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text 2014-09-22 10:18
Everything Ramble + See You Later

Rabbit posted a playlist a week or so ago that got me in the mood to make my own. It's my own writing playlist (minus a few hundred tracks—this highlights the artists); it's a little dark but that's probably not a shocker to anyone that follows me. Tracks 9-11 might be pushing it for the average music lover and perhaps, to those brave enough to listen, fortunate that I cut a large portion of that style of music from the list. I also tried to keep the explicitness to a minimum for maximum enjoyment by all. :P

I've already adjusted my BookLikes theme to a Halloween colour scheme, this is because I am leaving tomorrow and won't be around to adjust it for the holiday. Speaking of themes... I know I mentioned many moons ago that I was working on my next BookLikes theme. I stopped work on that theme when I found out I was going to be out of town for an extended time (and also because of distractions). I figured I would wait until I got back in case there were any bug reports.

So, this theme won't be available until the end of the year. I've all the structure for it laid out, it just needs some additional finishing touches to the style sheet. Below is a screenshot, it will have a sticky menu and collapsible 'about' section for your avatar, personal note, widgets and current reads. It'll also have two options for viewing the blog; pagination (already available) and infinite scroll (like on the dashboard).


On to why I won't be around. I'll be out from September 22 - November 14 to work on my manuscript and also for some music magic. While not doing those things, I plan to keep on reading. I've selected the following books to go with me and I'll have reviews up for these when I get back.



So, happy reading to all and I'll miss you guys. I'm especially saddened that I will be away during my favourite holiday and missing everyones Halloween inspired reads. I can't wait to get back to read all those!

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video 2014-06-10 06:05
Little Earthquakes - Tori Amos Live


I keep forgetting about Music Mondays! Well, I haven't been listening to much of anything else as I've been binging on Tori in preparation for her upcoming concert (next month, woo!). I've mostly been listening to her new album on repeat... I didn't take well to this album but now after about the 100th (lmao, I've edited this number 3 times now) play, it's growing on me. My favourite song off this new album is titled Weatherman. Been looking through videos of her current tour on youtube all day trying to pick a song, here were the runner ups!


Oysters (new)


Space Dog


Also, it looks like she's doing covers again this tour. Yay! Here is one of her performing Madonna's Frozen. Still, nothing holds up to this version of Running Up That Hill/God mix she did in 2005. Have I mentioned she's my all time favourite performer? I've seen her live so many times and I'm always weeping at some point. Good weeping. :)


*Linking the videos since I don't want to bomb the dash feed and I know some people just don't like this artist. *cries*

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video 2014-05-06 04:18
Halfsleeper by Chelsea Wolfe


Almost forgot about doing these weekly Music Monday postings. Here's an eerie one to match my Horror reads for the month of May. I really love horror so I'm expecting to get all 5 read and reviewed. Fingers crossed that nothing shiny comes along to distract me.


  1. The Bird Eater - Ania Ahlborn
  2. Fearscape (Horrorscape) - Nenia Campbell 
  3. Bay's End - Edward Lorn 
  4. The Haunting of Hill House - Shirley Jackson 
  5. Night Watch - Sergei Lukyanenko 


Lyrics to the song:

All the parts of me that lived inside
Are drowning in the sea of waking life
They don't know their colours don't belong on the outside
They don't know their colours don't belong

'Til they're spread across the open road
'Til they're spread across the asphalt on the open road
'Til they're streamin' in the wind like cassette tape or jellyfish
Long dark veins and records playing, memories...

All the things we yell don't mean a thing
When we're spinnin' out on darkened meadow wind
When we're flying like we're Mary's angels through the shattered glass
When we find that tall dark shadow waiting there with outstretched hands
He has given me a dress of red and you a skin of grey
We'll be twistin' here for hours 'til the light will bring us day

And we're spread across the open road
And we're spread across the asphalt on the open road
And we're streamin' in the wind like cassette tape or jellyfish
Long dark veins and records playing, memories...

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video 2014-04-22 04:13
Velvet Acid Christ - Ghost In The Circuit


This band lands in my top five all time favourites. It's kind of odd to call this a band... it's mostly just a one man band. I'm not even quite sure which genre to place this in, for anyone that is curious if they would enjoy this. Dark industrial, synth, electronic with loads of samples. That sounds about right.


I do feel that I should give a warning of sorts since the above song is a -much- lighter track that is purely instrumental. Many of this bands songs contain samples... sometimes samples that can be disturbing to those of a timid disposition. The vocals also have distortion going on... I've heard it described as sounding demonic but I find it soothing and sounding more like what I'd imagine a machine sounding like if it could sing.  So, before you go out looking for other songs by this band, be aware of that. If you love hearing strange sounds, like what you'd imagine someone choking on blood would sound like... or the screams of someone taking a knife to the gut... then proceed with open arms. If you are a fan of all things horror, you will probably fall madly in love. ;)


On a side note, I should have a book review up by tomorrow. It took me a long time to read The Golem and the Jinni... but that was mostly my own fault for spreading my time so thin on lots of nonsense. It was a fantastic book that I am still trying to process so that my review isn't scattered or too short. It will probably still end up being scattered... that's just my review style, I suppose. :)

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video 2014-04-15 04:01
Rise & Fall by The Cinematics

I've been on a post-punk revival/indie binge lately... so here is a little known group that broke up shortly after their 2nd album. I guess they are even less known now because of that. Still, they had some great tunes! :)


On an unrelated note, I've been obsessing over a video game these last few days. It's kind of like Sim City on a smaller scale and with more attention towards the citizens. So far I really suck at this game, hah! I haven't reached any achievements and my town just starts dying of starvation at 100 peeps regardless if I set down more gatherers/fishermen/hunters. There has to be a trick and I will discover it! :D


The most amazing thing, it is developed by just one man! The downside to this is that game bugs might take a while to fix... but I haven't encountered any game breaking bugs yet and I seriously played the hell out of this over the weekend. So yeah, if you have OCD type symptoms, beware of this game. If you can control yourself (unlike me!), check this game out... it's only $20!


Banished Game Website

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