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url 2021-06-04 08:58
Inspired or lost in the technology matrix?
Mindful Being - Nataša Pantović Nuit

We live surrounded by an increasingly complex matrix of impulses (transmitted via TV, media and the internet) that allow strangers of all sorts to interfere in our mental, emotional and spiritual development. Understanding this intricate network and how the human brain interacts with it is becoming our door to happiness and health.


Our interaction with the Net, with TV and with computers has replaced our interaction with nature which in its magical way nurtures our cognitive,emotional, physical and psychological well-being


The self or the personality is a bundle of socially-influenced traits that emerges and is formed gradually. We are shaped by our parents and neighbours, by our religion, the media, by various marketing agendas of major corporations, by our state’s politics, by the way we behave or misbehave towards our own body, our mind, the environment, animals and plants, and our planet Earth.

So, what would we need to do to understand the importance of a healthy body, to manage our emotions and nurture love for our friends and family, to become aware of how we can make a positive impact on our society or the environment, or discover the purpose of life and ways to be happy?

A great deal is known about the links between our behaviour and TV, and between our emotions and computer games, because there have been thousands of studies on these subjects. Researchers have all asked the same question – whether there is a link between exposure to violence (on TV or in a game) and violent behaviour.

Source: timesofmalta.com/articles/view/inspired-or-lost-in-the-technology-matrix.460358
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url 2021-06-02 15:52
Schools that inspire children to learn dream or reality
Conscious Parenting Mindful Living Course for Parents - Nataša Pantović Nuit

Schools that inspire children to learn – dream or reality?


 Nataša Pantovic|03 min read
In contrast with ‘fast’ education that creates exam-oriented children, many alternative schools are experimenting with a more holistic approach that uses a mix of tools that develop children’s physical, emotional, and intellectual capacities.In contrast with ‘fast’ education that creates exam-oriented children, many alternative schools are experimenting with a more holistic approach that uses a mix of tools that develop children’s physical, emotional, and intellectual capacities.

One can safely assume that all parents have the same goal: that of choosing the best methods for their children to grow into inspired and enthusiastic adults. Helping children develop their highest potential, and taking care of each child’s development is a dream all parents share.


Education is what remains after one has forgotten what one has learnt in school- Albert Einstein


But unfortunately we are often forced to forget this dream, because of circumstances, lack of knowledge, lack of funds, social pressure to pass exams, or simply because our children are surrounded by teachers who are too tired or not very inspiring.

Albert Einstein’s famous quote, “Education is what remains after one has forgotten what one has learnt in school” leads us to reflect on the possible bottlenecks within the ‘traditional’ schooling system.

Source: timesofmalta.com/articles/view/Schools-that-inspire-children-to-learn-dream-or-reality-.409519
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url 2021-06-01 15:30
Tapping the Brain's Magic
Mindful Being - Nataša Pantović Nuit
October 7, 2012|Natasa Pantovic|13 min read
With traditional educational methods – its curriculum and its focus on examinations – students quickly lose motivation and interest for science and its magic.With traditional educational methods – its curriculum and its focus on examinations – students quickly lose motivation and interest for science and its magic.

The human brain is truly extraordinary. A healthy brain has some 200 billion neurons. The conscious mind controls our brain for only five per cent of the day, whereas the subconscious mind has control of our thoughts 95 per cent of the time.


A human being has 70,000 thoughts per day- Natasa Pantovic


A human being has 70,000 thoughts per day. The brain requires up to 20 per cent of the body’s energy despite being only two per cent of the human body by weight.

Somewhere within our brain we have a potential for higher mathematics, complex physics, art, and amazing richness of thoughts, feeling, and sensations.

However, although we are mostly controlled by our brains, we are yet to learn how to best use its potential.

Perhaps this is the task of the next phase of our evolution – utilising our brains better, understanding the 95 per cent of its subconscious functionality, becoming more creative, less bombarded by useless thoughts, more focus­ed, and more peaceful.

In her book My Stroke of Insight, brain scientist Jill Bolte Taylor, who recovered from a massive left hemisphere blood clot, talks about her experiences during the eight years it took her to completely recover.

She was unable to walk, talk, read, write or recall her life.

However, she refers to this state of her being as Nirvana, a word used to describe a profound peace of mind.

Describing the right brain, she says it is like a parallel processor. It thinks in pictures, it is non-verbal, it is non-linear and creative. The right brain has no sense of time, it is playful, it sees humour, and it is lost in the flow.

The right brain is compassionate andis associated with the heart. It is intuitive and takes us into the peacefulness of the world around us.

The left brain is like a serial processor; it is interested in the past and future. It thinks in language and is concerned with details. It is logical and it is the critical, analytical part of our being.

Traditional educational methods, its curriculum and its focus on examinations emphasize the development of the ‘left brain’ hemisphere. With this approach, students quickly lose motivation and interest for science and its magic.

Two fundamental assumptions of formal education are that students retain the knowledge they acquired in schools, and that they can apply it in situations outside the classroom. But is this correct? How much do we really remember and how relevant is this knowledge?

Geniuses like Albert Einstein, Leonardo da Vinci and Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart created their masterpieces from a place of inspiration and creativity. It is likely they had an ability to fully utilise the virtues of both brain hemispheres.

To understand children’s capability to learn, educational psychology develops and applies theories of human development.

Rudolf Steiner’s model of children’s development links physical, emotional, mental and moral development. In his approach, he values equally the rational and imaginative approaches to learning.

So schools inspired by his approach teach art and dancing not only to awaken and strengthen the children’s expression and to stimulate imagination, but also as a way of understanding and mastering cognitive thinking.

An example of an alternative method of learning is a movement therapy included in the Waldorf curriculum called Eurythmy. The word comes from Greek, meaning a beautiful or harmonious rhythm.

Eurythmy works with mathematical forms, beginning with a straight line and curve, and proceeding to more complex geometric figures developing a child’s coordination and concentration. Rods or balls are also used in exercises to develop precision in movement. Philosophically, it acknowledges a child’s capacity to communicate through non-verbal gestures.

Eurythmy is made up of discreet movements that represent various phonetic sounds. The feelings and thoughts have gestures that are beyond our conscious awareness. Eurythmy attempts to explore the variety of feelings and thoughts through movement, language, rhythm, colour and form. Through this art, children learn the wisdom of emotional intelligence that helps their holistic growth.

If these ideas resonate with you or if you are interested in offering this type of education for your children,e-mail alternativeschoolmalta@gmail.com.


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Source: timesofmalta.com/articles/view/Tapping-the-brain-s-magic.439967
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text 2021-01-25 08:07
Deep Brain Stimulators (DBS) Market Growth Will Attribute To High Prevalence of Neurological Disorders

Industry Insights

The global market size for deep brain stimulators (DBS) in 2016 was worth USD 618.6 million and is anticipated to grow with a CAGR 17.2% throughout the forecast period. The growth can be attributed to the high prevalence of neurological disorders such as Alzheimer’s disease, epilepsy, essential tremor, dystonia, Parkinson’s diseases and obsessive-compulsive disorders. This in turn raises the clinical urgency to adopt of this stimulation device in aforementioned indications.

Rise in the geriatric population base, which is more susceptible to neurological disorders is also a high impact growth rendering driver. Also, coupled with advent of innovative and cost efficient technology for management of neurological disorders and chronic pain is expected to boost the growth potential throughout the forecast period. The advent of technologically advanced and sophisticated products such as implantable pulse generator (IPG) and consistent increase in R&D activities are projected to further impel lucrative opportunities in future.

IPG helps in efficient stimulation and provides varied proportions of electric current in between leads which are multi polar. The efficacy can also be increased with the use of feedback signals which are computer based to reduce risk of side effects. According to a report by Parkinson’s disease Foundation, the risk of Parkinson’s increases with increase in age with the median age for the disease being 55 to 60.

Also, the high prevalence of target diseases has a significant impact on the growth on the DBS industry. The inadequate efficacy associated with oral therapeutics, for instance, dopamine and its associated adverse effects are the major causes for the surge in adoption of DBS.


Request a Free Sample Copy of Deep Brain Stimulators (DBS) Market Report @ https://www.millioninsights.com/industry-reports/deep-brain-stimulators-dbs-market/request-sample


Application Insights

The deep brain stimulators are commonly used for Parkinson’s disease owing to its ability to keep track of symptom fluctuations which are short-lived as the disease progresses. The use of DBS shows higher efficacy when compared to other oral medication available, hence leading to dominant market share. In terms of revenue generated in 2016, Parkinson’s disease is followed by OCD and dystonia.
The higher number of benefits associated with this treatment is also major contributor for the share registered by Parkinson disease in the application segment. These include improvement in motor symptoms for longer duration, increased relief from other non motor symptoms such as sleep disturbances and muscle cramps. Other benefits include minimum incidences of drug induced adverse effects including dyskinesia and lower dose of medication thereby resulting in greater adoption of DBS in comparison with conventional therapeutic options. The life quality is also enhanced with use of beep brain stimulators due to improvement in motor symptoms. The aforementioned factors are the key driving factor for market growth throughout the forecast period.

Moreover, DBS finds use in pain management and increasingly used for treating epilepsy in the regional market of Europe is projected to drive the market in future. The continuous research for its usage in newer array of applications is projected to further impel market growth.


Regional Insights

The overall market was dominated by North American region in 2016 with share of over 50.0%. The high share can be attributed to various factors such as favorable healthcare infrastructure and supportive reimbursement policies of the region. Rise in awareness related to application and benefits associated with them are major contributors to the share attained by North America over the previous years.

Asia Pacific is expected to witness exponential CAGR throughout the forecast period. Moreover, the pending approval for commercialization of DBS for epilepsy treatment by U.S.FDA is anticipated to further strengthen regional consumer base. Increasing disposable income, consistent rise in patient awareness and high healthcare expenditure of emerging countries is predicted to present with high potential growth prospects across Asia Pacific.


Browse the Full Global Deep Brain Stimulators (DBS) Market- Global Scenario, Industry Outlook, Analysis, Size, Trends and Forecast Report at - https://www.millioninsights.com/industry-reports/deep-brain-stimulators-dbs-market


Competitive Insights 

The prominent players in the market include Aleva Neurotherapeutics SA, Boston Scientific, St. Jude Medical Inc. and Medtronic Plc. The nature of the industry is oligopolistic with a rise in focus by key players on providing advance technologies to maintain their competitive edge and increase penetration.

Various strategies adopted by the major manufacturers are promoting awareness level amongst patients as well as healthcare professionals. This is achieved with the help of promotional campaigns which will be fruitful to increase acceptance of deep brain stimulators in the future.


Market Segment:


Global Deep Brain Stimulators Application Outlook (Revenue, USD Million, 2012 - 2020)
• Pain Management
• Epilepsy
• Essential Tremor
• Obsessive Compulsive Disorder (OCD)
• Depression
• Dystonia
• Parkinson’s Disease
• Others


Deep Brain Stimulators Regional Outlook (Revenue, USD Billion, 2012 - 2020)
• North America
• U.S.
• Europe
• Germany
• UK
• Asia Pacific
• Japan
• RoW
• Brazil


To read more reports of this category, Visit our blog: https://medicaldevicesmarketreports.tumblr.com 

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text 2021-01-12 06:42
20 Gifts You Can Give Your Boss if They Love hbot therapy

15 People You Oughta Know in the hbot treatment Industry

A conveyable Hyperbaric Oxygen (HBOT) Chamber from your home is a crucial Software in trauma procedure. It may save life with oxygen therapy and help victims of strokes get back their wellness speedily. Restoration time depends on lots of elements which include how severe the accidents are, the quantity of blood loss and When the affected individual is sedated. An injuries like a stroke could potentially cause a person to go into a coma and even die. Oxygen therapy has aided these victims begin to Get better to allow them to Dwell life Generally once more.

An damage causes the capillaries to slender as well as their partitions to shrink. This leads to fewer blood circulation for the brain. With out appropriate circulation of the blood, the Mind can not obtain the oxygen it requires to operate correctly. If the Mind gets minimal blood, nerve indicators are usually not transmitted hyperbaric oxygten therapybrain injury properly, which stops the affected person from obtaining any sensory responses. Serious anemia also results in seizures and comas.

Hyperbaric chambers supply suitable oxygen and carbon dioxide on the damaged parts. What's more, it prevents the human body from losing h2o, which also cuts down fluid decline. The oxygen shipped from the Hyperbaric Chamber for stroke wounds aids repair service the weakened tissue.

HBOT therapy Positive aspects stroke people in two approaches. To start with, it gives them the oxygen they have to restore Mind function. For the duration of a stroke, the move of oxygenated blood is blocked on account of damaged blood vessels. The oxygen Home page saturation while in the blood is simply too very low, plus the affected person is unable to receive the advantage of oxygen therapy.

The next reward is that the enhanced blood movement linked to HBOT makes it possible for the client to recover from their accidents quicker. As extra oxygen is sent to the realm, the damaged tissues start to recover. Because healing takes position in a quicker level, wounds show up a lot less noticeable and more flexible.

Hyperbaric chambers have been employed broadly for a variety of ailments. They may be successful in treating colds, sore throats, bronchial asthma, allergies, and in some cases weight problems. The latest models of moveable models are light-weight and intensely transportable. Individuals can certainly transport their unit to A non-public clinical clinic or to their property.

Sufferers have experienced substantial advancements soon after having the treatment done. The most common complaint connected to Most recent surgical methods is agony. Muscle spasms, numbness, tingling, and an incapacity to come to feel items underneath the pores and skin can all be connected to professional medical processes. A hyperbaric chamber offers natural ache relief. Actually, it is possible to contain the procedure executed while at your house, applying very little a lot more than a topical anesthetic cream.

Wound healing is Improved through the use of a conveyable hyperbaric chamber from your home. The treatment is Harmless and many individuals report tiny to no soreness. When choosing a product, it can be crucial that the kit be accompanied by literature on the appropriate use on the devices. The hyperbaric unit really should be located in a locale exactly where It's going to be accessible all the time. Very careful thing to consider needs to be specified to the material and style in the tools. For greatest outcomes, the healing portable hyperbaric chamber from your home ought to incorporate a pressure equalization process.

Hyperbaric chambers may be used to recover any kind of wound. Small cuts, surgical web-sites, and deep wounds are just some illustrations. The process works by introducing air to the healing web page. This gives a more even and uniform therapeutic approach. The oxygenation method also promotes healing by stimulating the human body's very own therapeutic devices. A hyperbaric chamber need to be prepped just before use to take care of the appropriate natural environment.

One way to achieve force equalization is from the addition of a heat resource. Transportable hyperbaric chambers may be used with a variety of different heating things like a turbo pump, very hot plate, or electric flame. Warmth is the popular strategy mainly because it hydrates the tissue and allows initiate the formation of collagen. The collagen progress produces a deeper therapeutic from the wound whilst promoting increased blood circulation. A essential component to complete the healing system is the removing with the force off the therapeutic web site. This can be achieved which has a pressurized air unit, a bag-valve-mask unit, or simply a pressurized drinking water system.

Depending upon the variety of therapeutic that should be accomplished will identify the sort of pressurized air supply desired to accomplish the procedure. The most typical healing system utilizes a pressurized air unit. This device needs to be retained inside of a locale exactly where it can get higher amounts of circulation. This can make sure probably the most level of oxygen is released for the therapeutic site. An air tankless technique is often much more economical likewise, as fewer Vitality will probably be needed to work the pressurized air unit.

The portable hyperbaric chamber from your home can be used for many alternative purposes from the professional medical field. It truly is an inexpensive choice to standard exfoliating lasers or surgical procedures. The therapeutic approach is swift, pain-free, and efficient. Any personal who ordeals soreness in their healing method really should look into making use of this cure for his or her issue.

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