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review 2020-11-03 09:32
A Bad Day for Sunshine (Sunshine Vicram, #1)
A Bad Day for Sunshine - Darynda Jones

A long time fan of Jones' writing, I was excited to hear about this new series after her Charlie Davidson series came to an end, but also hesitant, as the premise for this new series sounded like quite a departure in a lot of ways.


I needn't have worried; A Bad Day for Sunshine has everything I loved in the Charlie Davidson series (save the outright paranormal plots), only slightly more polished.  Where the snark and jokes in the CD series could sometimes be a tad overdone (naming ever in animate object), here it was perfectly balanced.  The multiple plots were here too, without quite the manic pace, and the friendships and dialog were bang on perfect.  Levi too is the version of Reyes one could take home to their more liberal parents.  In many ways, as much as I loved the Charlie Davidson series, Sunshine Vicram feels more polished.


Plotwise, there are many different irons in the fire and all were good, though a few were telegraphed ahead of time to varying degrees.  I knocked half a star off because the multi-book plot feels transparent.  I still can't say who did it, but I feel confident about who didn't and what role the character played in the crime.  Whether I'm right or not, it left me feeling frustrated with the lack of resolution at the end, and doubly so when I found out the next book doesn't come out until July 2021.  But A Good Day for Chardonnay will definitely be pre-ordered.

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text 2020-09-16 06:48
Why should you hire professional Panel Beater?

There’s no father for damaged or ruined car, especially accidental car. Yes, because everybody’s thinking that it’s impossible to restore the same function that has damaged. Well, you can with the help of hiring professional Panel Beater Sunshine North as they know what to do with and no wonder also know which can be the possible ways to restore the original functionalities.

Damaged cars have many repairs like wheel replacement, engine repairing, indoor cleaning, and many others. This is not the simple task as you think because it’s already ruined and no wonder looks like you’ve no car. This means you have a piece of the car that you need to collect and construct a car and that’s why having a panel beater is beneficial.

There are many panel beaters available in the market, and no wonder also has companies that provide services, but you cannot rely on a local one. You’ve to see whether panel beater is good and experienced because there’s a chance if something went wrong like the wrong services and lack of quality. Here are the benefits which you can expect and avail from a professional panel beater.



Fix any issues regarding car

This is the most important benefit you can avail from professional panel beater is fixing issues, whether it’s risky or familiar. Yes, there are many types of repairs and no wonder difficulties, and that’s why you have to bank on accordingly and repair accordingly. Having a professional panel beater can peace of mind when it comes to repair and restore any hard problems and no wonder that’s how you can fix any risky issues and make your car best to performance and quality.

Tools along with proficiency

Yes, this matters a lot while fixing issues of car, especially accidental car. You cannot identify the problem like what it is, and that’s why having tools and technology is essential. Professional panel beater always works with appropriate technology and tools with you can choose the best services for your needs, and no wonder can repair any problem properly. There is a local panel beater who claims that they can repair without tools which is an illusion as they cannot without applying different and needed techniques. Ultimately, with the help of a professional and experienced panel beater, you can ensure the methodology which brings out the quality result.

Proficiency in repairing cars

The next and most important benefit you can consider is proficiency in repairing cars, whether a damaged car or accidental car. Well, there are many types of accidents like road and other, which is why according to accident repairing is tough and that’s why having a professional panel beater can be peaceful and bliss. Having them for the work can help you to bring out the best and appropriate result with you no longer have to worry about getting the job done.

Money savvy option

Yes, it is as professional always charge according to work like for small work base price and vice versa, and that’s why you should hire a professional panel beater. Hence, with the help of a professional panel beater, you can ensure proficiency and money savvy services.


Want to repair your accidental car? Then hire professional Panel Beater Sunshine North and get your car repaired whether accidental or ruined from any circumstances.

Source - Top benefits of hiring a Panel Beater for car

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text 2020-08-14 14:03
An Important Things That Panel Beater Do When Needed

Once in a lifetime, you might have experienced an accident or such a mishap. Have you ever? If you have then you might have searched for hire Panel Beater Kensington that can recover the damage and dents your car has.


Whether the car seeks a small repair or larger damage it is important to select the right panel beater among many choices. Most of us want to get the repairing cost worthy when we register our vehicle at the garage or with panel beaters. It will become important to get into connection with the reputable and experienced Panel Beater Sunshine North that can complete the repairing job effectively.


Panel beaters provide skills that serve for the restoration of the vehicle and they can improve the appearance of an accident.



Handle the bumper repair

Mostly, the car’s front and rear part get affected after the accidents so, it is no surprise that bumper repair is the most common repairing activity that you should look into. Because these days, bumpers are made up with the plastic and the damaged bumper is removed while a new bumper is ordered.


Repair of dent and scratch

Dents and scratches can be occurring anywhere on the vehicle. They will comprise the common form of panel beating jobs as they can get the result from impacts like a shopping cart in contact with the car panel side. This kind of damage, the panel beater repairs to bring back the original shape.


The panel removal services

An important task of a panel beater is panel removal and repair based on the damage. These panels are either bolted or welded on the car frame and it can be a great deal to experience the need for ensuring panels sit perfectly.


Spray painting

The colour matching is the top-most tasks that you need to deal with. This is the time where a spray painter will match the cars’ paint colour for assurance that there will not be any difference between the car and repaired sections. This is not an easy task but the panel beater expert with enough years of experience in the paint matching and spraying.


Complete detailing

The next and final process is detailing so when you are done with checking the car condition, you need to pay attention to all the details. The end result should always be happy and satisfied customers. If you have recently been in the accident, whether big or small, you need to contact the expert panel beaters that can handle these things wisely.


Ending up!


So, if you are thinking to hire the Panel Beater Yarraville you should ensure about the company or services they provide. It would be better to choose the panel beater service centre that has enough years of experience in the field of panel beating. Do you have any suggestions or recommendations for our readers? You can share it with us through the below comment section. Thank you & drive safe!


Source - Here Are Few Things About Panel Beater You Should Know

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review 2020-07-31 04:34
Lifeboat 12
Lifeboat 12 - Susan Hood

Audience: Grades 4 & up

Format: Audiobook/Library


I shouldn't do it.

- first line

This book is based on a true story of kids that were travelling on the SS City of Benares to Canada to escape the Nazi bombing of London. When the ship is torpedoed, Ken (13) and other survivors are left on Lifeboat 12 in the middle of the ocean. It's the little details in this book that make it so impactful. Ken was supposed to be on a different lifeboat, the young woman who makes up stories for the boys, the one sailor who acts crazy to make everyone laugh.
The story is told in verse, so I recommend reading a written copy more than the audio (or maybe both together). The audio is very well done and I could hear the emphasis and lyricism in the narrator's voice. The story is compelling and shows the importance of believing in yourself and each other and joining together to survive. Highly recommended. A 6-8 Sunshine State nominated book for 2020-21.

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text 2020-06-23 10:29
Panel Beater Sunshine North – A Brief Guide for you

Accidents can happen anytime and get out of this traumatic experience hardly gives the driver awareness of going for the right car repair. That’s why having the contact details of the renowned and trustable panel beater in Sunshine North is the best idea. You can either go for regular car repair there or keep them on speed dial for after accident repair.


If you are wondering what makes the panel beater the right choice for after impact car repair, the following information will be helpful to read.


Everything you can expect from a professional Panel Beater in Sunshine North


To ensure that your vehicle repairs in the right way and works properly after the repair, you need certified panel beater. The quality repair you get from a panel beater is totally dependent on the type of panel beater you are hiring. If you are hiring an experienced panel beater who will understand the entire damage and underlying problem properly is the right decision. Hiring someone new in the market and have hardly handled 10 or 20 projects, you might not get as satisfactory results as you thought. That’s why the types of panel beater you are hiring plays a crucial role when it comes to repairing your car after an accident and make it work properly.



What to look in a panel beater?


When it comes to hiring a panel beater, you need to consider various perspectives. We have listed some major traits of the ideal panel beater that you should look for.


So read ahead!




A panel beater must be eligible for repairing and replacing your car parts. You simply can’t hire someone who is not even eligible to handle car repairs professionally and legally. Hiring such a person isn’t just problematic for you to get back your insurance amount but it will also create issues for your legal car crash case in the court. Having someone who is certified for providing car repair services rock solids with your case and increase your chances of getting 100% insurance amount that you were expecting from the insurer. So whenever you are looking for a panel beater make sure that you ask for the eligibility of the person so that you get satisfactory results and everything goes in your favour.




Another trait to hire the best panel beater is to look for the experienced one. The more the experience, the better is the repairing. You can’t hire a panel beater who just has started its business. They will be naïve enough to make things worse with their lack of knowledge and skills. Instead of providing the right services, they can ruin the good parts of the car and make it nothing but a piece of junk. That’s why it’s suggested to hire only the experienced panel beater who knows their job.




Make sure that your panel beater has the training of a specific duration that a professional panel beater required. This makes sure that the panel beater is good at their job and knows how to repair a car or a vehicle.


So hire the best Panel Beater in Sunshine North now!


Source - A Customer’s Handy Guide for a Panel Beater in Sunshine North

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