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text 2021-06-15 02:08
Aortic Stent Grafting treatment in India

About the Disease

Aortic stent grafting is one of the best minimally invasive treatments for the aortic aneurysm. For the aortic stent grafting treatment in India, doctors perform surgery inside the aorta through long and thin tubes known as catheters. It places the stent surrounding a fabric liner and reinforcing the weak spots. 

If the patient is suffering from any of the following symptoms, you have to go through the treatment in the best aortic stent grafting hospital in India.

    • Abdominal pain 
    • Pain in the back, inner thigh, or groin
    • Growing aneurysm which is massive in diameter
    • Aortic dissection development
    • Severe and sudden sharp pain in the back or the chest
    • Deteriorating medical condition

Diagnosis of Disease

Doctors execute the following diagnosis before starting the aortic stent grafting treatment in Delhi.

  • Echocardiogram
  • Ct or Computerized Cardiac tomography scans
  • Magnetic Resonance Imaging
  • Genetic Testing
  • Angiography
  • Transesophageal Echocardiography
  • Invascular ultrasound

Treatment Options

The aortic stent grafting doctors in India go through any one of the following surgery alternatives after judging the patient’s condition.

  • Endovascular surgery
  • Open chest surgery
  • Emergency Surgery


Certain risks are associated with Aortic Stent Grafting Surgery in India. They are as below.

  • Blood leakage around the graft
  • Graft getting misplaced from the original placement
  • Breaking of stent
  • Paralysis
  • Delayed infection or aneurysm rupture

Success Rate of the Treatment

At MMA, we ensure a 90% success ratio for patients undergoing aortic stent grafting treatment in India. Our medical experts provide you wonderful assistance in finding aortic stent grafting hospitals in India. Meanwhile, the success also depends on the actual health condition and age of patients.   

Silent Feature

Pre Procedure Preparation

You can prepare for Aortic Stent Grafting Surgery in India by maintaining the following procedure.

  • Complete all the pre-surgery tests
  • Stop specific medicines according to the doctor’s instructions
  • Do not consume tobacco 
  • Control the blood pressure
  • Decrease the fat and cholesterol in the diet
  • Do regular workouts

Throughout the Procedure

The surgeons perform the surgery through the following procedures.

  • Removal damaged aorta
  • Implantation of synthetic tube
  • Replacement of the aorta or aortic valve with a graft
  • Replacement with a biological or mechanical valve
  • Insertion of fabric tube through the metal wire stents
  • Reinforcement of the aorta weak-spot


Visit: https://marlinmedicalassistance.com/aortic-stent-grafting-treatment-in-india/


Source: marlinmedicalassistance.com/aortic-stent-grafting-treatment-in-india
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text 2021-06-02 06:45
Heart valve replacement surgery India

What is heart valve replacement?

This surgery is needed when the heart valve does not work properly. A heart valve may not open or it may have problem closing. In such a condition, blood does not move through the heart chambers properly. If the valve does not open properly, lesser blood moves across the chambers and if the valve does not close properly, blood may leak back. All these circumstances lead to the heart doing extra work to pump the same amount of blood. Or the blood may back up in lungs or body as it is not moving through the heart. During the heart valve replacement surgery, one or more valves are replaced. Therefore, there are different types of heart replacement surgeries namely mitral valve replacement, aortic valve replacement and others. Replacement procedure removes the diseased valve and placing the new valve.

Heart Valve Replacement Preparation

For heart valve replacement surgery to begin we require detailed information about all the reports in form of a medical questionnaire, pulmonary test, ECG and blood work; angiogram is few cases. All this information helps the doctors to understand the patient’s situation better. The doctors then give specific instructions about the diet change which should be followed before surgery.

How is heart valve replacement done?

Traditional heart valve replacement involves an incision making down the center of breast bone or sternum in order to get the direct access to the heart. The surgeons then start repairing or replacing the diseased valve.

Minimally invasive heart valve replacement

In this type of surgery, very small incision are made while heart valve replacement procedure. This kind of surgical procedure reduces trauma, blood loss and time period of hospital stay. Minimally invasive heart valve replacement surgery is most common among other heart surgeries. Prior to the surgery, your surgeon will see all the test reports.

Heart Valve Prostheses

There are two kind of prosthetic heart valves. Mechanical valves are man-made materials. They require an anticoagulant or blood thinner along with lifetime therapy. This type of medication prevents blood clots around the valves. Biological Valves are taken from pig, human donors or cow. The life of these valves is not as long as mechanical valves, however, when these are used, lifelong use of anticoagulant is often not needed.

Heart Valve Replacement Recovery

The patient is kept hospitalized for 10 days post surgery and in the meantime the heart rate and blood flow is monitored keenly with the help of devices. You will be prescribed anticoagulants in order to prevent blood clotting, relax the heart arteries and protect against coronary spasms.

Visit: https://marlinmedicalassistance.com/heart-valve-replacement-india/

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text 2021-06-01 14:41
VoIP Services for Call centers

Manage all your calls through single dashboard with Call centre VoIP

Call centre employees need to track numerous calls through the day. And most importantly they will need to constantly forward, pause and make new calls almost instantaneously. Call centre VoIP enables them to monitor all of their calls in a single dashboard.

It gives the ability to track their calls, call duration and also analyse call frequency throughout the day.


Call centre VoIP will be the biggest boon to call centre managers.

The most critical function of a call centre manager is to ensure efficient customer service, maximum complaints resolved and provide as close to 24x7 access for customers to share their grievances. Call centre VoIP will enable the call centre managers to monitor calls of every call centre employee. Who has taken maximum calls ?, average duration of calls, at what time of day does the centre receive maximum calls ? etc can be monitored remotely without everyone physically present in one centre.


COVID-19 outbreak and work from home might cause roadblocks for call centres to function efficiently. But VoIP services provide the perfect solution which might change the call centre industry forever. The managers can also manage their human resources throughout the day by looking at how the calls are staggered through the day. This can enable the call centre managers to not only improve the efficiency of their centres but also plan in advance for any need in extra human resources.

Source: www.ipmomentum.com/call-center-voip-solutions
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text 2021-05-26 12:12
Stomach cancer surgery in India | stomach cancer treatment in India
About the Disease Stomach cancer is the growth of abnormal cells inside the stomach. Stomach or gastric cancer can damage any part and further spreads to the other vital organs of the body. However, this disease is highly curable through the best stomach cancer treatment in India. Symptoms of Disease The different symptoms of stomach cancer include • Difficulty in swallowing • Feeling swollen after food consumption • Feeling full after eating tiny food amount • Indigestion • Nausea • Heartburn • Unintentional weight loss • Stomach pain • Vomiting Diagnosis of Disease The different procedures and test to diagnose the stomach cancer inside the patient includes • Upper endoscopy • Biopsy • Imaging tests • Blood tests • Exploratory Surgery Treatment Options The doctors implement any of the following alternatives for stomach cancer treatment in Delhi. • Subtotal Gastrectomy surgery • Total Gastrectomy surgery • Targeted drug therapy • Chemotherapy • Radiation therapy • Immunotherapy • Palliative supportive care Risk The below aspects might enhance the risk of stomach cancer in the human body. • Obesity • Diet high in smoked and salty foods • Diet low in vegetables and fruits • Family stomach cancer history • Helicobacter pylori infection • Extensive stomach inflammation • Stomach polyps • Smoking Success Rate of Treatment We assure nearly 79% of success rate if the cancer is diagnosed early and treated through stomach cancer surgery in India before spreading out to the other segments. If cancer has already spread to the regional lymph nodes or the surrounding organs or tissues, the success rate drops to 32%. Silent Feature Pre Procedure Preparation You have to get prepared through the following procedures before the stomach cancer treatment begins. • Include a healthy diet • Regularly intake all the prescribed medicines • Consult a doctor if the symptoms worsen • Maintain all the restrictions Throughout Procedure The best testicular cancer treatment in Delhi is done through the following procedure. • Removal of tumors from the stomach lining • Removal of a stomach segment • Removal of the entire stomach • Removal of lymph nodes Original Page Content Source: https://marlinmedicalassistance.com/stomach-cancer-treatment-in-india/
Source: marlinmedicalassistance.com/stomach-cancer-treatment-in-india
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text 2021-05-22 08:01
Blood Cancer treatment in India | Blood cancer treatment in Delhi

About the Disease

Blood cancer is also known as a malignancy that tends to affect blood cells, lymphatic, bone marrow, etc. It adversely impacts the production of the blood cells and also their function. One can easily find blood cancer treatment in India.

Symptoms of Disease

Patients who are suffering from blood cancer may experience the following common symptoms.

  •       Patients may be infected frequently
  •       Cough, chest pain
  •       Night sweats
  •       Rash or itchy skin
  •       Shorten breath

Diagnosis of Disease

The best blood cancer hospital in India can use the following techniques for diagnosing blood cancer.

  •       Blood test
  •       Physical exam
  •       Bone marrow exam
  •       Lymph node removal
  •       Image testing

Treatment Options

Doctors can use either of the following technologies for Leukemia blood cancer treatment in India for those patients who are suffering from blood cancer.

  •       Bone marrow transplantation
  •       Biological therapy for cancer-killing
  •       Chemotherapy
  •       Radiation therapy


There are numerous factors that cause blood cancer. Some of these factors are following.

  •       Radiation exposure
  •       Smoking
  •       Chemical exposure
  •       Genetic

Success Rate of Treatment

At Marlin Medical Assistance, we assure a 90% success rate for those patients who are suffering from blood cancer by letting them find the best blood cancer treatment hospital in India and certified doctors for treatment. Meanwhile, the success rate of blood cancer treatment in India also depends on the stage of disease patients are suffering from.

Silent Feature

Pre Procedure Preparation

Patients who are going for the best treatment for blood cancer in India can prepare themselves in the following ways;

  •       Know all restrictions related to pre-appointments
  •       Not any symptoms that you experience
  •       Get a complete list of all medications
  •       Take a family member or friends along with you while going for treatment

Throughout Procedure

The best blood cancer hospital in India follows the below procedure for curing patients who are suffering from this disease. 


  •       Injection (or through pills) of anticancer medicines to patients to stop production of cancerous cells

Radiation Therapy

  •       In this, high-energy rays for killing those cancerous cells.


Content Page Source: https://marlinmedicalassistance.com/blood-cancer-treatment-in-india/

Source: marlinmedicalassistance.com/blood-cancer-treatment-in-india
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