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review 2018-06-01 23:13
About That Night
About That Night - Julie James

Much of Kyle's back story is discussed in the previous book (A Lot Like Love). Rylann was a new character. I missed having the suspense element in this one. Kyle was repentant for what he did, but being rich and having a very supportive family helped too. I admit to being unsure of their relationship: ex-con (yes for a non-violent and non-drug related offense) and an assistant DA. It only worked because Kyle made amends with Twitter (don't worry he got something from it, it wasn't him just being nice) and will not re-offend.
I did like the glimpses at Cameron and Jack; Jordan and Nick and seeing where they are at in their relationships.

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review 2018-05-17 21:13
About That Night (FBI/US Attorney #3)
About That Night (FBI/U.S. Attorney) - Julie James

This will be fairly short. I didn't like this one. Seriously. The plot was ridiculous and I am sorry I could not really get over a woman with an important job like Rylann's would be okay with her dating a former criminal. Then again it's a new day in the world and white collar crimes seem to just be getting ignored right now. That said, I didn't really like the male lead Kyle at all. I thought the two of them didn't really fit and thought the book focused too much on Nick and Jordan from book #2 for my taste. 


"About That Night" has Rylann Pierce coming face to face with the guy she hasn't seen in 9 years after having an epic meet-cute, billionaire heir, Kyle Rhodes. Now that Rylann is working for the U.S. Attorney's office, she is in charge of wrapping up Kyle's criminal case. Initially brushing him off, she ends up having to seek him out again when another case comes up that needs Kyle's help. 


I thought the whole Kyle is a witness that needs to help out the U.S. Attorney's could have been done better. I thought that James just rushed to wrap up that plot-line. The rest of the book was just Kyle and Rylann being together and they were not a big enough draw for me after a while. I think that James included so much from Jordan and Nick since there was not enough to hang a whole book on with these two. 


The sex scenes were meh. Ultimately this book is mostly about Rylann having to decide between her job and Kyle, and I was all for her dumping Kyle. 

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review 2018-05-17 21:05
A Lot Like Love (FBI/US Attorney #2)
A Lot like Love - Julie James

Sorry, this one did not sing for me like book #1 did. I didn't like the male lead that much and then the whole book barely made any sense when it came down to the whole plot point with the female lead's brother somehow magically getting his prison sentence waved. The bad guy also seemed really dumb to me in this as well. 


"A Lot Like Love" follows billionaire heiress Jordan Rhodes and FBI agent Nick McCall. Jordan is "asked" by the FBI to help them plant a listening device in a close friend's office at a party she gets asked to go to every year. If she agrees, she can help her brother who is currently in prison get his sentence dropped and he will be out of jail. Jordan balks at doing this until she realizes that if she doesn't get her brother out soon, something may happen to him while he is imprisoned. 


Nick McCall is usually undercover. He thinks that the Rhodes assignment should be easy. It was until the agent who was supposed to play her boyfriend comes down with the stomach flu (yeah right plot contrivance) and then he goes as Jordan's new boyfriend to the party. Due to the man they want to eavesdrop on deciding to hire a PI to follow Nick around, Nick and Jordan have to play boyfriend/girlfriend for a lot longer than one night.


I didn't really buy the set-up in this one like I did in the last book. It also didn't help that I did not think that Jordan and Nick had any chemistry. We get to see how callous he is to a woman he was seeing long-term who he decided needed to know the score (he doesn't believe in commitment). 


I was happy to see some old faces from the last book (Jack and Cameron) but it made me sad since I kept comparing them to Nick and Jordan and finding the latter lacking in every way. 


The dialogue was fine, I think if the set-up and leads had been better this could have been more enjoyable than I found it. I thought the rush to "I love yous" was quite unrealistic too. At least with Jack and Cameron there was a backstory there and we knew going in they were interested in each other until the whole thing between them blew up. 

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review 2018-05-17 20:56
Something About You FBI/US Attorney #1
Something About You (FBI / US Attorney, #1) - Julie James

Wow. The first book in the FBI/US Attorney series by Julie James was very hot. It also had a plot I could sink my teeth into. Too bad that books #2 and #3 didn't live up to the hype for me.


"Something About You" has a smart and dedicated US Attorney (Cameron Lynde) and a dedicated FBI agent (Jack Pallas) that had a run in years ago that left things bitter between them. When Cameron ends up getting a hotel room next door to a murder, she is pulled into an FBI investigation. 


I really loved the characters of Cameron and Jack. You can see both sides to the story, but James manages to make you root for them to get it together already since you can see the chemistry between them. I also have to say that it was great to see two characters be competent at their jobs and not deny they are ambitious.


Their jobs/co-workers are just as important to this book and James manages to make them come alive (I seriously fell in love/like with the of Sam Wilkins). Cameron's two best friends are in it, but really it's her best friend Colin that is more present in this one. Her other best friend is in the process of getting married and only seems to be around to be a bit of a bridezilla. 


We do get little dribbles here and there before we get the full story of how Cameron and Jack who worked together years ago had a falling out, and it was definitely worth it. I also have to applaud James for not having Cameron keep things a secret from Jack for too long. I hate that in romance novels when the hero and heroine are kept apart because they decide to not tell each other the truth. Once the truth comes out, they definitely can't deny how attracted to each other they are anymore and then we get some red hot love scenes (5 stars for that alone). 


The dialogue was great and I cracked up a lot while reading this one. Very good flow. 


The setting of Chicago is always interesting to read about. James did a good job of incorporating the city into her book. 

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review 2018-03-31 20:42
Should Have Just Re-Read Pride and Prejudice
Practice Makes Perfect - Julie James

Well the only redeeming thing about this book is that I realized in hindsight I could count the terrible thing towards Kill Your Darlings. There is something silver on the cover, the douche-bag hero's cuff-link. Bah to this terrible book.


I have really enjoyed Julie Jame's FBI/US Attorney series and stupidly thought this was a book that was part of that universe. Nope, this is part of a two book series she did and I guess she threw in the towel in. This book was initially published back in 2009. I suppose she thought this was her clever take on Pride & Prejudice. Nope. Not even a little. Besides profoundly mis-understanding Elizabeth and Darcy it seems, I don't think Darcy went around telling their boss that he banged her on his desk and then goes, but hey I realized I did that cause I loved you. I would have grabbed this fool by the tie and choked him out If I didn't think he would have enjoyed it.

Sorry, I just don't have a lot of patience with romance books like this these days. I want some romance and some chemistry. But I hate/loathe romance books that have strong women just going along with a man treating them like crap. What gets me is that I don't think the hero (JD) changes at all in the end. He still has appalling as hell views of women/equality/liberals and the heroine (Payton) I don't see putting up with that in the end. 


"Practice Makes Perfect" has two rival attorneys Payton and JD doing their best to one up each other. It's been 8 years since they met/started working together and they are both on the partner track at their firm. When a high stakes case comes their way, the two are thrown together. When they are both told due to plot reasons (seriously though) that the firm can only offer one person under 40 a partnership that year, the two of them are now in direct competition. 


Payton is developed more than JD in my opinion. I do wish though that James had followed up a bit more with the fact that Payton's father (who has nothing to do with her) came from money and maybe had some conversations with her best friend/mother about it. I don't know, it just pops in the story and pops back out. She also is dating a very nice guy named Chase, but hey, he doesn't treat her like dirt so she goes around saying something is missing there. 


JD sucks. He comes from a wealthy family and his father is a judge. His views on women would serve him well in this new world we seem to find ourselves increasingly these days. I will say this, JD would fit right in with those guys suing Google claiming them being white and male they are being discriminated against.


‘Forty Women to Watch Under 40,’ ” J.D. emphasized. “Tell me, Payton—is there a reason your gender finds it necessary to be so separatist? Afraid of a little competition from the opposite sex, perhaps?”

I have met some JD's in my life. I have so far managed to not bludgeon any of them to death.


“. . . how do you think it would go over if the magazine ran an article called ‘Forty Men to Watch Under 40’?” He took the liberty of answering for her. “You and your little feminista friends would call that discrimination. But then isn’t that, per se, discrimination? Shouldn’t we men be entitled to our lists, too?”

That's the other thing that drives me nuts about this character, he doesn't even get how far up his own ass he is. 


"J.D. ignored the sarcasm. “The playing field isn’t level—that’s the problem. Now maybe you’re comfortable accepting that, but I’m not. You know as well as I do that these days, if a man and a woman are equally qualified for a position, the woman gets the job. It’s this socially liberal, politically correct society we live in. Men have to be twice as good at what they do to remain competitive in the workplace. Women just have to stay in the race.”

Expletive you. 


"He pictured her place as being a tad . . . plebian. That probably wasn’t the most politically correct way to say it. What word did liberals prefer nowadays? Granola? Organic? In reality, however, Payton was none of those things. In fact, if she never spoke, one might actually think she was quite normal."

I call it now. These two marry and eventually divorce. 


“See, you just don’t understand women the way I do, J.D. They want it all: a career, apple martinis, financial independence, great shoes; but at the same time—and this they’ll never admit—they are drawn to patriarchal men who are dominant and controlling. That’s the essence of the Darcy complex. He may be an asshole, but he’s an asshole that gets the girl in the end.”

Somewhere Jane Austen just gave Tyler and JD a middle finger.


Seriously the whole book was JD just being a jerk and Payton being drawn to him cause he's attractive. When the inevitable sex scene happens I yawned. The only interesting that James had going for with this book was who would get the partnership, but she gets rid of that over some 11th hour BS I love you thing and then these two fools dance off happily into the sunset. 


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