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review 2020-05-15 17:51
Monster High/Ever After High: The Legend... Monster High/Ever After High: The Legend of Shadow High - Shannon Hale,Dean Hale
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I absolutely love the Ever After High series. The books are always gorgeous with interesting plays on fractured fairy tales. So, of course, I was beyond thrilled to see a mashup of Every After High and Monster High. While I haven't read any of the Monster High books yet (on the TBR list, I promise), I do enjoy the movies.

To start out, I actually wasn't a huge fan of this. Brooke's narration was a little grating, to be honest. Her interjections were a bit irritating and noting that a particular sentence was terribly constructed in no way makes the sentence any better. It just adds some awkwardness. I love the use of narrators as characters, but Brooke mostly just annoyed me at the beginning.

However, as the story got going, I eased in to the narration and got swept up in the plot. It was fascinating to see all of the characters come together in this entirely new setting. I loved the combining of worlds, both those familiar and those previously unexplored. It was entertaining in a way very different from the previous books.

Then things start really getting weird and I loved all of the puns and creative techniques used to portray the oddity. The use of different fonts, the arguments between narrators, and the surprise input from the reader were all so interesting and unique. It really made for a great reading experience.

As with the other books, the physical book is absolutely gorgeous, complete with Mapalogue graphics that are stunning.

Despite the rocky start, I ended up loving this book so much. It was wonderful to read and go along with the crazy ride that this mashup provides. A hexcellent book filled with puns, suspense, adventure, and surprises. Great to dive into and explore.
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review 2020-04-27 06:16
Review: Deeplight by Frances Hardinge
Deeplight - Frances Hardinge

 This book drew me in with its cover, as is often the case. I was intrigued by the synopsis. And several reviews of it called it a merging of Frakenstein, Twenty Thousand Leagues Under the Sea and Dr. Jeykll and Mr. Hyde, and that left me even more interested. Normally with that much hype surrounding a book it is bound to disappoint, at least a little bit, but this book was fantastic.


Hark was a fabulous character. He was uncertain and timid but trying to find a foothold in the world. He could see that his friendship with Jelt was changing but admitting it to himself meant that nothing would be the same. He broke my heart and left me cheering him on. He had a great story arc. Through the course of the story he was forced from being a little boy running a small time con to a man who takes responsibility for his own story.


I had a hard time feeling too much sympathy for Jelt because he was pretty mean to Hark from the moment we met him. But, despite that, I felt tremendous sympathy for how Hark dealt with the changes in his friend.


The gods were presented as monsters first, deities almost by accident, and I liked that approach. The idea of monster gods is appealing to me and this was the perfect blend of monster and majesty to suit me. The world this book was set in was also beautifully detailed. I could feel the undulating waves of the Undersea. The permeating fear of it that fed the gods for thousands of years. It was a beautifully written story. My only complaint was that the ending when Hark is going after the heart dragged on for a bit too long. After about 50 pages my mind started to wander and I wished we could stop describing everything so thoroughly and move on with the action a bit quicker. But the ending was compelling, as was the epilogue. I read the last thirty pages or so with tears streaming down my face, my heart breaking and cheering for Hark all at the same time. In the end this was a story about the power of stories, and it had a profound power all its own.

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text 2020-03-07 09:37
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review 2020-02-01 01:47
BAKEMONOGATARI, Part 1: Monster Tale - N... BAKEMONOGATARI, Part 1: Monster Tale - NISIOISIN

I watched the anime adaptation before reading the book. My experiences with watching the anime and reading the books are very different. Even though both stories are the same, I find myself preferring the anime adaptation of these two stories in this first book than the actual book itself. The anime has a striking visual style and exciting animation that helps keep my interest. While reading the source material, I find my attention drifting off the pages for a while. I enjoy both stories, but the ongoing random conversations between several characters, at times tedious rather than amusing. It doesn't help. There are times that I have a hard time distinguishing the narrator and Hitagi because they sound similar at specific points in the book.

Anyway, despite its flaws, I thought it was entertaining and check out the future volumes of this series.

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url 2020-01-23 07:39
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