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url 2019-08-22 13:34
TVS Zeppelin; Most Stylish and Aggressive Cruiser Bike in India

TVS motor is going to launch its cruiser bike series tvs zeppelin in India. It is going to launch in JAN 2020. This bike comes with modern design and very attractive design with a row metallic look. TVS zeppelin comes with 220 cc single-cylinder powerful engine. To know more please read this article today. 

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url 2019-08-13 13:35
TVS Zeppelin, Ready to Hit the Indian Roads by 2020

TVS motor company is going to launch his cruiser motorcycle by 2020 in India. TVS Zeppelin comes with ultra-modern & futuristic design with a raw metallic look and aggressive body type. This bike comes with an engine of 220 cc single-cylinder engine. It is also offering the best milage in this range of bikes.  To know in details about this bikes visit our website today and know in-depth. 

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review 2017-09-19 22:37
Shadow of the Zeppelin - Bernard Ashley

Trigger warning: Attempted rape scene (once)


I thoroughly enjoyed this book. The setting is World War I. We settle on two brothers caught up in the conflict - one of whom joins the war effort, the other of whom is too young to join the army and has his own problems at home. In addition, we also focus on one of the German soldiers manning the zeppelins during the Blitz! I really enjoyed that.


Well, what we have here are two brothers, Will and Freddie. Will is old enough to join the army but refuses to join (it is not yet compulsory), and his girlfriend Amy stands by his decision. It isn't until a bomb lands nearby and scars her face that he is spurred to join the war effort. 


We also focus on a German bomber called Ernst who, for the most part, isn't much different from the English soldiers. He follows orders, he has a wife waiting for him back home in Germany, and they've just had their first child. He constantly worries that his zeppelin will easily catch fire and go down in flames, much like they do. He is also responsible for the dropping of many bombs during the Blitz.


Freddie doesn't join the war, but he certainly has his fair share of troubles - especially when a bomb lands on his own house and he barely makes it out alive. I can't really go into that without spoiling it however.


There is an attempted rape scene in this book, however it was not described in detail thankfully and I thought it was dealt with appropriately.


I really enjoyed all these characters. Will, Freddie, their family, the rest of the army, Ernst as well...each of them was well-rounded and I would even say that Will is rather relatable. The Germans were not made out to be "evil" or anything like that.


I felt this book did a good job of describing the war, too - in bits and pieces, anyway. You get to see what the Blitz is like back home with Freddie. You get to see what it's like on the front lines with Will. You get to see what it's like for other soldiers to die. 


However, I'm not sure all of the content was there. I get that this is a YA book and so the violence and imagery is toned down a bit, but I don't think it shows all the true horrors of war. Will doesn't participate in more than a handful of skirmishes before he's removed from that part altogether (but there's a reason for that). I can't help but think that there could be more to that, but then again I understand that they already had a fair amount of detail going on.


I didn't find any serious flaws with this book, it fit the time period really well. The author really researched this properly - in the author's note at the back of the book, he makes several references to historical events during the time of the Blitz. Even the street names are preserved.


Overall, I liked this book very much. I wouldn't say it's amazing - it tugged at my heartstrings during one particular scene, but not that much. It could be better, really, but I found it to be very well-rounded and well-written in general. 3.5/5.

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review 2015-01-19 00:00
Gunfighter Gothic: Under Zeppelin Skies
Gunfighter Gothic: Under Zeppelin Skies ... Gunfighter Gothic: Under Zeppelin Skies - Mark Bousquet It starts as steampunk/supernatural, reminding me a bit of Cherie Priest's Clockwork Century novels. The links between chapters/books are a bit stretched at times, along the lines of "something happened between the previous bit and this one", making you think you've missed something out. The last one, Kraken Moor, really annoyed me in places as parts of sentences are missing!
I still liked it, hence 4*
I am considering finding the rest in the series for a rainy day.
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review 2014-07-09 07:39
The Meaning of Maggie
The Meaning of Maggie - Megan Jean Sovern

Parts I really enjoyed and parts were just meh. Other reviewers have said it better than I will but for someone so smart Maggie was very naive and the fact that her father had such a serious disease (multiple sclerosis) and her parents kept it from her kind of stretched things for me a bit much.  I did love the musical references to some great great classic rock like my favorite Neil Young (and others)!


  There was also a reference to medical marijuana that didn't seem to be time appropriate, though I thought it was cool the author put such an important issue into a mid-reader

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