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review 2016-02-28 15:50
Gunnerkrigg Court 2
Gunnerkrigg Court, Vol. 2: Research - Thomas Siddell

Love the first chapter (15), it’s a hoot. I like how Kat tends to be hot for people. still loving this series though some of the ghost issues can get a little confusing.Not much else to say on this reread. 5 stars, still love it.

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review 2015-09-27 19:12
So good!
Chimes at Midnight - Seanan McGuire


 2nd re-read (27/09/15)
4.5 Stars

Since I practically didn't remember anything about it any more, this was almost like reading a new book :)

I'm taking half a star *snort* because <b>Hell</b>, this was one never stopping roller-coaster!

Also, author Seanan Mcguire could do so much more with the romance between Toby and Tybalt: so frustrating!
You know what I am talking about it ;)
And now I'm left feeling a little like a perv. *cough*


Okay, now on to reading "The Winter Long".

1rt Read (23/09/13)

As readers, no matter what our taste in books might be, there will always be some times when one will be faced with:

A- Boring plot or simply a non-existent one;
( I could come out with a few examples of those)

B-  Boring characters (which you secretly wish would just fall down of a cliff).

C- Love triangles/rectangles or any other kind of other geometric figure created to disguise the lack of an actual <i>you know<b>plot</b></i>.

D-  Writing that leaves you with a headache... since you're to chicken to gouge your eyes out!

You guys know what I am talking about.

But moving on...so after a long, <b>LONG year</b> of waiting for this book to be released, I can definitely and honestly say...

NO, this was bloody brilliant!!!

Honestly this is one of those cases where I get all: OH, THIS WAS SO GOOD!! ("fangirling" while simultaneously caps-lock(ing) A LOT!)
Yes, I have a big stupid smile on my face...and I'm trying not to resort to a vast number of gifs!!

I don't know how many of you have already started this series (on account of my crystal ball lack of batteries..and then the oracles are still on vacations...probably in Algarve!), but if you haven't, and if you like amazing world building and characters that just feel real enough....to hug...and shout at (heroes make you want to do that...trust me in that), you should definitely give this series a try!

In this story, Toby once again is left in the position of having to go against the Queen of Mists...you know, the one that hates her guts?
You can guess how that's going to work out, right?

But unlike what happened in the first books, Toby has grown up, and she knows when she has to ask for help.
And there's a lot to give, if she's willing to ask.

So once again, October and her merry gang will have to face an almost impossible situation, with danger and failure lurking at each corner. And as the story moves forward, the danger and tension just keeps building.
Then towards the end there was a fighting scene that I think I will never forget:
It involved a kick ass mermaid!! First time that I ever saw (read) a mermaid go ninja on the bad guys!

Then there's her romance with Tybalt. Well, what can I say...
Long Live the King of Cats!
They're so sweet..and cute! :D

It's so good to read a urban fantasy novel with dashes of romance, in which the male character isn't an ass!
(honestly this should be a rule in our days..)
So go, and follow Oberon's edict:
Go read this book asap!
I'll be counting the days until the next one is released!


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review 2014-05-01 15:37
The Coroner's Lunch - Colin Cotterill

“Fascinating” is the best word that that I come up with. For a second adjective I would choose “original.” I really enjoyed this mystery and have already bought the second in the series.

Where to start? This book worked for me on so many levels. 

Set in the 70’s (post-Vietnam) in communist Laos our protagonist is a coroner. Mainly he pronounces deaths as “accidental” for the authorities who are philosophically and politically opposed to any death being classified as a murder---for murder as we all know, is a Western phenomenon, born of Western decadence---can’t happen here, right? Add to this the fact that Laos simply doesn’t have the resources to actually support a CSI practitioner and you have a very interesting situation when bodies start showing up with signs of homicide and torture, especially when the coroner doesn’t care if his findings ruffle feathers. Our hero has to borrow any chemicals he needs from the hospital and corpses are kept fresh, sort of, with ice, and getting tests done is next to impossible, but he is determined and I found him to be heroic while at the same time quite realistic. I must add however, that he has a little help. The dead will communicate, in a variety of ways, to point him in the right direction in his investigations.

And it was a fantastic mystery. Several, actually----we are treated to several complete cases in this one novel, ranging from the simple to complex political intrigue. Add to this the most interesting cast of characters that I have come across in quite some time and a narrative voice that brings these characters alive in full compassion and humor. I found myself laughing out loud several times at the irony and truth of the circumstances as I was enjoying a look through a window into a fascinating world and culture. Sort of like a Kafka novel with a real hero if that makes sense. 

In short, loved it. The next one is already on the TBR pile. 

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review 2013-12-14 17:47
Glad i requested this story!
Mistress of the Wind - Michelle Diener
               Arc provided by Season Publishing through Netgalley



This was pretty much a perfect fairy tale retelling...weren't it for the beginning, and the end.


Although being a fairy tale addict, this was the first time i read this fairy tale. Of course i was familiar with the basic guidelines of this tale:


_Guy (during the night )/bear, (during the day), seeks woman to engage in serious relationship in order to break course.
_Woman must be the "one"...and must not have serious allergies due to large amounts of fur!
_Woman must not try to see the lover's face.
_After a while woman takes a peek (lol) at her lover's face: "Oh, isn't he gorgeous!"
_Lover wakes up..
_All is lost!
_Woman must try to get her lover back


It seems straightforward right? Well, in reality it wasn't..


Author Michelle Diener takes this re-telling to another level.

She doesn't restrict herself to East of the Sun, West of the moon retelling. Instead we are also given parts reminiscent of Psyche's quest. Which just allowed for a much more richer story. I loved reading about the Norse mythology.


The landscape in which the story takes place was just beautifully portrayed.

What is it with snow, that makes for such terrific descriptions?


The characters, well defined, interesting and intelligent. I loved how there was parts in which the author tried (and succeeded) in giving us readers, a balanced (mostly...after all, he's a guy!) male character. Bjorg understands Astrid's dilemmas, and why she would behave in a certain way.


She's a character that takes what life gives her, always trying to make the best of it. She's not a simpering miss, and you can see almost from the start how those two are really perfect for one another.


The second part of the story, shows us Astrid in her quest to save Bjorg. I loved it.
Here we have a strong female character _a powerful female character _ that takes matters into her own hands, and Deals with It.


The villains
Well, they were intelligent, i must give them that!!

When i got to the last pages of the story, and realized what were their aces (or ace) i was dumbstruck!!
Very well played...it's always good to be surprised!


So why not a five star rating?
Because i would have liked a little more story, a little more development before Astrid and Bjorg ended up involved.

Although, in the other hand, i understand why the author wrote it like this:
Difficult times, death lurking, a man who has living as a bear for almost a year, a woman who always done what was to be expected of her. Someone who has been living for her family.


Also regarding the way the story ended, i would have liked to have been given something more...maybe a little show of how their daily life would come to be.

Yes, because happy endings take time and trouble! ;)


Bottom line: Loved this, and i can't wait to read the next story of this series.


Author Official Site


Buy "Mistress of The Wind"

Kobo store (pre-order)


I will be adding more links on where you can buy this as soon as the author displays them.


Thank you, Season publishing for allowing me to read and review this Arc.



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review 2013-12-09 03:09
My favorite 2013 book!
World After - Susan Ee


A terrific read!!

Without a doubt, i've just finished reading my favorite 2013 book!!

A terrorizing dystopia! it made me feel like i was right in the middle of the action!


I first "heard" of Angelfall,(the first book in series) probably right after i joined Goodreads, right at the beginning of 2012.


Back then i was still pretty much limited by the format in which the book was distributed. Meaning, if the book wasn't available in paperback i was pretty much ....you know.. o_O

All of this rambling is meant to say that i couldn't wait to get my hands on Angelfall. When BD finally had it for sale, i had to immediately bought it and devour it in one sitting!
That was back in the ~ancient year of ~2012. July, 2o12.

Now, more than a year after, "Wold After" was finally released..YAY!! Or as Scooby says: Scooby Dooby Doo!! ;)

Okay, since i like to have the stories facts all perfectly clear in my head, i went and re-read Angelfall. Which was just as amazing as the first time i read it!!
Yes, i'm glad to report that there wasn't any sense of dullness involved in the re-read.
Always a factor to take in to account ;)


And then i started reading World After.

You know how after finishing some stories you can't concentrate on nothing else, because the "book's movie" is still playing in your mind?
Well, that is what is happening to me!!
It broke my heart, it scared me to death! But it also made me smile...
How can i let go of such a story?
It was absolutely terrifying perfect!!


The pace
It never drags. The story line flows as a stormy river.


The plot
Perfectly outlined, with solid foundations. What more can i ask?

The characters

I love them all! Not only the main characters, like Penryn or Raffe. But also the woman Penryn saved from the Scorpions/locusts fetus. The moment with her family...it was heartbreaking to read.
Tweedle Dee/Dum, our famous spy masters give the story a dash of hilarity in a world that definitely needs it.
Paige..oh my God...she broke my heart...
I wanted her to be safe and happy. I wanted her to go back to the way she was. Is that even possible?


The romance
Oh brother...
I love both Penryn and Raffe. And the way the longing for each other is portrayed is just...perfect.
But you know what?
I don't want Raffe to be a fallen angel...
So yes, i CAN'T WAIT to read the next book in the series!!



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