known as the Notorious Theodora.  Theodora's charisma attracts the attention of a spy ring and Theodora is trained to use her skills in order to collect information from high ranking clients.  With this position, Theodora learns how to harness true power within herself and discovers the benefactor who saved her family in the Hippodrome years ago. 
Far Away Bird tells the story of Theodora as a young woman before she becomes Empress.  Theodora's character is complex, emotional and raw and allowed me to feel every part of her journey.  The writing conveyed the joy, strength, sorrow and passion that Theodora carried with her in every step of her way.  In addition, the setting of Constantinople was brought alive from the busy streets, to the political factions, the Hippodrome and the theatres.  I do not know a lot about this time in history and enjoyed experiencing the variety of settings that the empire offered.  Theodora and Justinian's relationship was carefully crafted and both seemed to realize the consequences of their love.  At every turn of the way, Theodora's inner strength shone though.  Her story echoes the plight of many women throughout history and today and is a reminder of the power women can hold even when continually beaten down.  I can't wait to see her impact as an Empress alongside Justinian.
This book was received for free in order for a honest review.
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