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review 2016-02-08 04:35
The Chemistry of Death
The Chemistry of Death - Simon Beckett

Phew.  Took me what seems like forever to read this one.  And it was a pretty good book, the main plot was pretty solid and the ending was a real surprise.. 


What really held me back was the whole back story.  Everyone had a tragic past and it had to be rehashed every other page and jeebus, I just.  don't.  care.  I'm not bloody Dr. Phil, get on with it.

But overall, it's good enough that I'll give the second book a chance.

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review 2014-03-28 00:00
The Chemistry of Death (David Hunter, #1)
The Chemistry of Death (David Hunter, #1... The Chemistry of Death (David Hunter, #1) - Simon Beckett Enjoyed the ending but almost quit a few times before I got there. Review after vaca.
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review 2014-01-26 10:03
The Chemistry of Death
The Chemistry of Death - Simon Beckett

I had already read Whispers of the Dead (David Hunter #3). Yeah, something about reading order? I know. After reading it, I decided I wanted to read more, and this seemed a very logical start...


The Chemistry of Death is the first novel in the David Hunter series by Simon Beckett. It may not come as a surprise to learn there is quite a lot of death in this book and this series (What's in a name?). So, you'll need to have a stomach that can handle descriptions on decomposing bodies for the books (this one less than the third book, but just to be on the safe side).


The story in this book I thought was OK, not really special, but it was nice reading. I'm still planning to read more books, like the second book, but I still need to go and find it.


Note: I read a Dutch translation of this book

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review 2013-07-14 00:00
The Chemistry of Death - Simon Beckett Listened to this on a long trip. Gruesome and engaging car book.
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review 2012-10-15 00:00
The Chemistry of Death - Simon Beckett Three years ago, David Hunter moved to rural Norfolk to escape his life in London, his gritty work in forensics, and a tragedy that nearly destroyed him. Working as a simple country doctor, seeing his lost wife and daughter only in his dreams, David struggles to remain uninvolved when the corpse of a woman is found in the woods, a macabre sign from her killer decorating her body. In one horrifying instant, the quiet summer countryside that had been David's refuge has turned malevolent—and suddenly there is no place to hide.

The village of Manham is tight-knit, far from the beaten path. As a newcomer, Dr. Hunter is immediately a suspect. Once an expert in analyzing human remains, he reluctantly joins the police investigation—and when another woman disappears, it soon becomes personal. Because this time she is someone David knows, someone who has managed to penetrate the icy barrier around his heart. With a killer's bizarre and twisted methods screaming out to him, with a brooding countryside beset with suspicion, David can feel the darkness gathering around him. For as the clock ticks down on a young woman's life, David must follow a macabre trail of clues—all the way to its final, horrifying conclusion

Cut above the usual formulaic ‘nasty, yet inventive, serial killer’ book. The writing is excellent (curiously old fashioned style I thought) and Dr David Hunter an appealing and believable lead with a fine supporting cast.
The creepy atmosphere of the book was excellent especially around the village of Manham with its paranoid/hostile community which put me in mind of the film The Wicker Man. Good stuff
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