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text 2020-10-10 09:49
Are CBD Products FDA-Approved?

When it comes to CBD products like oils, concentrates, gummies, and CBD flowers like the popular Elektra hemp strain, the legality of CBD can be murky, to say the least. If you’re thinking about trying one of these products, you’ve probably wondered if it’s legal and what the FDA has to say about CBD. To learn more about Elektra hemp strain, click here.


What Does the FDA Do?


The Food and Drug Administration (FDA) is a federal agency that tells Americans which foods, drugs, and medical devices are safe for us to use. The FDA typically evaluates the safety and efficacy of the following types of products:


  • Food additives
  • Over-the-counter and prescription drugs
  • Prescription drugs
  • Tobacco products
  • Some dietary supplements
  • Cosmetics
  • Baby formula
  • Medical devices
  • Surgical implants
  • Biologic medical produces (such as vaccines or gene therapy)

What Does It Mean For Something To Be FDA-Approved?


If a product is FDA-approved it means that the FDA has determined that the benefits of the product outweigh any known risks for its intended use. For a product to be FDA-approved, the manufacturer must first submit a premarket approval application as well as the results of clinical testing.


If a product may have significant risks but it could also help treat a particular medical condition or provide various health benefits, the manufacturer is often required to get the FDA’s approval to legally market or sell the product in America.


Are CBD Products FDA-Approved?


According to a statement released by the FDA on March 5th, 2020, the FDA has only approved one CBD product: a prescription drug called Epidiolex, which is used to treat two rare, severe forms of epilepsy.


What About CBD Products Like The Elektra Hemp Strain?


As of October 2020, the FDA has not approved CBD hemp as a dietary supplement. To legally buy and sell CBD hemp flower like the popular Elektra Hemp strain, any industrial hemp being sold must contain less than 0.3% THC.


Similarly, manufacturers must adhere to state regulations, which can vary, and CBD companies should not make any medical claims about their CBD products.


Read a similar article about Bubba Kush hemp here at this page.

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review 2018-10-01 07:28
Ancient Giants by Xaviant Haze
Ancient Giants: History, Myth, and Scientific Evidence from around the World - Xaviant Haze

TITLE:  Ancient Giants: History, Myth, and Scientific Evidence from around the World


AUTHOR:  Xaviant Haze




FORMAT:  Paperback


ISBN-13: 9781591432937



This is a mostly anecdotal collection of stories and myths about giants from prehistory to more recent times, categorized in terms of region.  There is no attempt at analysis or investigating if the "giants" described in the stories or ancient carvings are actual giants, normal people with medical conditions, or simply over-exaggerated tales that grew with the telling.  All of the giant bone discoveries mentioned in this book have mysteriously disappeared.  The author claims a conspiracy, which may well be true, but this book doesn't help with any details or furthering of knowledge.  This is a short book that brings nothing new to the table.

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review 2018-04-07 06:41
After Hours - Emjay Haze

Nick meets Alex when he comes in to the club where he is working.  He cannot help but feel the good looking guy seems sweet.  Then he finds out he is everything.


Alex has found himself living a good life without any happiness.  He has a lot to be grateful for, but not what he has always wanted.  When he meets a man who is following his own dreams, he second guesses where he is and where he is going.


This book was like a chapter out of a persons life.  I felt like I was watching it take place.  I loved the sexy times since they were full of heat.  The banter was cute, and the pace of the story was good.  These characters give us a good solid read.  I give this a 4/5 Kitty's Paws UP!



***This ARC copy was given in exchange of an honest review, by Netgalley and its publishers.

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review 2017-07-31 00:02
Bleeders (Daemons of London #1) by Michaela Haze
The Bleeders (Daemons of London - Book 1) - Michaela Haze

Sophia was a barmaid in London. She had a life, friends, a job, a family

And then her sister died. Sophia fell into a deep, dark depression to which she is sure only vengeance against her sister’s murderers can possibly release her.

The hitman she reaches out to is a daemon - and though he is able and willing to do what she asks, in doing so she risks dragging herself, mind and soul, even further into the darkness

This book is a somewhat hard one to review - which is appropriate because it is a hard book to read.

The book is… powerful. Powerful is a good word: because it’s not fun. It’s not an easy story to read. It isn’t packed with action or even, for that much of plot or world building. Both are certainly there and create the setting and background for Sophia, but this book is about Sophia and her journey

Sophia does not lead an easy life. She suffers from extreme mental illness - depression, schizophrenia. She is pulled down by alcoholism. Most of this is triggered by the tragic death of her pregnant sister and her inability to get over this as well as her rage at the men she considers responsible for this. Sophia is a deeply damaged and hurting person and a lot of the book examines this. Her struggle with her mother, her struggle with mental illness, her alcoholism, self-harming, pushing friends away who care for her, her house denuded of all furniture for fear of invoking her sister’s memory while still maintaining a shrine to her sister.

The book is told from two different time periods - the present when Sophia is confined to a mental institution, suffering from some severe hallucinations and recounting her past while plagued by delusions and hallucinations. The other is the actual past she’s describing, drowning in depression and pain. Both are stark, brutal and very powerful

This continues when she find Henry and she starts to move out of her pain - and I admit I have a big note here screaming “gah, magical healing penis!” because she seems to be getting over her issues quickly. I then crossed it out - partly because of the woo-woo, but mainly because this is the next stage of her rollercoaster ride: obsession with him, abandonment, another addiction and hitting a whole new low of rock bottom as she transmutes her issues from one to another which does an excellent job of subverting the idea of romance healing all mental health issues

I also really like how even the base of her tragedy - her sister’s death and even her mother’s callousness are all just a bit more complex than she initially presents in her complete obsession. I like that, I like that things aren’t as simple as her angry, hurting mind portrays and that there are layers to her experiences which go beyond simplistic villains who hurt her.

Her obsession over Henry leads her to another, far darker place, one of addiction and desperation and again there’s a lot of interesting layers here. On the surface it feels almost empowered, she’s strong and capable and determined, she has friends, she knows what she wats and aggressively pursues it. But her friends are fellow addicts and she would willingly discard any of them if she had to. Ultimately when she is not feeding her addiction her life feels empty and broken and she hits a terrible level which shows just how hollow her apparent strength is. It’s teased out in excellent scene after scene as addiction, obsession and delusion combine toxically for her and bring her down again and again.

Of course, there is a supernatural world - particularly with Henry. An incubus, a creature driven to feed on people, a man trying to find a moral way to do so; a moral way to kill as best he can. Alongside him are appearances from William which sets up a somewhat cliched, old-as-the-genre moral monster vs immoral monster. We have an interesting hierarchy among the demons which suggests a wider and deeper world which may be explored once Sophia moves on to a different chapter of her life. But in this book I think the woo-woo is more an introduction and a backdrop to Sophia and her origin than anything else. Effectively, with relatively few modifications, I think changing Henry to any dangerous man Sophia was obsessed with and her addiction to heroin instead of magical blood and we’d still be telling a story that is very similar to this one - but it wouldn’t be a story that led to what is clearly coming in the series



Read More



Source: www.fangsforthefantasy.com/2017/07/bleeders-daemons-of-london-1-by.html
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