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review 2020-03-16 15:15
A Duty to the Dead
A Duty to the Dead - Charles Todd

by Charles Todd


This story caught my imagination when I read the sample. A nurse in WWI promises Arthur Graham, a dying patient, to take a cryptic message back to his brother Jonathan in Kent, memorised word for word. Having developed some unprofessional feelings towards Arthur, she hesitates to encroach on his family, but after a dramatic episode that threatens her own life she decides that it must be done as quickly as possible.


The small village in Kent, England where the family lives is depicted very well and the characters are all well-defined and realistic for the period. This story easily took me to WWI and the subtle nuances that define that period of English history.


It also presented a mystery. Slowly, a situation unfolds that brings questions about what the message was really about and some of the dark secrets hidden by Arthur's family. By the time I got about two thirds through the book, I understood the deeper meaning of the phrase, "The plot thickens." The mystery aspect had become multi-layered and all my guesses about who the killer really was kept changing as new information presented itself. I also got wrapped up in unexpected twists and turns and some tense situations.


I did guess who the real culprit was before the end, but I wasn't entirely sure until it was actually revealed. Along the way I was thoroughly caught up and really enjoyed the read. I'm not a big Mysteries fan but I'll probably try something else by this author sometime.

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review 2019-12-03 03:28
Duty or Desire (The Westmoreland Legacy) by: Brenda Jackson
Duty or Desire (The Westmoreland Legacy) - Brenda Jackson



From old friends to new acquaintances, the Westmorelands are ever growing. Brenda Jackson drives that point home with The Westmoreland Legacy series. Duty or Desire is the latest asset to this wonderful dynasty that Jackson has created. Pete is a friend of the family. Responsible, wealthy, a bit jaded, but all heart. Pete is struggling with heartbreaking life twists both in his past and present. The most recent tragedy has left him guardian to his baby niece. Love does not come easy to him, but when he gives his heart like everything, he gives 100%. When a surprising turn of events brings him face to face with his destiny, he has some choices to make. Will he spend his life, living in the past, nursing heartache or will open his heart to a second chance, before it slips through his fingers? I'm a sucker for a single dad story. They are so adorable that they make my heart hurt.

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review 2019-08-08 02:42
The Proper Princess (Her Royal Duty Book 3) by: Melissa McClone
The Proper Princess (Her Royal Duty Book 3) - Melissa McClone



A heart never forgets a story and mine felt like it had been here before. The Proper Princess is a compilation of schoolgirl fantasy and mature adult heartache. McClone flexes her strongest muscle with an emotional sonnet inspired by a childhood fairytale that blossoms into a captivating, yet painful reality. Madeline and Enrique are living on a cloud that could collapse at any moment. Can hope help to break their fall? 

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review 2019-07-10 09:15
The Not-So-Perfect Princess (Her Royal Duty #2) by Melissa McClone
The Not-So-Perfect Princess (Her Royal Duty #2) - Melissa McClone



This may be her story, but her journey proves to be his salvation. Julianna is the heart of the story. A woman who yearns for her own happy ending, but her sense of duty holds her back. Alejandro comes into her life at the worst possible time. Promised to another, she must not follow her heart. Will the woman who would be queen risk everything she knows to gain her heart's desire? McClone gives old time romance, a modern day feel. The Not So Perfect Princess gives the heart something to latch onto with an irresistible precision and a soulful voice.

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review 2019-04-24 19:45
The Reluctant Princess (Her Royal Duty, #1) by Melissa McClone
The Reluctant Princess (Her Royal Duty #1) - Melissa McClone



Is there a such thing as a heartgasm, because I'm pretty sure I've just had one. McClone builds a fairytale out of heartache. Izzy and Niko must grow their happy ending from the ashes of despair. The Reluctant Princess is the beginning of a second chance for a nation that almost lost it's way. One woman provides the key, but in redeeming a country, will she lose all hope or find the missing pieces of her broken heart? Ever girl loves a fairytale. McClone steps outside of that and creates a masterpiece.

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