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review 2017-12-18 22:20
A Different Light
A Different Light - Morningstar Ashley

“Being with you is an adventure I wouldn’t miss for the world.”


And boy does this sweet Mac lead Bennett on quite the adventure.  Bennett whose nickname “Princess” suits him quite well, as he is in fact one of the most high maintenance characters I have read about in a while.  It takes someone with some wit, humor and honestly patience to become what Bennett in fact needs. 




An adorable nerd with a fetish for sexy science boxers, this character while hard headed at times, is just so goofy adorable that you can’t help but just love him to death.  I have been unable to locate these boxers on-line, so I think our Morningstar could make quite a side company creating these nerdy creations…because I need these in my life.


Morningstar manages to not only create two very likable characters but a couple with actually some heartbreaking history. It is not until Bennett sees Mac in “A Different Light” that he knows just what Mac is to him.


“You…saved me that night. You showed them where I was, you…you held my hand…I remember that. I can sometimes still feel that warmth wrapped around my hand. It's what kept me grounded that night. I felt like if I had let go, I would’ve died…You were my anchor that night, and every night after when I thought I was lost.”


Mac may not consider himself a hero…but he is to Bennett.  And the cover image for our dear Mac, just perfectly portrays the beauty that is this character.


This book, like the author’s first, has some absolutely beautifully written sexy moments and it is the heart to heart moments where I believe this author is at her best. 


Passionate and thoughtful, these moments are just so touching.  I do wish a few of them had been longer, developing the character’s history, issues and their ultimate connection even further.  The body painting scene…good grief…after hundreds of M/M books (even some that from the cover imply body paint), it is not until this book that I have been able to see this scene in all its glory. 


Like in “Letting Go”, Morningstar has a way of interjecting such real genuinely funny situations that have me laughing out loud.  From the paper plate scene in “Letting Go” to the destruction of paper plates here, to the use of painter’s tape and even oven mittens…it is these moments that I love.


Overall, such a sweet story of finding comfort and home in the most unlikely of places.  I eagerly await Jaden and Danny’s story as I fell in love with them almost instantly.


*An ARC was received by the Author in exchange for an honest review*

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review 2014-01-24 10:40
Fat Cat - Robin Brande

Short review.

This was a really fun book, and I really loved to read it. 

The main character decides for a science project to live how people in a certain time period did. That means no to certain foods and no to a lot of modern stuff. In the beginning it was difficult and she changes it to a bit easier quite soon, but I respect that. After all, it is just barely doable that you eat like them. 

I loved how she dropped weight, and how she started loving her new body, though at times was also shocked at how much attention she gets from the boys all of the sudden. And then she changes her project again to something else. Which led to lots of fun and laughs. :)

We also got her best friend (who was absolutely marvellous) and a guy she used to love, but now hates. We slowly find out why she hates his guts so much these days.

This was a really cute book and I would recommend it to everyone.

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