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review 2016-04-20 21:09
Samantha Posey: Love Unfolded
Romance: Romantic Suspense: Samantha Posey Love Unfolded: Love Unfolded-BWWM Contemporary Romance (Samantha Posey Love Series Book 1) - Shantee' Parks,Larita Brazil


Title: Samantha Posey Love Unfolded
Author: Shantee' A. Parks
Publisher: Amazon Digital Service
Series: Samantha Posey Love Series # 1
Reviewed By: Arlena Dean
Rating: Four

"Samantha Posey: Love Unfolded" by Shantee' A. Parks

My Thoughts...

I will say this was one read that kept me shaking my head because it seems to go on and on and then at the end we find it is a cliffhanger... the reader will have to get book 2 to get the remainder of Samantha and Jacob's story. I will say that this author really knows how to write some erotic sex scenes that will be in most of the chapters. I will say this was uniquely done and left me saying wow! Be ready for a story of 'love, lies, betrayal, mystery and yes even murder, loss of action, suspense and romance.'

I will say this novel has some very interesting characters especially the secondary ones [Nicki, Adam & Todd] that I found rather defined and well portrayed in this story line. The hero and heroine both at times will work ones last nerve with all of their bantering back and forth. This was definitely not one of those predictable stories because there is so many twist and turns but one thing is for sure and that is their love making! Will Samantha and Jacob have their HEA when it is all said and done? Will they be able to get pass this 'invisible bond' that they seem to have for each other? Well no matter what the odds or conflict that comes to Samantha and Jacob it seems certain their loves seems to conquer all....or will it? To get these answers and so much more you will have to pick up 'Samantha Posey Love Series Book 2' to get the rest of the story.
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review 2013-01-06 19:46
The One Knight Collection (Kindle Edition)

 The One Knight Collection (Kindle Edition)

5 stars

  Buy:Amazon US
Reviewed by: Tonya
Published:Samantha Holt

Source Author Request Genre: Erotic Romance

The One Knight Collection - A collection of sensually erotic short stories

Novella length - approximately 25,000 words

If you had one night to prove your love...could you?

One Knight
Katerina's arranged marriage promises to be one of indifference as she is convinced of her new husband's dislike of her. Will her wedding night prove her wrong?

Black Knight
Lady Katherine yearns for excitement and danger, something far removed from her life as a lady. So when she discovers a dark intruder in her chambers will she take the opportunity to discover where her lust for danger could lead or will she reject her one chance for excitement and maybe more...?

White Knight
On the eve of her wedding, Lady Sara makes a bid for escape, having little intention of marrying a man she's never met. But Sara's plans go awry when she ends up in the hands of a mysterious knight.

As she finds herself consumed by the fiery passion that lies between her and this mysterious man, she has little idea that it is not just his name that he is hiding from her. Her knight holds a much bigger secret, but will it tear them apart or will she forgive his deception?

Highland Knight
The Mackenzie and Sinclair clans have been warring for years so Anna is not impressed when she is told she'll have to marry the arrogant, if handsome, Niall Sinclair She vows never to let go of her hatred of the Sinclair's but she quickly finds herself questioning her dislike of Niall. Can one night together erase centuries of hatred between two clans?

All stories are also available to purchase separately.

My Thoughts

What a great collection of four short stories by Samantha Holt. What a great author.

I really loved each story all hot and steamy and erotic and each so very different.

What would it be like to prove your love to the one you are meant to be with in one night. What would you do, what would you say?

Katerina and Guy are celebrating their wedding. An arrangement made by her father to a man she thought didnt like her. Little does she know Guy thinks she doesnt like him. But once they retire for the night they both quickly learn how very wrong they each were. The passion sparks and in one night the learn how very much they love each other.

Forced by her father into marrying Naill a man from a vlan she grew up hating but her father believed would end the war betwern the clans Anna was resigned to the fact it would be an unhappy alliance. But later when trapped with Naill on the ramparts Anna and Naill both quickly learn how very right they are for each other. Their passion ignights and the cold night soon heats up.

Katherine and James are best friends having grown up together and she shares with him how she longs for more than just excitement and adventure but dark and dangerous. As night falls and she retires for the night a stranger awaits her in her chambers and quickly brings her to the very edge. As she soon learns her best friend loved her as much as she loved him.

Sara doesnt want to be married to someone she doesnt know. As she sneaks off into the night with plans to meet a girlfriend and run away to France a mysterious stranger is waiting for her. He aids her in her escap but little does she know he was aware of her plans and planned to use them to his advantage and show her how much he loves her and to win her love. He's loved her for years. And in one facinating and dangerous night she too falls in love.

Each of these are down right hot and passionate. Each one completely different yet equally etotic. Steamy from start to finish. 

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review 2011-09-11 00:00
A Season For Samantha (Zebra Regency Romance)
A Season For Samantha - Kathryn Kirkwood Fun & light, this confection is better written & more enjoyable than Ms. Fluke's Hannah Swenson series. Too bad 'Kathryn', a pseudonym for Hannah's mother Delores, doesn't give the same pointers to her daughter.
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review 2009-12-12 00:00
Samantha's Cowboy (Harlequin American Romance #1271)
Samantha's Cowboy - Marin Thomas Third in a series about the wealthy Cartwright family, Samantha's Cowboy tells the story of a woman suffering the after effects of a head injury and her attempts to establish her independence.When she was 16, Samantha Cartwright was kicked in the head by a horse. Now 32, she's still suffering memory lapses and nightmares from the trauma. Though well-meaning, her protective father and brothers have sheltered her through her early adulthood and now she's eager to prove to herself and her family that she can make it on her own. She's marched into Wade Dawson's office to demand her trust fund monies so she can establish a rescue ranch for abandoned horses.When Wade brings up her account and sees that all $20million has disappeared, he begins to play for time. He shows up to single-handedly dig a 60 ft well, pays for supplies out of his own pockets and does his level best to stall her from scheduling improvements on the ranch.The two form a close bond from working together on this ranch. Unlike the cowboys Samantha's grown up with, decidedly un-macho, beta Wade is patient with her confusion and mental lapses while still seeing her as a woman, instead of a little sister. Likewise, Samantha sees past Wade's geeky glasses and business attire and can appreciate the learning difficulties he's had as a dyslexic. They complement each other, Samantha the sweat equity rancher and Wade the patient paper pusher.The story is marred, however, by a number of frustrating cliches and plot holes. The story starts slowly due to an awful lot of series rehash. While it was nice to see what her brothers had been up to, it added nothing at all to the story beyond being cheap starchy filler.Wade's son Luke, from a previous marriage, is that frustratingly prescient child character that plagues many a romance. He's 8 and speaks like an adult, providing deep thoughts and touching moments throughout the novel.I felt Wade handled the misappropriated funds issue inappropriately. She truly dragged it out with more lying and omission than a hero should do. He wasn't at fault, and he comes clean eventually, but it was highly unprofessional and irrational behavior. Samantha's Cowboy is an enjoyable story of a woman facing her fears and standing on her own, but it's deeply flawed in some respects.
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