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text 2014-08-29 03:28
In Which I Have The Power Of Time Travel....

Sitting on the desk next to me is a stack of books that I've finished (some, months ago) but need to write reviews for, and I'm suddenly thinking "hey I could do that now..."


And then I remember I have this work-related writing I need to finish tomorrow which is why I'm only just glancing around in here, and nothing else! Yep, things to do, so this is just a momentary read of my dash and then I'm offline....


And then I realize I have just managed to time travel a decade or two back and suddenly I am Student Me!

[Sound effect: 80s techno music! Brief and non-obnoxious clip, though possibly earwormy!]

With a project due suddenly I realize hey, there's this shiny-fun-amusing-fascinating-thing that I could stop and mess with for only, what, 30 minutes or so, it would only be a bit of rest - it wouldn't take any time at all - and then I'd go back to complete my assignment!

Procrastination Powers, Activated!


However (after a short struggle) I did manage to find my way back through the mysterious time vortex and return to my normal self. Or maybe it was a portal? And the vortex that I managed to avoid was actually what would have sucked me into YouTube looking for 80s music to link in order to earworm anyone reading - which would have turned into several hours of time vanished. (In case you were wondering why I didn't link to an actual clip up there!) Because I know that one band's video would lead to looking at another, because I'd be reminded of it by the first band... And then there's a new album on Spotify I need to listen to...




[Makes note to set aside music-video-googling-time for Saturday night. Because I'll have the writing done then. Yes, I will. Shut up, stack of not-reviewed-yet-books. I'll play with you later.]


Student Me's two main distractions, especially during the weeks before finals:

1) random art projects involving collage or drawing/painting/writing on jackets,


2) reading the romance/fantasy/scifi paperback with the goofiest cover I could find in one of the two shops in walking distance on campus (ah, the joys of not having a car! also the annoyance of not finding anything amusing and having to settle for a magazine, which never was as fun)


You know you're the bookish sort when your wild procrastination fun is reading another book - but something not assigned!


Now I'm going to go pretend to go to bed at a decent hour so I can get up incredibly early and work. ...I will however be reading something before I go to sleep, and I sense it will probably have a goofy (or at least laughable in a genre kinda way) cover.


[Has Student Me triumphed and remained here in my own time?! Who can say!]

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