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review 2017-07-30 05:41
A genius boy and his talking dog
Mal and Chad: The Biggest, Bestest Time Ever! (Mal and Chad, #1) - Stephen McCranie



Mal is a child genius and Chad is a talking dog. Mal pretends to be just a normal kid so he can stay in grade school, either because he doesn’t want to grow up too fast or because he has a crush on Megan (a girl in his class). Mal and Chad do everything together from scuba diving in the kitchen sink to traveling back in time to the age of the dinosaurs. The story is fun and filled with mayhem and adventure. The drawings are simple and in black and white. They show the character’s emotions and portray a sense of excitement when the story calls for it. McCranie originally created Mal and Chad as a comic strip for a college newspaper. There are three books in the Mal and Chad series.


This one was very cute and funny. I actually laughed out loud at times. Another good addition for our elementary school library (at least I hope so).

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text 2014-05-01 13:00
What Happened to April?
NOS4A2 - Joe Hill
Some of Your Blood - Steve Rasnic Tem,Theodore Sturgeon
Innocence - Dean Koontz

I love reading Char's monthly round up posts and decided to steal her idea.  This month was a mix of DNF, meh and three very good books. Not too shabby for me. I'm now only 10 books behind in my GR Challenge. Beats 11, I guess. 


N0S4A2 by Joe Hill. This was the best of the month. Books like this are few and far between. I wish they could all be this amazing.  I'm plan to write up a review but I fear all I'll have to say is "read it. It's awesome".  Those 5 star books are the roughest to review.


Innocence byDean Koontz. He's written some real duds but this was one of Koontz's great ones. I loved the two leads in this story.


Some of Your Blood by Theodore Sturgeon  This one surprised me. It had some witty writing and was mighty strange and disturbing.



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review 2013-11-24 16:09
World After - Gimme dat Raffe
World After - Susan Ee

**No spoilers for World After, but one spoiler for Angelfall. Go read it first!


4.25 Stars. Yeah, I said it.



“You broke me out of the grasp of a living horror when I thought all hope was gone. You gave me the opportunity to crawl back to life when no one else could."


She glances over at me, her eyes shining in the dark. "You're a hero, Penryn, whether you like it or not.”



And there you have it. Penryn Young is a reluctant hero.


I think we've all become so accustomed to the typical YA heroine, that when a "Penryn" comes along, the masses lose their damn minds. That’s the craze that this series has brought about. It’s not the same as the hype of many shitty YA books past, though. When I read a YA, I’m usually bracing myself for the worst. TSTL Mary Sues have become the norm, though it still baffles me. Penryn is neither TSTL nor too good to be true. She’s a different kind of animal.


Read more
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text 2013-11-20 01:27
My kindest, nicest, most generous friend, Sarah, just sent me this picture.

This is what she procured for me at Susan Ee's London signing today:







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review 2013-11-08 16:32
Moth by Daniel Arenson
Moth - Daniel Arenson

**No spoiler. Or spoilers, either.


Well, that was surprisingly good. I wasn't sure what to expect of Moth, but with that kickass synopsis (seriously, did you read that frikkin thing?), I had an inkling that I would like it. And I did.


Without taking into account the logistics or science, it's a fascinating world these people live in. Half is bathed in eternal sunlight and half is cloaked by eternal night. Yesss. I dunno why I hissed, but I really like that.. There's more to it, though. The people of each half know little of their neighbors. Both sides are shrouded in mystery for one another and myths and speculation abound. Much like in our own world, their respective ignorance breeds fear and hate.


We get a few POV's that are, thankfully, not in 1st person. The "main" POV, Torin, is a likable fellow with a fantastic sidekick who would have made an even better MC. Bailey is a kickass chick with a big heart. I instantly liked her. I want her to have her own storyline. I think she's capable of great things.


At first, I was concerned about one character in particular - Koyee - who had a very boring and immature voice. In time, her story managed to ensnare me and I came to care for her deeply. The majority of my personal angst, as evidenced by my angsty status updates, can be attributed to this character and her journey.


The truth is that I cared for nearly all of the characters. At one point, we're introduced to a new group and again, I didn't think I'd care much about their story, but in time, I did. You have a gift, Mr. Arenson.


All the characters are rich, flawed and endearing, except for those few that are rich, flawed, and infuriating. Even they are great characters, though. They certainly make you sit up and feel, be it indignation or rage. Kudos to the author for provoking so many emotions. I also wanna make note that there were no weak, feebleminded female characters. All the ladies were tough as balls and that was super-refreshing.


Arenson certainly pulls no punches when it comes to violence and gore, but it all fit well within the story and wasn't overdone in any way. It was perfectly suited to my tastes. I like my stories gritty and dirty and there is much grit to these interwoven stories. The oppression and injustices affected me tremendously.


There were only a couple of things that put me off slightly. As I mentioned, I found Koyee's POV in the beginning to be very dull. I wanted to tear my hair out. Though it did become interesting, it made it hard to get into the book at first. I know this is typical for Fantasy, but personally, I like a faster pace. The other POV's were great, but I felt like the story nearly stopped when it would switch to her. Thankfully, it was short-lived.


The other thing that threw me off was that same character at the end. She kept yelling out these melodramatic battle cries reminiscent of Lionheart, but cheesy instead. It really took me out of the intensity of the story. Everything had come to a head and there was Koyee, yelling out corny warrior cries. I forgave her, because the girl has heart, but I wanted to shake her.


Despite these couple of things, I really enjoyed Moth. For the most part, I was riveted and found myself rushing to get back to it whenever I would put it down. That doesn't happen to me often anymore, so this was definitely a treat.


Be forewarned, this is the first in a series and for that I'm glad. Though it didn't end on a cliffhanger, there were a lot of loose ends and I can't wait to see where Arenson takes these characters next.





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