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review 2021-01-05 00:18
MIRACLE ON 34TH STREET by Valentine Davies
Miracle on 34th Street Gift Edition - Va... Miracle on 34th Street Gift Edition - Valentine Davies

Based on the movie it tells the story of Kris Kringle trying to find hope in a world he sees as losing its Christmas spirit. If he can succeed with Doris and Susan, he knows Christmas will survive. It takes Fred to help him win.


I enjoyed this story. I liked the little history given for the story at the end of the book. I like the characters and how they learn to believe. It's a keeper!

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review 2020-07-21 20:25
Mediocre regency novel
The Devil's Gift - Laura Landon

This book is intended for some people but I do not think I am one of them. I love regency historical romances so that is not the issue. The issue is in the worldbuilding and plenty of plot holes and loose ends that just leave me feeling slightly disappointed. If you can look past those issues then there is a good enough story there to at least finish the book.

I am not going to dwell too much upon this book because it didn't make me happy and it didn't make me angry, it was that middle mediocre feeling with which you know you are not going to remember this book for long and you really won't have any feelings about it few days later when it just evaporates from your mind.

The beginning is promising, there is a mystery there with the lady training some street girls to give them a chance at a better life, there is an assassination which then leads to a private investigation by the dead person's brother, there is an intrigue surrounding the household of the main female character and there is definitely enough to build the story upon. Those are all great points but from there onwards it somehow drags in certain places like the main male character's silly training in household chores and then it goes too fast skipping important details that we then just have to imagine have been explained like how her father was discovered because there was never an indication that that might happen, it happened just to propel the plot forwards and not because logic and reason were behind the event.

The writing is capable, the story is at least interesting enough for me to read to the end, the characters are just fine, nothing great but also nothing too bad. Everything feels like that honestly, everything is just fine enough to be read through but nothing stands out to make it memorable or entertaining enough to recommend to someone.

I have many issues with the plot and the missing pieces and the overall conspiracy is just too silly to be believable, also if the main villain was that easily triggered as we see in the end then there is no way he could have masterminded that ridiculous conspiracy. The characters also not fully developed. Main female lead starts off as different than other ladies because she cares about the common folk and helps the girls out but then that just disappears when it served the plot of getting the main male lead into the household in that way. There is no mention of the girls after that, it doesn't serve anything, it doesn't come back later... it's just there to give entrance to the main male lead. Speaking of him, it is also unreasonable that he as the new earl wouldn't have more people to help him with his investigation, that he would have that much time to spend playing house with the lady whilst all of his obligations are on hold and that no other woman would be interested in him and come to play as a misunderstanding or an obstacle at some point. Things seem to happen to serve the plot and are totally forgotten.

All of what I have mentioned just left me feeling meh, like shrugging my shoulders and saying ah, it was okayish enough to not consider it a waste of time. Which is not a compliment but also not the worst thing ever.

If you have the time and you just want to read a simple regency romance story then this can kill some time, but don't think too hard about the plot and the conspiracy and the female lead's father and his circumstances because the story will immediately crumble and you won't be able to immerse yourself into this world anymore.

It's good if you just don't think about it.

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review 2020-05-14 15:21
Night's Gift
Night's Gift - Camilla Ochlan,Carol E. Leever

by Camilla Ochlan, Carol E. Leever


I think this one is best suited for Middle Grade quest fantasy readers. Omen, a young prince with psionic powers he struggles to control, goes out where he isn't supposed to be without his guards, resulting in his bracelet that helps him keep control getting pick-pocketed. His attempts to retrieve it lead to finding an unlikely friend, a night dweller prince from another kingdom with magical powers and fighting skills of his own.


One thing leads to another and the young princes get in over their heads and end up in battle games. The world building in this is very imaginative and varied. There are well-written battle scenes and a plethora of different species of characters. Tormy, who comes in late in the story, has an irritating speech pattern, yet he's endearing all the same. Like many of the older quest fantasy books, there is a lack of female characters.


It was a fun read and would appeal to readers of Ender's Game and similar stories directed at young, male readers. No squicky romances here. It was a fun adventure, if a bit 'young' for me. Book 1 of the Of Cats and Dragons series. I probably won't continue the series but wouldn't hesitate to give it to a nephew in the 10-13 age range.

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review 2020-04-26 00:00
The Gift of Therapy: An Open Letter to a New Generation of Therapists and Their Patients (Audio)
The Gift of Therapy: An Open Letter to a New Generation of Therapists and Their Patients (Audio) - Irvin D. Yalom Listened to this audiobook prior to starting a degree in counseling. I don't think I have enough of a professional perspective to have a personal opinion on the quality of this advice, but it was helpful in terms of giving me the opportunity to think about therapy as a prospective therapist, rather than a client. Not sure what to make of Yalom, not being familiar with him from his other writing - but I really disliked the narrator for this audiobook & it's hard to differentiate two. I was not at all expecting to find so much philosophy in this book, for some reason. It was a sweet surprise to hear about my fav Spinoza at the end of this book.
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review 2020-04-16 00:40
Review: Star Witch (The Lazy Girl’s Guide to Magic #2) by Helen Harper
Star Witch - Helen Harper
Star Witch
The Lazy Girl's Guide to Magic #2
Helen Harper
Urban Fantasy
July 10, 2017


Lights. Camera. Inaction.



Ivy Wilde, the laziest witch in the West, is still entangled with the Hallowed Order of Magical Enlightenment. That's not a bad thing, however, because it gives her plenty of excuses to spend more time with sapphire eyed Raphael Winter, her supposed nemesis. And when he comes knocking because he needs her to spy on the latest series of Enchantment, she jumps at the chance. Hanging around a film set can't be hard ... or dangerous ... right?




Barnes & Noble




Star Witch is book two in The Lazy Girl’s Guide to Magic by Helen Harper. 


OMG this was another AMAZING and FUN novel in The Lazy Girl’s Guide to Magic. I had a blast reading this novel.


The murder mystery was unique. As to who did it well I didn’t guess correctly neither did the characters. It’s great how the author keeps it hidden until the very end. I love being surprised on who did it. 


The romance angel was subtle and weaved into the story nicely. I liked that the romance was secondary to the story. We see Winter and Ivy growing closer together, but with the ending we are left wondering a few things. That ending was a shocker!


The epilogue was all in Winter’s POV and I really enjoyed that. I also liked how the author had Brutus, Ivy’s familiar and talking cat, say more then the two words we’ve been getting in this novel.


Star Witch was such a fun read. I couldn’t put it down. I really like this series and it’s fun characters.

Rated: 4 Stars


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I was born and raised in Northern Indiana. I’m an outdoor sun loving reader living near San Fransisco. I’m a mother, wife, dog owner, animal, and book lover. I’m the owner, reviewer, and mind behind Angel’s Guilty Pleasures. My favorite animals are horses & dogs. As for reading I love all things paranormal & urban fantasy. My favorite shifters are dragons!

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Source: angelsguiltypleasures.com/2020/04/review-star-witch-the-lazy-girls-guide-to-magic-2-by-helen-harper
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