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review 2015-10-07 18:30
.Dream Factory Book Review.
Dream Factory - Heather Hepler,Brad Barkley

This review can also be found at: MissKatiEllen & Goodreads.


After I went to Disneyland Paris last year my best bud Alice bought me this book for Christmas. I love Disney!! I can’t wait till I go on Sunday!! I’ve always had a massive appreciation of what goes on there, even before it went, whenever me and my friends would end up talking about it I’d always say how hard it must be to work there, especially if you’re a Princess. And this book really enforces this, for us it’s this amazing and magical world but for them it’s work.


This book doesn’t really have an aim, it’s not a love story it’s just a story of two people trying to find themselves and get on with their lives. As much as I was rooting for Sam and Ella to be with each other all I really wanted was them to find their way, do what made them happy. This book takes place at Disneyland where the actors have gone on strike and they’ve drafted in teens to play the parts till it all gets sorted.


The story switches between Sam and Ella, Sam plays one half of Chip and Dale and Ella plays Cinderella. Sam is very much a wondering soul, his life has been mapped out for him, when he becomes old enough to join his brother and dad in the family company. To everyone around him this seems like the ideal thing, a great job with great money and perks, he doesn’t even have to work for it. Sam just goes with things because he should, he can see his girlfriend is gorgeous, every guy there thinks so and tells him as much, but Sam plays the part hoping it will all fall into place.


Ella. Oh Ella. Somehow Ella has managed to keep going when it’s clear she is barely keeping it together. I don’t want to spoil to much her backstory, but there are moments in this when she is okay and we get a small glimpse of what she’s like. But to a lot of people there she’s odd, she asks odd things and looks at you hopefully for an answer. I don’t want to portray her as the outcast or anything because she does make friends and she is social, but when she’s with Sam she’s really herself. He listens to her, really listens to her, answers her questions.


This book is really like anything I would ever read, and I am glad of it as it was such a nice book, but like I said nothing really happens, but following Sam and Ellas friendship keeps it going, you hope she’ll bare her soul to him and he’ll realise he should do what makes him happy. But like I said, all you want them to do is work it all out.

Happy reading.


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review 2015-08-16 00:00
Dream Factory
Dream Factory - Brad Barkley,Heather Hepler Welcome to the world of "Happily Ever After." Well, here at Disney, the staff aren't so happy but the show must go on so Disney hires some temp replacements: Ella (Cinderella), Mark (Prince Charming), Luke (Dale) and Cassie (Chip) amongst other new cast members.

The setting seemed very well written. While I have never been to Disney World, this book helped give me an interesting visual behind the scenes. The is a huge parkwide scavenger hunt the new cast participates in that gives us some interesting look-sees plus the best insight into the characters themselves (more on the hunt to come). The story is given to us from two perspectives. Ella and Luke take alternating chapters to give us the story.

I wasn't a great fan of the characters. Ella I can sympathize with as she is going through a really tough time, and having to smile all day at strangers doesn't often make things easier. However otherwise she seemed a bit dull to me. Luke was a bit better, with a quirky sense of humor and a middle name that left me grinning. With the exception of how quickly he changes his interest in girls, I liked him overall. But I cannot blame him for that. While Cassie is spunky, she shows some true colors when she bails on him for the scavenger hunt. This is how Luke and Ella's story begins. And lets not forget Prince Charming! Why isn't he fighting for his princess? Well partly because he isn't her boyfriend in real life plus he is more amused it seems just watching things unfold.

This is a cute, if not cliche story but I enjoyed it over. Not the greatest YA by any means but any fans of disney should read this. The romance is light and sweet and very fairy tail-esque.
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video 2015-08-06 19:43
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review 2013-12-25 22:55
Love? Maybe
Love? Maybe. - Heather Hepler

Other reviews at The Book Babe's Reads.


Love? Maybe was the perfect embodiment of what I've come to expect from Heather Hepler: fluff. She writes some of the fluffiest and cutest books, but I just can't really connect with her characters or her storylines. It was predictable as all get out, but ultimately forgettable.


I wanted Piper and Charlie to be together. I thought that they would be absolutely adorable together, and I was just waiting for that romance to happen - but I feel like I really didn't get real romance with this one. It was sweet, that's for sure; but I felt no chemistry between them.


Piper was an okay sort of character, but like I said before... I just can't connect with these characters. I did, however, like Charlie. He was a sweet guy, and truly lit up every scene that he was in, but he just wasn't in the book enough. Truly, I wanted to see more of him.


This book was completely full of predictability - and not really the good kind. The predictable that made me just want to have a long serious talk with Piper. She... she's just super dense. All in all, Love? Maybe was an okay read - I even enjoyed it, but it was ultimately forgettable.

Source: thebookbabesreads.com
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review 2013-02-21 00:00
Love? Maybe
Love? Maybe - Heather Hepler Love? Maybe - Heather Hepler Did I liked it?


After reading about one-third of the book did I just finally caught up with the plot. I think the plot development was slow. Like the important things started happening on the middle.

I liked all the characters, except Piper. I don't dislike her though. It's because I see a part of myself on her. The cynical part. The realist part, which isn't really a good thing. Honestly, what is life without a dash of romance? B-O-R-I-N-G. But there is this tinie-tiny-part of me who believes that LOVE is an absolute No-No. It's like giving someone the permission to hurt you. Not all of me believes that though, the other half believes in happy endings and fairy tales.

Back to the book, hmmm. I thought Charlie was cute, I would've loved to put him in my pocket. Wasn't really smitten with Ben Donovan (Yes, complete name) though. He sounded pretty much ordinary. And yeah, I hated Piper with her Am-I-the-girl-insert-whatever-here questions. Annoying.

I just wish there was more about Jillian and Jeremy. Theirs is my preferred type of love story. What a shame.

And I just realized, I missed a lot of things in life, Ha-ha. Like dating in high school. I mean, it isn't really an important thing, but it's fun (based on what I've read), and I missed all of that. This book makes me regret not experiencing those kind of things, but only a little because looking back to it, I would never spend my teenage years the other way around. I've had fun, just the different kind.

For this book? Hmmm. Probably not suited for my current age. Dang. Because it made me feel old too. Like really-really old. HaHa. That statement would make anyone think that I'm too old already. Oh, life.
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