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A Young Woman, a Camera, an Uncompromising Ethic

June 13-17

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Young, talented, ambitious, Freyja Brynjarrson’s a photographer struggling to crash the art establishment, the challenges presented by her family, and keep true to her uncompromising ethic.

Fate places her on the front line of a political demonstration where soldiers open fire on civilians. She photographs death for the first time and the intensity makes everything she’s done previously in art and life seem inconsequential.

The current government is concerned these highly charged images could sway the voters against them. With a closely contested election only three days away, they’re doing whatever they can to attempt to suppress their publication. But someone far more unscrupulous than government spin-doctors also wants these images destroyed.

Gunnar Brynjarrson, Freyja’s eldest brother is the head of an illegal narcotics empire. He’s concerned about the opposition party’s platform to decriminalize drugs. His sister’s photographs could influence the outcome of a close election and put his business in jeopardy.

As events unfold, Freyja slowly becomes aware of the far-reaching impact the billions of narco dollars have on the government, the economy, friends, family and even herself. Something insidious has infected society and like a superbug, it’s resilient, opportunistic and appears as a mutation in the most unexpected places.

Freyja refuses to compromise and is intolerant and unforgiving of those who succumb to this evil or are complicit in their acceptance of it. If she stays at home, she’s afraid she’ll be infected and never attain success on her own terms. She takes an assignment with an international agency photographing the chaos and casualties of Mexico’s drug war. Freyja soon discovers she’s shot only one frame of ‘the big picture’.

The Big Picture focuses on dramatic action, zooms in on political intrigue, and takes a candid snapshot of modern romance. The plot also reveals how narco dollars, overtly and covertly, influence every level of our lives; the wars we fight, the governments we elect, the impact on healthcare, and most importantly and tragically, our personal relationships.


"The plot of The Big Picture, with its twists and reversals of fortune, ...is imaginative and fast moving...extremely compelling. ....characters are diverse, well developed, and real... ...imagery is powerful and fresh. The book is an excellent read and pausing to experience some of the imagery makes it even better."


"The Big Picture is ...a thought-provoking novel that is smartly written with genuine emotional, no holds barred dialogue, and events that will punch you in the heart. - This book was a gem to read and an interesting one at that."

"...a journey of self discovery... a coming-of-age, social thriller... focused on key ethical questions... a creative solution to expose the links of social problems."
Tom Pope - for Bookpleasures

"I like the plot and the plotters...Arni's sense of humor and the dynamics in the Brynjarsson family...Gunnar the druglord, BB the addict, Arni the hedonist, Giordana who rationalizes and Freyja who wants to fight. I like the love story, too. Freyja and Marty with their differences and similarities make a good couple.
... (there are) moral issues in The Big Picture. The drugs, corruption, the way people with beliefs and principles slowly drop them in the treadmill of politics and re-elections. What drug money does to each of the Brynjarssons. Freyja's ethics against Gunnar's power."
- C. Widmann, Goodreads Review


Imaginative and fast moving...extremely compelling...will punch you in the heart.
5 STARS - Readers' Favorite Book Reviews


This is a fascinating novel...adventure, excitement, drug cartels, family issues, romance...themes that are important and questions we sometimes need to ask ourselves.

Judge's commentary - 2nd Annual Writer's Digest Self-Published eBook Awards







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How To Choose The Best Alcohol And Drug Rehab For You

Would you get flirting with loss of life and living an uncontrollable lifestyle because of your extortionate drinking and drug use? Has your child’s drug-induced behaviors prompted you to consider an Addiction treatment Lexington ky for help? In that case, it could be time to look for a substance abuse treatment place to leap off the addiction train just before it accidents - or worse - ends your life.

Today, there is a wide variety of options to opt for when selecting the correct Addiction treatment Lexington ky for you or you are beloved. Choosing the best treatment program is totally important and will be extremely complicated. By having an endless variety of available alternatives to pick from, it is most critical to think about: Does this rehabilitation plan provide the services that match what you need? Like in the event where you or the one you love features a dual link with anxiety and drug abuse disorder, you have to confirm if the service you’re taking into consideration has got the assets to most successfully treat both problems.

Obtain A Professional Evaluation

Before you actually choose to locate inpatient treatment Drug addiction rehab facilities Lexington ky  for your needs or a family member, you ought to undergo an assessment from a certified medical practitioner, social employee, or a professional done in treated substance use of disorders. You will need to explore your entire options. You need to obtain a complete psychological analysis to deal with any kind of underlying mental wellness disorders associated with the substance use and disorder. An authorized and skilled clinical specialist will evaluate mental wellness history, drug abuse history, and every other trauma you may have to address in treatment. On the basis of the link between your evaluations, the clinician should be able to suggest the best strategy. Then, you can kick-start your look for the best drug and alcohol rehabilitation.

Research Treatment Services That Offer The Resources You'll Need

It is not uncommon for individuals struggling with substance use disorder to also have other scientific conditions such as anxiety, major depression, PTSD, as well as chronic discomfort. Always check the internet site of the rehabilitation centers you are taking into consideration to make sure they feature the resources you will need. For instance, several centers concentrate on upheaval therapy. The others usually take a holistic way of address and heal persistent pain. Many centers are particularly dedicated to handling dual-diagnosis sufferers. Call the facility you are looking for and get particular questions in regards to the resources detailed on the website. In addition to this, remember the solutions you personally need.

Inquire If The Rehab Plan Utilizes Medicine

If you or the one you love is searching for treatment to get opioid addiction, you will probably determine the possibility of acquiring prescription medicine. This could mitigate desires, minimize drawback symptoms, and treat medication addiction. You ought to always check if the centers you are considering provide such medicines. Some centers apply the abstinence approach to deal with opioid addiction after detoxification and gives other medicines for co-occurring mental wellness disorders. Most rehab services offer detox services. However, it is not all treatment centers that provide the utilization of medication-assisted medication through the healing process. It is necessary that you find the Addiction treatment Lexington ky providing you with the resources required for your road to recovery.

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Selecting An Addiction Treatment Center

Selecting a Drug addiction Lexington ky center for your own needs or for a loved one can be a mind-boggling and difficult procedure. Regrettably, with the surge in the opioid crisis, the addiction treatment field has seen an increase in misleading marketing and dishonest methods simply by drug rehabilitation "providers" whose only concern is apparently money. This leaves many customers puzzled and distrustful concerning when and where to find effective treatment plans.

Today, we will help you find out what things to look for in a rehab center. As you research centers and consult with rehab companies, listed below are essential questions to ask and topics to look into.

Accreditation, Certification And Qualifications

Reputable medication rehab centers are certified. Both Commission rate are unbiased, non-profit businesses that base accreditation on industry overall performance standards and exhibited outcomes, quality and value. Condition licensing is not like certification given the truth that states differ widely in their licensing criteria.

Additionally, Addiction Lexington ky centers have to be qualified to be able to advertise their functions and solutions on Google and Face book with a third-party supplier. This qualification means that, using a rigorous vetting process, just legitimate, quality centers can easily advertise their particular services on these stations. A procedure provides even more safety for the buyer.

Clinical Staff Qualifications And Licenses

Qualifications and license indicate if the individuals who offer drug rehabilitation programming and services fulfill nationally acknowledged standards to offer professional practice. If medical staff are not certified or accredited, they could have the working and encounter needed to offer the most reliable treatment.

Access To Evidence-Based Techniques

The extremely best treatment process is depends on evidence-based methods, which have been proven through science-based study.

Mental Health Services

Lots of people who have a problem with alcohol or drug addiction likewise have a co-occurring mental health such as anxiety or despair. To be able to give you the correct treatment, a precise dual diagnosis is necessary. For patients dealing with a dual analysis, the most encouraging treatment involves looking after addiction and the co-occurring intellectual wellness disorder at the same time. If an addiction cure does not offer mental wellness services, make sure to ask just how these solutions are matched with other suppliers locally.

Treatment Effectiveness/Outcomes

Sometimes, treatment outcomes are not measured simply by rehab providers-or they are assessed inconsistently. Even this kind of treatment "success" could be different among companies. Be skeptical of rehab services who state to possess "the cure" or 100% success. If rehabilitation success rates are cited, the info ought to be gathered utilizing research-based techniques or be released in peer-reviewed magazines.


Treatment pertaining to drug abuse may be costly, therefore try to find Drug addiction Lexington ky facilities, which are in-network with your insurance. Getting in-network does mean this program has met the product standards of the insurance firms. A few treatment suppliers will state they "work with your insurance" company, yet it does not imply they truly are in-network. If uncertain, consult with your insurance company.

Medical Detoxification Or Medication-Assisted Therapies

Medical detox providers could be supplied by your medical center or healthcare clinic just before you get into the treatment system, but going right through medical detoxification on site lets you start the rehabilitation process at the same time. The medical staff will include both nurses and physicians who have experience in reducing the disquiet of alcohol or drug drawback and minimizing drug urges.

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The utilization of addicting substances has tripled previously and new statistics shows that global addiction statistics are worse. Regardless of huge amount of money spent and a large number of lives unnecessarily lost in many countries, “The Battle on DRUGS" is constantly on the rise at cutting off the source rather than rehabilitating the user. On the other hand, a big quantity of drug rehabilitation centers and businesses have sprung up to help such people and their families, most people who are struggling to get over this terrible disease. These treatment centers and drug treatment services are playing an important part in assisting addicts to live a standard, successful and well-balanced life.

It is very problematic for a man to get free from the capture of substance addiction. However, there are mental health Lexington KY centers that are making the road to an ordinary life easier for the individual involved. The drug treatment and drug abuse programs created by such centers happen to be fighting a hardcore war against addiction. The present day hospital-based rehab centers include the most recent technology and are capable to perform any study to ensure they can develop successful and effective applications to suppress this exclusive disaster and social nuisance.

Drug dependency is a complex concern and affects the person and his/her family in a variety of ways. The addicted man turns into a withdrawn and isolated one who is not capable of focusing on his work and private existence. The rehabilitation center provides specialized help to get their lives back on the right track. The drug centers offer hope, excitement, and a restored fascination in other people and situations.

You need to look for help from professionals, every time they understand they already have lost control of the issue. Do not hesitate or feel scared to discuss challenges with experts because they most probably have experienced addiction effect in their lives and so are dedicated to assisting those persons that continue to be desperate for the answer. Signing up in an excellent Drug addiction Lexington ky treatment center means taking a point towards an improved, better-balanced and productive life.

There are numerous choices to go over on the internet with consultants. You merely require taking the initial step forward toward recovery and you will be astonished how fundamental the solutions may become! The centers provide all the fundamental facilities like relaxing accommodations, personalized medical awareness, personalized treatment programs and other particular solutions customized to the average person.

By using special medical guidance and suitable medicine, you can overcome manifestations like nausea, shakiness, hallucinations, and so forth. Rehabilitation centers likewise organize group treatments that allow the lovers to meet up other connected people and connect to them. Such relationships benefit the addicts in an exceedingly positive method. It provides self-confidence to them if they come across others and speak in an expert group. Yoga and physical exercises are organized to make the recovery process an optimistic life improving experience. Friends and family involvement is another crucial characteristic of addiction treatment. The family are backed and informed about the disease of addiction and how it has affected them. The victims are brought into restoration and encouraged to remain motivated following the regular intervals in the drug rehab centers. A release treatment solution is offered to the lovers so they are offered a life openly and individually while sober.


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Essentials Of Drug Rehab Facilities

In today’s world, drug abuse is the leading common problem experienced by teenagers. It is noted that teens start drug abuse as a show-off of the cool and hip thing not knowing that this slowly engulfs them to becoming slaves to these drugs. Their bodies tend to crave for more all day long. As a result of this, they lose the sense of responsibility towards family members, friends and the society. Drug abuse may also control one to getting violent and indulge in criminal offenses due to lack of moral senses.


Luckily, a few of these people may choose to give back their addiction and come back to sanity. Several rehab centers that deal with Substance use disorder Lexington ky may be willing to help them out kick out addiction but caution must be taken when picking the right drug treatment facility they want to become part of. This is needed by family members of the addicted patient. They should be careful when opting for the best facility since the probability of overcoming addiction increases when chosen rightly. How will I decide the facility I want to enroll with so many drug treatment facilities? This question may pop in your mind but here are some basic steps on how to identify a good drug treatment facility:


Professional Reference: If you have an insurance policy covering any drug related problems, you need to approach professionals and ask for advice on the best facilities available locally. Not only does the insurance company help you to identify a good drug treatment facility but also they help you in the process of signing you one. Alternately, you can also contact your local physician, therapist, or drug counselor for their suggestions.


Analyzing past record of accomplishment: After the professional reference, if you have been referred to more than two or three Drug addiction rehab facilities Lexington ky, be sure to check the success rates for these facilities to decide the best option at hand. It is a norm logic that the facility with the highest success rate will translate to more patients being admitted and who have successfully recovered from drug abuse. If you get a chance, you may converse with individuals and families of those who have successfully completed the program and get to know about the methods deployed at the facility.


Experience the facility personally: It is right to give a visit to the drug treatment facility of your choice to get answers to many questions that you may have first-hand. Talk to some of the staff members as you take a tour of the facility and get to know the levels of hygiene and the staff behavior at the facility. Once you are satisfied with the tour, you are assured that the patient is in safe and caring hands.


After rehabilitation Support, understand the kind of support provided by the drug treatment facility post completion of the program. This is very important as once the patient is let out of the secluded drug free environment into the real world that is when the real test begins. Without a post program support, the chances of the patient returning to his drug consuming ways are quite colossal.


Following the above steps, it will be no trouble identifying the best drug treatment facility for you or your loved ones. Drug rehabilitation facilities vary as some take intense care of the addicted one and help rectify his or her habits starting on various programs and courses. Drug abuse causes loneliness as he or she likes living alone and is usually isolated from the outside world, this slows his or her mind and guides him to an infinite extent. However, these negative effects directly hit one's financial status, as the drugs are quite expensive. Drug addiction rehab facilities Lexington ky are here to prevent the growing social concern, which prevails and ensures results that are more positive with a healthy society. Do not hesitate when the lives of your loved ones are at stake and you can help them.

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