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text 2020-02-27 09:45
How do I score more in "Reorder Paragraphs" in PTE-A?

Reorder Paragraph is a sub-task of the Reading module. In this task, you will get a few paragraphs that are randomly ordered. You will have to rearrange them to form a logical order. This task tests your reading and understand skills. Your score is evaluated on how correctly you arrange the sentences of the paragraph. If you manage to arrange all of them in the correct order then you will get full points but if you arrange them in the wrong order then you will lose points. You do get partial points for arranging some of them correctly. PTE mock test will help you get acquainted with this sub-task.

We have put tips that will help you to score more on the Reorder Paragraph task.


Understand the main idea

Before you dive into arranging the paragraphs in the right order, you should first read all the sentences. Try to understand the context and overall idea of the paragraph. To arrange them in the right and meaningful order, you will need to understand the purpose of each of the paragraphs. So read them thoroughly before starting to arrange them. 


Find the topic sentence or the first paragraph


The first sentence is the topic sentence. So start looking for the topic sentence from the given paragraphs. Read all the sentences to find out which one gives an overall idea of the passage. There are a few points that you should consider while looking for the topic sentence. It is a stand-alone sentence and does not depend on any other sentence. The first paragraph has some distinctive characteristics and gives the overall idea of the whole text. It does not begin with a pronoun or give a reference to a person or something. If you come across sentences that begin with connectives then they are not topic sentences. You can eliminate them. Use these tips for finding the topic sentence while solving this task on the PTE mock test. 


Find the logical order


You need to figure out the right order of the sentences. Look for some link between sentences that will help you to understand the order. Try to find the time sequences in the sentences. They give an indication of the past, present or future. This will help you to quickly find the right order. Another trick is to look for acronyms. They are short forms of names and terms. If they are present in the paragraphs then both the full form and short form will be there. The sentence that contains the full form will come before the sentence that contains the short form. The second paragraph will describe more about the things mentioned in the first paragraph. Make sure it is connected to the first paragraph in some way.


Use Grammar to find the right order


Grammar will also help you to arrange them in a meaningful order. Look for articles like 'a' and 'an' because they are mostly used to introduce a topic. Whereas, 'The' is used for a person or something that has already been introduced before in the paragraph. You should then look for adverbs, pronouns and words like 'but', 'forever', etc.

Search if there are any demonstrative pronouns. They are used to refer to nouns or noun phrases. When they are used in a sentence then it means that the previous sentence contains the relating noun or noun phrase. If you find a sentence containing a personal pronoun without any mention of a person, place or object then it means that it has already been mentioned in the sentence that comes before it. Use this tip on the PTE mock test to link sentences in the right order.

There are other tricks like looking for transitional words amongst the sentences. They help to give a smooth shift from one idea to another so you can logically link two sentences.  Try to use these tips on the practice tests or PTE mock test and see how your score improves.


Use the trial and error technique


The trial and error method helps you to eliminate the wrong choices. Begin with a topic sentence and move ahead to look for sentences that link with it. After arranging them you should read the whole paragraph together to check if it sounds perfect. In case, something sounds off then change the order. Follow this tip during PTE mock test. Sometimes when we arrange them, we do not realize that two sentences are not linked properly. But when we speak them then we find that they do not sound like they are going with each other. If you are confused between two paragraphs then you should keep each of them in that position and read it out. Try to analyze how it affects the sequence of the other paragraphs and what meaning is conveyed. 


Do enough practice


You should put all the above tips and strategies in use while attempting the Reorder Paragraphs task on the PTE mock test and evaluate your performance. See if your score has improved after making use of all the above tricks. You should also try to practice this task on practice tests. Once you have practiced this task thoroughly then it will be easy to tackle it in the PTE exam. You can also solve exercises and sample questions that are available on the internet in order to improve your score. Make sure you work on your grammar skills as they help in finding the right order. 

Source: www.ptemocktest.com
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review 2017-10-17 05:26
Scored - Sloane Howell

Matt has wanted Kelsey for some time.  He is careful with what he says to her, since he really wants to make this happen right.  Approaching your dream girl though....


Kelsey has made mistakes in the past.  She knows she is attracted like crazy to Matt.  She also knows herself.  She has a pattern that she is hoping to break.  Can he be the one?


This was an amazingly HOT story!  Warning - sexy times in this book will burn you up!  I also love the banter.  Good character development is present also.  Having some previous characters return from another book (Bossed) makes it fun.  I give this story a 4/5 Kitty's Paws UP!



***This ARC copy was given by Netgalley and its publishers in exchange for an honest review only.

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review 2017-10-16 05:56
Witty, snarky, sexy, and fun
Scored - Sloane Howell

Scored is witty, fun, and off the charts sexy. If you're looking for a deeper meaning and lots of hearts and flowers, you won't find it here. What you will find, is an engaging and steamy tale that is loaded with snark and low on angst.

Kelsey comes across as a bit wishy-washy at first as she tries to decide whether or not to give Matt a chance, but there's no denying the humor of her inner dialogue and her sarcastic wit kept her in my good graces. Matt is an all-around good guy and our snarky heroine certainly keeps him on his toes, but he takes it in stride and holds his own quite well with the chuckle worthy banter throughout this romance. 

While I hesitate to call this a sports romance since we don't really get any game play, Matt is a baseball player and has a tough decision to make - one that could have a huge impact on a relationship with the hesitant Kelsey. The angst of that decision is relatively low and the story primarily focuses on the pair getting to know each other, both in and out of the bedroom. Overall, Howell has given us an amusing and often quite humorous romance with lots of fan yourself sexy and some fantastic banter and wit between characters. And I have to add that the epilogue was pretty darn perfect.

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review 2017-06-21 14:14
Scored - Marquita Valentine

Marquita Valentine has been an auto-buy author for me from the moment I found my first book by her. Not sure if it is a Southern thing or what, but I get her voice in every single book and each one becomes my new favorite release. Scored was another winner from Ms. Valentine. Let me just say I fell for Dallas Drake from the moment he appeared on the page. I love a sexy football player, and add in a football player who actually wants to help others, and you had me at hello. I also loved that Paige didn't immediately jump to be with Dallas, which obviously was something new for the football stud. I think part of it was because her older sister Finley had always told Paige to stay away from sports guys, but part of it was just who Paige was. I love that she is all about the romantic hero thanks to all the romance books she has read. I loved that Dallas accepted that Paige needed to take thinks somewhat slow. No it wasn't his usual style with women, but it was different with Paige from the very beginning. Paige makes Dallas keep their relationship under wraps, which is so not the norm for him. I fell in love with Paige and Dallas as a couple long before either one of them admitted to being a couple. They had amazing chemistry and their lovemaking steamed up my kindle screen. I also love that Dallas puts the final decision about them being a couple in Paige's hands. She had to be strong enough to be open with their relationship with her family and friends. I loved Paige visits her mama to talk things over and she finally asked Finley for help with everything. While everything didn't happen exactly how Dallas wanted it to, it was perfect the way Paige found her voice and courage to own their relationship. Scored is a stand-alone book from Marquita Valentine, though I really want books from a few of the characters we met. Scored was a fun, sexy and fast read and I highly recommend it to readers who love contemporary romance. Rating: 5 Stars (A) Review copy provided by publisher

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review 2017-06-13 00:00
Scored - Marquita Valentine Dallas is an incorrigible flirt with a winning streak on the field. His personality is big, but his heart is even bigger. The perpetual playboy has depths that not many get to see. Paige is the only thing that stands in the way of his carefully crafted image. The one person he lets in to his deepest thoughts and most painful secrets. She makes him a better man. Too bad he had to screw it all up. Ms. Valentine makes a touchdown with Scored. The appeal lies in the tale itself. Love, loss and mistakes are subjects everyone can relate to. By adding the delectable humor, Ms. Martin gave a larger than life character a vulnerability that humanized him.
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