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url 2021-04-04 17:19
Golden Orphism Book
Metaphysics of Sound: In Search of the Name of God - Nataša Pantović Nuit

Golden Orphism Book

Ancient Thrace and Orphism in Southeast Europe, Romania, Serbia, Macedonia, Greece, BulgariaArtEducationSymbols and SignsSpiritualitydefault


The oldest book in the World  and  of Golden Etruscan Orphic Book from Bulgaria

by Nataša Pantović

An ancient book comprising of six pages of 24  karat gold (measuring 5 x 4.5 centimetres) bound together by gold rings was donated to the Museum by an anonymous 87 year old Bulgarian man from Macedonia who had discovered the treasure in a tomb unearthed 60 years in southwestern Bulgaria. According to Elka Penkova, Head of the museum's archaeology department, the golden book is the oldest complete book in the world, dating to 600 BC.

The Golden Book is dedicated to the Ancient Greek God of Music Orpheus 

etruscan-gold-book-thracian-prayer-book 6000BC Bulgaria 2
Source: www.artof4elements.com/entry/282/golden-orphism-book
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text 2020-09-07 07:19
3 Tobacco Pipe Shapes You Should Know

Tobacco pipes come in different sizes and shapes. Selecting one among the lot can be a whole daunting experience, particularly for newbies.

On your visit to websites like Smokers Outlet Online, the overwhelming options from different brands will leave even more confused. No worries, though. This guide offers you a guide to selecting the best pipe shapes from the lots on the market.

Your preferred pipe can make or ruin your smoking sessions. There are countless options you can select from. They have been classified into nine categories, including Apple, Billiards, Bulldogs, Calabash, Canadian, curiosity, Dublin, Freehand, and Sitter Pipes.

Apple Pipes These pipes feature rounded bowls and rotund designs. Billiard fans are often comfortable with the Apple Pipes, even with their dissimilarity.

An Apple Pipe's shank length and the bowl's height are of similar measurements. Although they are mostly in straight designs, bent Apple pipes are available too.

Apple pipes come in different forms, including Squat Tomato, Prince, Hawkbill, Egg, Diplomat, Ball/Tomato, and Author.

Billiard Pipe These are inarguably the most available pipes. They come with a smooth design. The bowl's height and the shank's length are usually the same.

Just like Apples, Billiards are usually straight, but with some curved design across specific variants.

Stubby, pot, panel, oval, Hungarian, Chimney, and Brandy are typical billiard pipe variants you can explore.

Bulldog Pipe These pipes are widely known. Pipes within this family share some standard features and unique attributes as well.

Some bulldog pipes come with a forward-leaning bowl – either straight or bent. Usually, bulldogs pipes feature a tempered stem with a diamond shank, which suits for a good draw.

The bulldog comes in the various options, including Ukelele/Eskimo, Rhodesian, Bullcrap, and Bull-Moose

Wrap Up When choosing a tobacco pipe, make it an important decision. You may,first, want to see what shape will suit best. Truckloads of option are available on online stores like Smokers Outlet Online. You'll find a wide range of products from 4 Aces Pipe Tobacco 6 oz Regular to Golden Harvest Pipe Tobacco 1 lb Mint, all at cheap rates. Visit Smokers Outlet Online to learn more.

Original Source: https://bit.ly/2DEffg0

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text 2020-08-05 08:47
Why You Should Consider Buying Bulk Tobacco

While the prices of pipe tobaccos on Smoker's Outlet Online are known to be relatively inexpensive, we still offer our customers various opportunities to save costs.

We strive to make life easier for our customers by giving them access to our best brands at no cutthroat prices and in different quantities that puts every socioeconomic class into consideration.

At Smoker's Outlet Online, our products come in various packaging materials; bags, cans, and pouches of different sizes. If you're looking at short term use or just purchasing to test the brand, blend, or flavor, or you're not loaded financially, you can go ahead and buy in smaller quantities. If you're looking to save money and have the financial capacity to pull it off, you'd be getting a better deal by buying in bulk.

In this article, we will discuss the benefits inherent in purchasing your pipe tobacco from us in bulk, rather than in smaller quantities.

Saving Money Buying in bulk saves you a pretty good amount than buying in smaller quantities. For instance, in purchasing the Good Stuff tobacco 5lb, you’re likely to spend less than you would buying the 1lb. variant in 5 places.

Besides, you get to spend less on shipping costs if you buy in bulk. If you buy in small quantities, you get to pay shipping fees on every order delivered to you, and if you're the type that places an order every time, that could run into a pretty good amount. So why not just buy at once and keep?

Gets You Qualified for Discounts How does it feel to enter a store, as a customer, and learn you'll be paying less for a much loved but rather expensive product courtesy of a discount? Feels good, eh? We understand this, and that's why we make efforts to provide cuts where and when necessary.

We offer discounts on bulk purchases. When you buy up to a certain amount, you get to enjoy various bonuses, which will reduce the financial burden.

Never Running Out of Your Favorite Product It's no news, and it certainly isn't a big deal that stores do run out of products due to the high demand for them. Our store isn't immune to this phenomenon. Many brands like golden leaf pipe tobacco, Good Stuff, and others enjoy high patronage. But the good thing is we make efforts to restock as quickly as possible to continue servicing your needs.

However, we understand your need to ‘keep going'; that's why we recommend bulk purchases, so you never run out of your favorite pipe tobacco.

Enjoying Customer Loyalty Rewards Making bulk purchases allow you to enjoy our various customer loyalty rewards, e.g., reward points, coupons, prizes, etc. which qualify you for sales discount. For instance, shopping with the Good stuff tobacco coupons gives you the chance to buy Good Stuff pipe tobacco at a discount.

Conclusion There's no limit to how far Smoker's Outlet Online will ensure our customers get the best. Your satisfaction is our priority. Bulk purchase is the way to go if you want to save money, and the points above confirm that. Join us today.
Original Source: https://bit.ly/3frsH3z
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text 2020-06-28 23:30
Completed Series / Authors


As I just finished the last book of Josephine Tey's Inspector Grant series (and have also read both of her nonseries mysteries, Brat Farrar and Miss Pym Disposes), it occurred to me that there is a third "series reading" master post I should keep, in addition to the First in Series and Ongoing Series posts that I created a while ago, as inspired by Moonlight Reader; namely, one to collect all my completed reading. So this post collects everything from books / series recently finished to those that I read a long time ago in a galaxy much further away than I care to think about: in the latter case, if fiction, I can't guarantee that I remember much about the plot or the characters (which just might mean that it's time for a reread, but that's a different matter); if nonfiction, whatever I remember of their contents has long merged into the general muddle of information about our world, past and present, that has passed through my brain over the years, mostly without taking permanent residence and definitely without me still being able to pinpoint any specific source. But so help me, I did read all of these -- some only once, some have become favorite comfort reads.


I'll only be collecting completed series or other similarly definable groups of books here (e.g., "all novels / short stories by ..."); beginning with actually completed books and concluding with a section listing the series I have abandoned.  This is not intended as a master post listing all of my completed reading.




Dermot Bolger

- Finbar's Hotel (ed.)


G.K. Chesterton

- Father Brown


Agatha Christie

- all mystery novels and short stories:
     - Miss Marple
     - Poirot
     - Tommy & Tuppence
     - Superintendent Battle (incl. Bundle Brent)
     - Colonel Race
     - Parker Pyne
     - Qin & Satterthwaite
     - Nonseries mysteries


Arthur Conan Doyle

- Sherlock Holmes


Michael Connelly

- Terry McCaleb


The Detection Club

- The Floating Admiral


Colin Dexter

- Inspector Morse


J. Jefferson Farjeon

- Inspector Kendall


Caroline Graham

- Midsomer Murders


George Heyer

- All mysteries:
     - Inspector Hannasyde
     - Inspector Hemingway
     - Nonseries


Tony Hillerman

- Leaphorn & Chee


P.D. James

- Adam Dalgliesh
- Cordelia Gray


Stephen King

- The Green Mile


Stieg Larsson

- Millennium (original series)


Dennis Lehane

- Kenzie & Gennaro


Henning Mankell

- Wallander


Ngaio Marsh

- Roderick Alleyn


Denise Mina

- Garnethill Trilogy


George Pelecanos

- Derek Strange & Terry Quinn


Catherine Louisa Pirkis

- Loveday Brooke


Edgar Allan Poe

- Dupin Tales


Ian Rankin

- Jack Harvey Thrillers


Dorothy L. Sayers

- Lord Peter Wimsey (incl. Wimsey & Vane subseries)


Josephine Tey

- All mysteries:
     - Inspector Grant series
     - Nonseries mysteries (Brat Farrar & Miss Pym Disposes)




Robert van Gulik

- Judge Dee


Anthony Horowitz

- Sherlock Holmes sequels


John Jakes

- North and South Trilogy


Patrick O'Brian

- Aubrey & Maturin


Ellis Peters

- Brother Cadfael


David Pirie

- The Dark Beginnings of Sherlock Holmes


Jean Plaidy

- Mary Stuart


Tony Riches

- Tudor Trilogy




Hans Christian Andersen

- Complete Fairy Tales


Brothers Grimm

- Complete Fairy Tales


Wilhelm Hauff

- Complete Fairy Tales


C.S. Lewis

- Chronicles of Narnia


Tamora Pierce

- Song of the Lioness


J.K. Rowling

- Harry Potter (minus The Cursed Child, which contrary to the sales hype wasn't actually written by Rowling)


J.R.R. Tolkien

- Middle Earth: The Hobbit & The Lord of the Rings


T.H. White

- The Once and Future King


Tad Williams

- Memory, Sorrow & Thorn





- Oresteia (Agamemnon / The Libarion Bearers / The Eumenides)


Louisa May Alcott

- Little Women (incl. Good Wives, Little Men & Jo's Boys)


Margaret Atwood

- Gilead (The Handmaid's Tale & The Testaments)


Jane Austen

- Novels and fragments (minus juvenalia, except for The History of England)


Gabriel Chevalier

- Clochemerle (Clochemerle & Clochemerle Babylon)


Johann Wolfgang von Goethe

- Faust (Parts I & II and Urfaust)


Lewis Grassic Gibbon

- A Scots Quair


Robert Graves

- I, Claudius

- Books on Greek mythology (The Greek Myths; Greek Gods and Heroes)


Selma Lagerlöf

- Jerusalem


D.H. Lawrence

- Brangwen Family (The Rainbow & Women in Love)


Naguib Mahfouz

- Cairo Trilogy

- Novels & stories of Ancient Egypt (Khufu's Wisdom, Rhadopis of Nubia, Thebes at War, Akhenaten, Voices from the Other World)


Thomas Mann

- All novels and short stories


Edna O'Brien

- Country Girls Trilogy


William Shakespeare

- All plays, sonnets and short poems



- Theban Plays (Oedipus Rex, Oedipus at Colonnus, Antigone)


Wallace Stegner

- Joe Allston (All the Little Live Things & The Spectator Bird)


Anthony Trollope

- The Pallisers




Will & Ariel Durant

- The Story of Civilization


Fischer Weltgeschichte

(various authors; elsewhere known as Universal History and Storia Unversale)


Antonia Fraser

- A Royal History of England (ed.)


Hugo Hamilton

- Childhood Memoirs


Hans J. Massaquoi

- Destine to Witness


Hans Silvester

- Cats in the Sun





Renée Ahdieh: The Wrath and the Dawn (after book 1, The Wrath and the Dawn)
Alan Bradley: Flavia de Luce (after book 1, The Sweetness at the Bottom of the Pie)
Dan Brown: Robert Langdon (after book 2, The Da Vinci Code; no other books from series read)
Miles Burton: Desmond Merrion (after book 1, The Secret of High Eldersham)
Trudi Canavan: Black Magician Trilogy (after book 1, The Magicians' Guild)
Zen Cho: Sorcerer to the Crown (after book 1, Sorcerer to the Crown)
Jennifer Estep: Crown of Shards (after book 1, Kill the Queen)
Helen Fielding: Bridget Jones's Diary (after book 1, Bridget Jones's Diary)
James Forrester: Clarenceux Trilogy (after book 1, Sacred Treason)
Elizabeth George: Inspector Lynley (after book 16, This Body of Death)
Lee Goldberg: Even Ronin (after book 1, Lost Hills)
Kerry Greenwood: Phryne Fischer (after book 1, Cocaine Blues, aka Miss Phryne Fisher Investigates)
Philippa Gregory: Tudor Court (after book 3, The Other Boleyn Girl; no other books from series read)
L.B. Hathaway: Posie Parker (DNF book 6.5, A Christmas Case; no other books from series read)
Martha Grimes: Richard Jury (after book 21, Dust)
Dorothy B. Hughes: Griselda Satterlee (after book 1, The So Blue Marble)
E.L. James: Fifty Shades (after book 1, Fifty Shades of Grey)
Carole Lawrence: Ian Hamilton (after book 1, Edinburgh Twilight)
Edward Marston: Christopher Redmayne (after book 1, The King's Evil)
Francine Matthews: Caroline Carmichael (after book 1, The Cutout)
Pat McIntosh: Gil Cunningham (after book 1, The Harper's Quine)
Stephenie Meyer: Twilight (after book 1, Twilight)
S.J. Parris: Giordano Bruno (after book 1, Heresy)
Louise Penny: Armand Gamache (after book 1, Still Life)
Elizabeth Peters: Amelia Peabody (after book 1, Crocodile on the Sandbank)
Valerie Plame Wilson & Sarah Lovett: Vanessa Pierson (after book 1, Blowback)
Patrick Senécal: Le vide (after book 1, Vivre au Max)
Helene Tursten: Inspector Irene Huss (after book 2, Night Rounds)



Anne Rice


- Maifair Witches through book 2 (Lasher)

- Vampire Chronicles through book 6 (The Vampire Armand)

- Stand-alones: Cry to Heaven, Violin, Vittorio the Vampire


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text 2020-06-26 09:49
These Tips Will Help You Keep Your Tobacco Pipe in Top Shape

Your pipe is a critical factor in smoking, so it's only natural that you would want to take care of it. Keeping it in perfect condition ensures that you enjoy your smokes as manufacturers intended; satisfying, smooth, and with a rich taste. This write-up contains a brief history of tobacco pipes and enlightens you on how to care for one.

History of the Pipe You can trace the act of pipe smoking as far as 500 BC Europe, as civilizations smoked herbs and campfire fumes. It wasn't until the 16th century did American-Indians puff on tobacco using the famous calumet. Then, many saw smoking as it's with today's society, a rite of passage into adulthood.

The high respect for tobacco is evident in the fantastic craftsmanship that past societies put in their design of pipes and accessories. A tradition we still get to witness in modern-day tobacco products, such as the elegant design in one of Smoker's Outlet best sellers Zen Tubes 250 ct. Blue King.

Tips to Keeping Your Pipe in Top Shape · Cleaning Employ quality pipe reamers, shank scrapers, and other pipe tools when cleaning your pipes. And deep clean only when necessary.

· Remove Tobacco Avoid leaving tobacco in your pipe when it's not in use. If you aren't looking to smoke in less than 20 minutes, remove all residue.

· Avoid Containers and Bags A common mistake most people make is leaving their pipes in compartments. They feel leaving it in the open could damage or wear it out. This belief is wrong, as keeping your tobacco pipe in containers could lead to a smelly pipe.

· Avoid Direct Sunlight and Heat It would help if you also didn't leave pipes in direct sunlight. Please place them in racks instead, as manufacturers design these accessories to provide maximum aeration and durability for your pipes. If you practiced the habit of keeping your smoking tools in containers, or sense an unpleasant odor, perform a deep clean using cleaners soaked in alcohol.

· Use Your Palms Try not to hammer your tobacco pipe on hard surfaces during cleaning, use the palm of your hand instead.

· Rotate Your Pipes Ideally, you have more than one pipe. Don't re-smoke one that's still hot or used less than two hours ago. Keeping at least two pipes helps you avoid this scenario without your having to put a pen in your pleasure time.

Final Thoughts Remember, getting the best smoke means having a quality pipe and tobacco, smoking one without the other limits the extent of your pleasure. Smoker's Outlet knows this and provides customers with a one-stop solution to get only the most exceptional quality. Buy premium products such as the Gambler Pipe Tobacco 1 lb Regular or the Golden Harvest Pipe Tobacco 1 lb Robust.

Original Source: https://bit.ly/2Bffbls

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