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photo 2021-02-02 08:51
Black Hat Techniques That Could Hurt Your SEO

Black hat and white hat are the two most recognized ways of conducting SEO. If you utilize “black hat” techniques, your practices are unethical. Your website and possible income may face a penalty for it. Keep in mind, too, that search engines have developed a host of sophisticated algorithms to detect black hat SEO. Black hat search engine optimization can include stuffing your content with keywords, writing invisible text, using unrelated keywords. Off-screen links use text with zero font sizes that are hidden behind images. So avoid using off-screen links. Search engines still take them into consideration, and they become part of the website’s ranking factor. When hiring a local SEO company in St Petersburg, FL to handle your website design in-house, be aware that people can and do take shortcuts. 

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photo 2021-01-22 11:30
Ways That Cheap Website Designing Can Hurt Your Brand

Website design may be a must because people always prefer only a pictorial and visual representation of information instead of pages of contents. Also, good and creative web design will enhance search engine optimization strategy. the primary major disadvantage of cheap and poor website design is that customer confidence is lost. Failure in digital marketing efforts is another big drawback of cheap website design. If your website is cheap and non-functional, your competitors can take a huge market share from you and you'll end up losing to them. If you have not considered a sharp website design and settled for a cheaper alternative, you're likely to lose out in long run. Are you ready to give yourself a competitive edge while increasing traffic to your website? Whether you’re looking to revamp your website or start from scratch, the experts of a web designing company in Aurora, CO can help. 

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text 2019-08-02 12:39
When a “Sweet Tooth” Turns Sore

Everybody knows that sweets are bad for teeth but whom does it stop from eating them? Today all of mass media is in a rage about the harm sugar does to our health. Despite this, there will always be people who can’t imagine their lives without the daily dose of sweets. It’s just comfort food that is consumed only for pleasure.


Things get serious when lovers of sweets notice pain piercing through their teeth as they chew their favorite candies or chocolate bars. It’s the first red flag to make an appointment with your dentist. If you feel pain in your tooth while eating something sweet, this may signify a problem.


Healthy teeth usually don’t react to food, unless you have oversensitive enamel. In this case, teeth hurt when they come in contact with cold, hot, sour or sweet foods. If the increased sensitivity of enamel was never your problem, most likely there is an abnormal process inside your tooth.

Why Does it Hurt?

There can be several types of problems causing your teeth to get sore as they contact with sugar.


Tooth decay

Tooth decay is the cause of developing cavities in your teeth. The cavity is formed due to the viral activity of bacteria that live in the mouth. They have something in common with their owners because sweets are their favorite food too. When sugar gets inside the cavity, they start eating it and reproducing more actively, continuing to further destroy your tooth.


Damaged enamel

Dental enamel is unable to tolerate such concentration of sugar modern sweets have. In the history of human evolution, such food never existed until now. Bacteria that eat sugar left on your teeth destroy the enamel. This is why it’s very important to remove food leftovers after meals, especially if the food was sweet.


Damaged nerve

Our teeth hurt because they have nerves. Sometimes tooth decay gets so deep that it reaches the nerve and causes pain. Inflammation of the dental nerve is called pulpitis. If tooth decay reached that far, you may need a root canal treatment. In cases when the disease is neglected, there is a risk to lose your tooth.


In any case, you should go to your dentists as soon as you notice even the slightest pain in teeth while biting sweet food. The earlier you start your treatment, the cheaper and easier it will be.


How to Relieve the Pain?

If the pain is severe and you can’t get help from your dentist right now, you can take a pain reliever. You can also rinse your mouth with saline that is easy to make at home. But even if you managed to relieve your dental pain, that doesn’t mean that your problem is solved. You should remove the cause of your pain not to experience it again.


To prevent dental diseases related to sweets consumption, you should be attentive to your diet and oral hygiene. Include healthy food into your daily menu. Never miss your oral hygiene routine after you eat sweets. This shouldn’t necessarily be brushing, rinsing your mouth with clean water will be helpful as well. Keeping your teeth clean and your diet healthy is a must to avoid dental pain.

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review 2019-06-18 19:55
The collapse of a beloved institution
This Is Going to Hurt: Secret Diaries of a Junior Doctor - Adam Kay

This is really a story of the National Health Service and how it has evolved into an underfunded body unable to cope with ever increasing demands. A workforce dedicated to healing people but overwhelmed by sheer numbers, lack of staff, and long working hours where the slightest mistake can have fatal consequences.This is going to hurt is an expose a cry for help by a young doctor Adam Kay trying to educate the public into the inevitable collapse of a beloved institution in the hope that something can be done before it is too late. As with any job that is public facing no day is ever the same and Kay tells his story with great warmth and many funny unbelievable tales...."mild vaginal burns from a patient stuffing a string of lights inside and turning them on (brings new meaning to the phrase..I put the Christmas light up myself!)...."he explains that the last time he was on call on Christmas Day, he chucked on the outfit and beard for the ward round and was halfway through when an elderly patient suddenly went into cardiac arrest, so he dashed over and started CPR while a nurse went to fetch the trolley. Unusually the CPR was successful and the patient gasped back to life to the sight of a six foot Santa liplocked with her, his arms on her chest. I can still hear her scream he said",,,,,,.."Prescribing a morning-after pill in A&E. The patient says,..I slept with three guys last night. Will one pill be enough?".....

A very enjoyable, informative, and often sad read, highly recommended.

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review 2019-06-05 00:47
This Will Only Hurt a Little
This Will Only Hurt a Little - Busy Phillipps



[In my head, this is spoken in the voice of Busy Philipps doing her impression of her mother.  Imagine a suburbs-of-Chicago "mom" voice.]


Before listening to this audiobook, I didn't know much about Busy Philipps beyond enjoying her performances in Freaks and Geeks, Cougar Town, and (too briefly!) The Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt.


This memoir is honest, touching, and often hilarious.  Its author seems to be having a moment.  It's well deserved, and I hope it goes on as long as Philpps wants it to.

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