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review 2020-04-11 09:34
Painted Angels by WinJennster
Painted Angels - WinJennster

Dean lets the love of his life slip away because he can't handle his drunken father's slurs. Twelve traumatic years later, he gets a second chance. Skimmed some.

Source: archiveofourown.org/works/1085792
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review 2019-12-02 04:00
Painted by Kirsten McKenzie
PAINTED: A Horror Novel - Kirsten McKenzie

When art appraiser Anita Cassatt arrives at the mansion of the late Leo Kubin, a reclusive painter and art collector, she finds paintings on every wall of nearly every room.
Undaunted, she begins cataloguing, alone, until her associates arrive in a few days.

But there are a few things she doesn't know about this seemingly straightforward assignment.

Leo Kubin left very specific instructions concerning how the paintings are to be handled with his attorney....who has passed away, leaving his law offices in the hands of his son. Who has higher aspirations than the final wishes of senile old recluses. He dismisses the instructions as a waste of money and time, never informing Anita.

Who may not actually be alone in that house....

Kirsten McKenzie has written an atmospheric tale that feeds off that unsettling feeling many get when surrounded by portraits....that sense of being watched, and delivers a solid modern Gothic ghost story. Definitely an author to watch.

This was an e-ARC from Netgalley.

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text 2019-08-13 20:21
How To Choose The Best Custom Mirrors For Your Bathroom

Certain elements within a room help tie it together for a complete and cohesive feeling when entering the room. This cohesive concept pertains to all rooms, especially in the house’s bathrooms. Along with the different plumbing appliances and cabinets, the bathroom’s mirror is an important piece that must be carefully chosen as mirrors can either tie the room together or hinder it aesthetically.


Custom mirrors have become a popular trend for people looking to bring something unique to the bathroom. Quite a few retailers now provide this custom service to their clientele. Creating custom mirrors painted in whatever colors the customer wants is something that is in high demand in today’s market. For those interested in customizing a mirror for one’s bathroom, continue reading because this article will touch upon the many methods that have proven successful for customers in the past.



Various industries offer custom options for the items they sell to the public, and this has now transitioned to the realm of home appliances. Custom mirrors are exactly what they sound like; mirrors that you customize to a certain shape and size to fit perfectly onto the wall in your bathroom. 


The versatility in design and customization is what really brings out people’s desires You are creating exactly what you want. This versatility can extend to custom painted mirrors which are mirrors that have an artistic design painted onto its borders. These mirrors add a playful or elegant finish to your bathroom; most retailers provide this service online, so you can spend hours creating a mirror design that truly summarizes your personality.


Even with the option of customizing your own mirror, people still have problems finding the right mirror for their bathroom space; it’s not the easiest decision to make. A homeowner must keep the contents of their bathroom in mind, or if they are remodeling the room, they must know what is being installed into the room and be well informed about which type of mirror would be best to implement.  There are a number of things you need to keep in mind before you make your final decision; here are just a few. 


The Mirror’s Size


The correct measurements of a mirror are important because it has to complement the bathroom and all other appliances that are already in the room, respectively. Most experts emphasize that there must be a balance between the custom mirror and the vanity; interior designers state that a mirror must be smaller or just as wide as the vanity it stands over. 


Here is where making a custom mirror comes in handy. If a homeowner’s vanity is unconventional, they’re able to customize a mirror to complement the other appliances and vanities in their bathroom, but you are also creating a mirror that will fit in the desired area. 


Bathroom Sconces & Art


Smaller mirrors have become popular amongst home and business owners because of their versatility. One can decorate the surrounding areas around the mirror to further accentuate the presence of the mirror. If a bathroom has sconces or a small lamp mounted onto the wall even pieces of art, small mirrors can really tie the entire wall together without obstructing any decorations. 


Implementing a custom painted mirror alongside art and specifically sconces brings a certain refreshing artistic feel to the bathroom, and a pleasure for guests to experience in either a private or guest restroom. In order to fully achieve the right balance, a homeowner can either have one mirror built or two. With the one mirror, one could install two sconces alongside the mirror, while with two one could install one sconce between the two mirrors. Sconces have long been associated with high-class and elegance; you couldn’t possibly go wrong using a sconce. Furthermore, if paired with artwork, sconces can really evoke a sense of distinguished excellence in your bathroom. 


Wall-To-Wall Mirrors


Sometimes people ignore the rule of matching your mirror to the vanity or cabinets. Some homeowners want something bigger as opposed to something smaller. Wall-to-wall mirrors are what homeowners turn to in order to make the room look bigger. It goes further than custom making a mirror that runs the length of the wall. In order to maintain a sense of unity and balance, the mirror has to line up with the other objects and vanities that are in the room.  


First impressions are important. One has to feel comfortable in what experience they are creating and what is soon going to be installed onto their bathroom wall. Wall-to-Wall mirrors should not be purchased if it doesn’t satisfy you or create an appealing aesthetic.


Seeing Double


Many homeowners have two sinks installed onto their vanity, this could call for a variety of different sized and shaped mirrors. Either double mirrors, two separate mirrors, or a wall to wall mirror would be best to use when a homeowner has double sinks in their bathroom. 


Most double sinks and mirrors are for couples using the private bathroom; when customizing a double mirror or any type of mirror, one must have the user's height in mind. According to studies, the average woman is 5’5” and the average man is 5’10”; one must adjust their measurements to match these averages. You want to ensure everyone who uses your bathroom can see themselves.  


 One must have these things in mind when they are customizing a mirror for their bathrooms. It’s usually the small things that make a profound difference in the appeal of a room. Mirrors have long been a staple of elegance and appeal within a room; customizing a mirror or buying custom painted mirrors is one of the most effective ways in which a homeowner can increase their home’s property value and the inner appeal of the room.


There are many different options that people can choose from when considering the option to customize a mirror for their bathroom, but a lot needs to be considered before going through with the purchase. A homeowner not only has to know what they want but they must follow the rules of interior design to ensure the mirror ties the room together. If these tips are followed thoroughly, you can really increase the appeal of one’s bathroom. 

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text 2019-07-04 06:08

Most steel cabinetry is made of heavy duty, 12-gauge steel for to provide heavy-duty construction for maximum strength and rigidity. Steel typically has a powder coat finish, which resists cracking, peeling, and chipping. Powder coat is abrasion, corrosion and chemical resistant. This does not mean that it will not crack, peel, chip, scratch, or corrode, but it is more resistant than most other finishes. Codes dictate that the bottom, top, door, and sides of metal cabinets shall be at least No. 18 gage sheet metal and double walled with 1½‐inch air space. The door shall be provided with a three‐point lock, and the door sill shall be raised at least 2 inches above the bottom of the cabinet. Steel looks clean and state of the art. Factor in multiple color options and the ability to have custom colors, and you can create a beautiful laboratory.  The main benefit for steel in this category is that steel looks better over time with the wear and tear that labs are subjected to.


Some of the common applications for stainless steel cabinets and furniture include:

  • Hospital operating rooms
  • Pharmaceutical manufacturing and research labs
  • Animal research labs
  • Food research and testing labs
  • Autopsy labs
  • Bio safety labs

There have some benefits of this stainless steel lab cabinets like-


  1. Powder coating is one of the most durable protective coatings available for metal surfaces, and proper care will help prolong the finish.  Cleaning harmful chemicals and surface contaminants off as soon as possible will prevent damage to the finish. Warm water and soap is recommended, but most commercial cleaners can also be used. It is recommended that Acetone, mineral spirits or lacquer thinners be used, as they could compromise the finish. Mopping around steel bases is not an issue.
  2. Stainless steel is made of low carbon steel that consists of chromium and nickel. Chromium makes it resistant to rust and corrosion.
  3. Stainless steel has significant chemical resistance.  Most salts, organic chemicals, solvents and biological stains are not an issue. Some acids and bases are also not an issue.
  4. A few harsh acids (acetic acid, phosphoric acid, sulfuric acid) and bases (sodium hydroxide) are not recommended for use with stainless steel.
  5. Nickel in stainless steel makes it heat resistant. It can sustain continuous heat exposure above 1500 °F. There may be some discolor with prolonged high temperatures, but “it can take the heat”.
  6. This means stainless steel is a great fit for labs that use equipment with open flames, such as Bunsen burners.
  7. Painted Steel Casework metal composition makes it highly impact resistant. In labs, there is usually a lot of movement of tools and equipment.  While stainless steel can be dented, it is very difficult to puncture, so you don’t need to worry about piercing the clear coat finish (wood) or chipping paint (metal).
  8. Stainless steel is a recyclable material. The main alloying elements of stainless steel (chromium, nickel and molybdenum) are all highly valuable and can be easily be recovered and separated from other materials.
  9. Today, where environmental issues are so important in saving and preserving our world, stainless steel is cleaner for the environment.
  10. Lab equipment and furniture is an important investment, so it is important to know what product is right for your particular lab application. With the right choice, you lab furniture will be functional, durable and stand the test of time.


Original source: https://ezadlabfurnishing.blogspot.com/2019/07/how-does-stainless-steel-lab-cabinets.html

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text 2019-07-03 06:17
Setting Up An Efficient Stainless Steel Casework In Your Laboratory

Stainless Steel Casework For Your Laboratory

Casework usually has at least one compartment. Compartments may be open, as in open shelving; they may be enclosed by one or more doors, or they might contain one or more drawers. Some casework contains secret compartments, access to which is generally not obvious.


Modern casework employs many more complicated means (relative to a simple shelf) of making browsing lower cabinets more efficient as well as comfortable.

In lab casework making you need to be careful of the fit as well as finish details where people look and touch. In lab furniture making you require to take that care to every joint, edge, as well as las surface and have to work towards perfection.


We Offer High – Quality Laboratory Casework

Our company offer Stainless Steel Casework constructed from a variety of shapes, materials, sizes as well as configurations to meet virtually any room or application. Reliable construction, as well as features, along with the best value, ensures that you will have a laboratory that promotes efficiency which will endure for several years to come.

We offer a wide variety of laboratory furniture to suit the needs of every lab. Whether it be laboratory casework, chair units, storage, cabinet, workstations and other furniture can be purchased as standard units or individually modified according to the needs of the customer. 


The furniture is made either of wood chip board or metal sheets, depending on the client’s requirements. Laboratory casework can be chosen from a wide range of materials depending on the chemical resistance requirements.


Present in all types of labs, laboratory casework is an important part of a lab. These long caseworkers are very significant for the lab. As experiments are conducted in the lab, it is important that the material utilized to make this Painted Steel Casework be coated with special chemicals as well as be resistant to corrosion. The material should also be fire-resistant in situation of a fire break out in the lab.


Lab casework is used to store volatile, corrosive or dangerous chemicals that if left in the open, could deteriorate in quality or be injurious to the environment. Lab casework has to be specially designed so that they can suit the requirements of the situation. For example, the chemical casework should prevent chemical spills within the casework while also being fire and corrosion resistant. They also can have rows to hold chemicals steadily in an orderly manner.


The purpose of using casework in laboratories is to promote a protected environment. The casework is evident in almost entire types of labs and allows scientists to save anything while conducting experiments.


These are one of the most versatile parts of laboratory furniture located inside labs. Preventative furniture systems’ maintenance carried out by our devoted team is the key to a protected as well as convenient workplace. We also offer post-purchase servicing for our furniture.


Original source: https://ezadlabfurnishing.blogspot.com/2019/07/setting-up-efficient-stainless-steel.html

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