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review 2021-05-12 03:06
Danger & Diamonds - Elizabeth Levy,Mordicai Gerstein

Philippa's parents work on a cruise ship. She helps them with their jobs. A new captain and his son are coming aboard for this trip. A Duchess and her nephews also are on this cruise. Philippa does not trust them especially as she notices how much they all watch her. She also likes mysteries. So she decides she will find out about them and about the captain's son who is a mass of contradictions.


I enjoyed this story. Philippa is very determined to solve the mystery even if it means she runs afoul of the cruise director and the captain. I wanted to slap the Duchess and her nephews. They were pains in the behind. I liked Philip but I wanted to know his story as much as Philippa did. We do find out in the end what it is.


This is a good story for 8-12 years old. The mystery is enough to keep one engaged and rooting for Philippa.

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text 2021-02-18 14:54
How to Sell Specialized Products to Schools


One of the best ways to move merchandise quickly is to focus marketing efforts on a specific target market. Once you understand your key demographic, you can craft a strategic outreach campaign. A Canadian school database is a powerful tool for helping guide your sales strategy, especially if you sell specialized products.


Here are three examples of how a company could utilize a list of colleges in Canada to sell specialized products.


Equipment For Students With Special Needs


A company that sells equipment for special needs students should target only institutions that have these programs. In this case, the company should utilize a list of colleges in Canada sorted by specialty. A place that caters to autistic students may be especially interested in purchasing sensory stimulation supplies or quiet room equipment. A list of colleges in Toronto can help your ramp company to an institution that specifically educates students who use mobility devices.


Music Education Supplies


Not all learning institutions have fully-fledged music programs. It would be a waste of your marketing dollars to reach out to a superintendent who doesn’t have a music budget. Instead, search for “music” in a list of colleges in Toronto and you can target decision-makers who have the money to purchase what your company produces. To get even more specific, you could search by keyword “music,” college-age, and by geography. This could allow your sales team to segment their approach and see which prospects respond best to your pitch. Perhaps colleges in Atlantic Canada are especially interested in hand-held musical instruments that can be shaken.


Art Supplies For Affinity Programs


Many institutions were founded around a particular affinity, such as art or technology. These students need subject-specific supplies consistently and could be a great source of revenue for your company. Search through a list of colleges in Canada to find programs where students might need your company’s products. The department head might be the perfect person to target for sales calls.


No matter what kind of product or service you sell, a Canadian school database can help focus your outreach efforts. Smarter marketing means higher conversion and more revenue. Avoid wasting time reaching out to people who don’t need what you sell, and use a smart data system like Scott’s Directories instead.

Source: www.scottsdirectories.com/how-to-sell-specialized-products-to-schools
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text 2021-02-18 10:59
Why Outdoor Activities are Essential for Your Kid's Growth?

Toddlers, in their early years, grow rapidly. Their body and mind develop at a faster rate. In this era of technology, life has somewhat become difficult. You barely manage to take kids to playgrounds and parks. This results in kids getting glued to their tabs and mobiles; they rarely go out.


The importance of outdoor games and physical exercise can’t be neglected. They are as important as studies, especially for the Early Years age of children. But finding spare time to take kids out can be a bit cumbersome. This problem has an effective solution. Did you know that a small play area can now be installed in your backyard or lawn?


class image


Benefits of Mini-Playgrounds

Safe and sound: The safety of children always worries the parents. A toddler can’t be sent outside to play all alone. Someone needs to be present there to keep an eye on them. However, if you have installed a mini-playground in your house, the child can happily enjoy the game time. You can watch your kid from the inside, and thus, the safety issue is solved.


Physical Growth: As mentioned earlier, the development of a child is significant during the early years. You need to be quite considerate about their physical activities during this period. Getting a min playground installed for them is not a bad idea. It can offer them various options to indulge in. The outdoor activities help in muscle build-up and immunity boost-up.


Bone development also attains a pace through physical activities. This means stronger bones and better heart functioning. The weight of your child also stays in a desirable proportion. The chances of them being under or overweight reduce significantly.


Better Brain Development: Playgrounds not only inculcate physical development in children but also enhances their brain growth. Brain cells increase when kids indulge in outdoor games. The blood-flow accelerates, and this has various other benefits as well.


Teamwork: With a playground installed in the backyard, your child can now have friends over. They can play in collective groups for efficient learning. This helps them in learning to work in teams, and they understand the importance of teamwork.


Personality Development: Having a playground will also help children develop their personalities. Social skills are learned through social interactions. But when a child spends the entire day in the house and experiences no social contact, this becomes a daunting task. Outdoor activities offer kids a chance to socialise.


Customisable: The playgrounds you install at home or even in schools can be customised according to the age group and area available. You can select the activities and swings to be installed. From play areas to swings and see-saws, you can find a wide variety in these playgrounds. The options are many; you need to figure out your requirements.


Reasonable Price: An ordinary playground can cost you a fortune. But these mini play areas come at affordable prices. This is why schools with limited budgets and spaces are also investing in them. You can again go to indoor playgrounds, which are quite similar to the mini play areas.


The physical growth of your child is necessary for a healthy life. Children at an early age develop in different ways, and the involvement of physical activities provides a healthy lifestyle. If you also find yourself anxious about sending your kid outside to play, mini play years make a perfect solution.



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review 2021-01-06 03:41
In the Penalty Box - Lynn Rush,Kelly Anne Blount

Willow just wants to work on her skating, what she has left of it.  The career adjusting injury has made her life something she never thought she would see.  Now she has been given a chance for something different. Does she have the guts?


Brodie is attracted to the amazing girl he does not want to like.  It seems mutual, but teenage attraction is never that simple.  When his teammates taunt him into hanging out with the good looking skater, he may get more than he bargained for.


This story was cute and charming, in a teen snarky kind of way.  I am not sure if I liked it at first, but I loved the honesty between the characters.  I was fully vested by the third chapter and I couldn't wait to read the end.  I give this a 3/5 Kitty's Paws UP!



***This early copy was given in exchange for an honest review by its publishers and Netgalley.

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text 2020-11-23 23:20
Tips About Purchasing The Most Efficient School Table

Pens as well as Pencils: A selection of new pens and also pencils are on the market that are environment-friendly school materials. For instance, you might intend to attempt cedar pencils or those that are made of as much as 50 percent blog post customer recycled tired ballpoint pens. You might likewise intend to think about pencils that are refillable and made from non-harmful contaminants.

Let's encounter it. University can have an odor ... essentially. After a pair months going to class and also having an irregular schedule, pupils' dorm spaces, their apparel and at times, the actual pupil can start to go a bit bad. For times such as these, why not supply pupils a care package at the beginning of the academic year with wellness and elegance items, breath mints, periodontal, various other oral health products, and hand sanitizers. One more item that can be included this pack that would can be found in useful is flip-flops. It is typical understanding that NO trainees ought to brave a high school or junior high locker area or public shower without protection for their feet. Specialized flip-flops with your school's name and also shades will certainly allow all students to walk without fretting regarding foot safety and security.

Enjoy whatever products your children use. These desk school suppliers are good products to discover on sale as well as get prior to school starts. The summertime prior school office furniture suppliers to school starts is the only time I've seen school supplies for sale so ensure you make use of it.

For the majority of pupils, the month of August is a time for preparation. Trainees from primary through secondary school have to determine which school products they will certainly need in the brand-new year. Acquiring these important materials is a task for any individual, so why not alleviate the pain on moms and dads as well as their budgets? It is time for your university to invite in a brand-new period of products for students, reveal gratitude to moms and dads and also produce recognition on pushing issues with supplying fresh, brand-new products that advertise returning to school in 2007.

Long-term Marker. Once in a while, pupils are required to create their name on computer disks, which have to continue to be at school while not being used, or text books. An irreversible pen is popular among school materials and is a remarkable means to see to it that a name is not gotten rid of and will certainly assist a product to be quickly identified ought to it ever come to be shed or stolen.

Books And Folders: Perhaps the most convenient of all types of environment-friendly school products to discover are the books, folders and notebooks made from recycled paper products. You will additionally locate binders made from approximately 38 percent recycled PCW cardboard or record covers that are 100 percent recycled. Obviously, most pupils understand that by reusing these items themselves when done using them likewise aids to contribute to the treatment of the setting.

Pocket Calendar. A calendar is essential for every single pupil for a variety of factors. From something as basic as dating a test paper to monitoring upcoming tests and also research target dates, a pocket schedule is among one of the most underrated school products around.

Pens. Among one of the most vital things to have is a great writing pen. Despite the fact that the majority of instructors favor that job be performed in pencil, there are constantly lots of usages for pens. Blue as well as black ink are the most usual amongst school supplies.

Through offering these products to your organization's students and also moms and dads, you are aiding them start the brand-new academic year on the right foot.

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