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text 2013-12-30 17:10
Sock Poppet's 15 Favorite Reads of 2013 (1st Half)
The Adventures of Pinocchio - J.J. Gardner,Carlo Collodi
Cinder - Marissa Meyer
The Conquest of Lady Cassandra - Madeline Hunter
The Delicate Dependency - Michael Talbot
Honor Besieged - Gayle Buck
Lady Emma's Dilemma - Rhonda Woodward,Rhonda Woodword
Lady From the Air - Alice Muriel Livings... Lady From the Air - Alice Muriel Livingston Williamson
The Law and the Lady - Wilkie Collins,David Skilton

MandyM posted her "My fifteen favourite reads of 2013" so I decided to do the same. Mine are in alphabetical order, since I didn't want to try to figure out which was my favorite. Coming up with the top 15 was hard enough.


I did it in two parts, since it only allowed ten books in the scroll.


1 ~ The Adventures of Pinocchio: A Novelization 

2 ~ Cinder: Book One in the Lunar Chronicles by Marissa Meyer


3 ~ The Conquest of Lady Cassandra by Madeline Hunter


4 ~ The Delicate Dependency by Michael Talbot


5 ~ Honor Besieged by Gayle Buck


6 ~ Lady Emma's Dilemma by Rhonda Woodward


7 ~ Lady From the Air by Alice Muriel Livingston Williamson


8 ~ The Law and the Lady by Wilkie Collins



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review 2013-10-12 14:00
Lady Emma's Dilemma by Rhonda Woodward
Lady Emma's Dilemma - Rhonda Woodward,Rhonda Woodword

Once lovers, Lady Emmaline and Baron Devreux have differing points of view concerning a long-ago tryst --and some "what ifs." But in an unexpected encounter, the two simply have too many questions and the answers only come by moonlight-with a little mischief.


The book was an enjoyable read. As in Austen's Persuasion, the hero and heroine are given a second chance at a relationship. Emma and Jack were going to elope thirteen years ago. However, on that fateful night, Jack's strange behavior (which included driving off in the wrong direction) caused her to walk away. Unlike Anne Elliott, Emma did marry to please her family. It was an unhappy marriage and Emma lost a child to illness. Now a widow, she's returning to London society after several years. Jack, during this time, has reclaimed his family's honor and established a successful stud farm. He never married, but he's not a rake either: he's had mistresses, but never for very long: he still loves Emma.


It's nice to read a Regency where the heroine, a member of the ton, has real friends of the same social standing. Emma's friends are not rivals in love, fashion, or hospitality. Though she is the granddaughter/sister of a duke, her friends are not inferior to her, like Harriet Smith to Austen's Emma. They are real friends who enjoy each other's company and "hang out" with each other.


The end was a bit annoying and drawn out. Emma kept waffling about trusting Jack, even after she'd admitted her feelings and he'd made his intentions known.


Finished: 10 April 2006


Disclaimer: I purchased this book.


(Note: A review from 2007. Cross-posted from blog)

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review 2013-06-10 00:00
White Roses and Starlight
White Roses and Starlight - Rhonda Woodw... White Roses and Starlight - Rhonda Woodward It's wonderful to see Rhonda Woodward writing again and she brings back her simple and light romantic style with White Roses and Starlight.Miss Marina Buckleigh is the eldest daughter of a baron and for being only nineteen has a nice head on her shoulders and takes everything in strive until she meets with a blond Adonis who takes her only a moonlight waltz . But everything stops when she runs face to face with Lord Fitzhugh Marquis of Cortland. It's been a awhile since I read where there's strong infatuation on the heroine's part. While that story wasn't done very well, but I don't have to say that about this book. Marina acts like a teen who has her first crush, thankfully doesn't act stupid or gets all hot and bother on the whim. Her infatuation quickly starts to die as a mature emotions start to emerge. All of us remember being a teen could understand Marina as she got carried away, it didn't diminish her as a character only made her stronger as she just grew from being a young teen to a young woman. While shortly blinded by her blond Adonis, Marina and Cortland draw swords from the start and slowly it evolves into a more understanding relationship. Cortland is one of my favorite type of hero. Being unapologetic about being who he is. A tad cool on the outside but baby does he burn bright on the outside. Being forced by his grandfather a duke to make he own way in the world. He sees things from a different angle the others. It doesn't mean he's all so perfect,nope, he is though willing to change and let down his shields. All the characters from the mean tabbies to the not so great suitors to Marina and Cortland's families and friends were all nicely done given a light touch to this overall gentle romantic story.
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review 2013-04-19 00:00
Lady Emma's Dilemma - Rhonda Woodward,Rhonda Woodword Ugh

Bad writing made me stop
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review 2013-04-15 00:00
Lady Emma's Dilemma - Rhonda Woodward,Rhonda Woodword A theme I always love to read is that of second chances and for Lady Emma and Baron Jack Devreux, their second chance at love was a long time coming. Thirteen years both Emma and Jack were young and in love, Jack building back his estate after his father nearly ruined it and Emma the shining star on the ton. Due to Emma's family being against the match, Jack and Emma decided to run away and elope but before they can go far fears and youth drive them apart until years later Emma's return to Society and meeting Jack again sets them up to go full circle. The story was that of pure fluff, simple and to the point with the characters on center stage with the secondary characters were just that and moved the story along. Both Emma and Jack have their disagreements, but seem to always get tossed back together and this opens up their chance to finally clear up their long overdue misunderstanding. "You are faced with quite the dilemma." he finally said, his lips still against her ear. Opening her passion heavy lids, she pulled back and met his gaze "Dilemma?" "You may hate me, but, my dear Lady Fallbrook, you want me just as much" Now I found this the most glaring problem overall in the whole story, it was the big misunderstanding and the duration of years which I found a little unbelievable. Still I think this gave them a chance to grow up as adults and not rush head long into something their weren't ready for yet. Adorable and fun read that hit the fluff spot!
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