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review 2018-09-26 17:37
Theft of Swords by Michael Sullivan
Theft of Swords - Michael J. Sullivan,Tim Gerard Reynolds

This epic fantasy includes a little breaking and entering, plenty of snarky insults, political intrigue, magical beasts, and a chaotic neutral maimed mage. For me, the tale started off fun but not particularly special. It wasn’t until about a quarter of the way through the book that the tale grabbed me. Royce and Hadrian are a lot of fun. They’ve known each other for years and each is well into their adult years. This was a nice break from all those epic fantasy adventures that feature teen/young adults bumbling through their first adventures.

Royce was my favorite because we have the same dark sense of humor and have to sometimes be talked into doing the right thing. Hadrian is an enthusiastic believer in honor and all things good. It’s a very good thing these two have each other to balance things out. Each has a history veiled in questions and half truths. I look forward to Book 2 revealing more on this note.

The one weakness to this tale is the ladies. It’s not all bad, but for the most part they are comforters and romantic interests and need to be rescued. Arista shows promise with her wit and ability to grasp politics. Also young Thrace has a shining moment at the end of the novel. The ladies aren’t the worst I’ve seen in epic fantasy but I did want just a bit more from them.

There’s a big fat mystery with the elves. Ancient conflict and truces are eluded to and I expect that will become a big deal later in this series. There are a few elvish slaves in some areas of the human realms, but no elves roam free… or if they do, they can pass for human. The maimed mage Esra provides most of what we know about the elves. He’s ancient and was imprisoned for perhaps 900 years (if I recall correctly). Esra is a big enigma. I don’t know what he wants and he might not know either. He has to keep his head down as he’s still a wanted criminal.

Then there’s Myron. I adored this character because of his wide eyed wonder of the bigger world. He grew up in a monastery and had never been off the grounds. He had seen a few horse but never rode one and he’s never seen a woman. As he gets swept up into the adventure, he provides several chuckles. I too wish there were blue horses.

By the end, I had fallen in love with the main characters. I really look forward to adventuring further with Royce and Hadrian. 4/5 stars.

The Narration: Tim Gerard Reynolds gave a great performance for this book. He had distinct voices for all the characters and his female voices were believable. He sounded like he had a lot of fun narrating this story too. I did notice a few short repeats but there were no other technical issues with the recording. I loved his voice for Myron (always full of wonder), his skeptical voice for Royce, and his honorable voice for Hadrian. 4.75/5 stars.

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review 2018-09-15 14:18
Blaring SF: “Theft of Swords” by Michael J. Sullivan
Theft of Swords (Riyria Revelations) - Michael J. Sullivan

"She was a vision of youthful beauty and Hadrian guessed she could not be more than seventeen."

In “Theft of Swords” by Michael J. Sullivan

"You're going to ruin all your pretty makeup" -- said to Thrace by Hadrian as she was crying....

In “Theft of Swords” by Michael J. Sullivan

"I mean, sure, she's cute as a button..." said by Hadrian about Thrace

In “Theft of Swords” by Michael J. Sullivan

I could go on and on on bad this novel is, but I won’t. I think the quotes above will suffice. As always I’ll go on a tangent when I’ve just finished reading a really bad book.



If you're into stuff like this, you can read the full review.

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review 2015-03-01 00:00
Theft of Swords (Riyria Revelations)
Theft of Swords (Riyria Revelations) - Michael J. Sullivan This was a Goodreads recommendation - I like a rollicking, well written adventure as much as the next person but this wasn't it. Too many information dumps. I wanted to like the two main characters but 25% into the book still didn't know them and thought their relationship lacked any dynamic. I have better things to do.
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review 2014-03-27 15:04
Theft of Swords by Michael J. Sullivan (Book 2 - Avempartha)
Theft of Swords -

An editor!  My kingdom for a content editor!  


Seriously, there are so many infodumps in this book that it's close on a reference book at times!  And also, included in these infodumps are little instances of 'deux ex machina' that really could have been brought out in a much more natural way earlier in the book.  And fat... dear Lord, there is fat.  I understand that the author wrote this series as an experiment that became books in a series, so that my be the reasoning for the lack.  But damn, if this was just tighter, it'd be great instead of just good.  


But that being said, I really enjoyed this second installment of the adventures of Hadrian and Royce.  I think the main reason I enjoyed it as much as I did was because I love the main characters - and YAY!, we find out a little more of their backrounds.  Just when I think Hadrian might be my favourite, Royce will say or do something that will make him my favourite until the moment that Hadrian does something depricatingly heroic and BAM! he's my fave again.  *LOL*  


The secondary characters are fun and flesh-out as well.  Princess Arista, Thrace the farm girl, Esrahaddon the wizard, the Pickering brothers... all nicely well-rounded and interesting.  The baddies are baddies and obviously so, at least in this installment, but that works for me.  As often happens in fantasy novels, the baddies belong to the big church that wants to run everything and so many of their high-ranking officials are nowhere near the holy men they should be.  So yes, it's a typical fantasy, but the tale it tells and the trails it takes to get there are very worth reading.  


Will I read the others?  There are 4 more books in the series from what I can tell and yes, I will.  Good, fun, fantasy with a terrific bromance is always welcome in my ereader. :)  Hopefully, the latter books are a little better edited for content.  

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review 2014-03-27 15:02
I Loved it!
Theft of Swords (Riyria Revelations) - Michael J. Sullivan

Well, I absolutely loved this book. Loved it loved it loved it loved it. Actually, I should say that I loved Royce. It’s been a while since I’ve 100% latched on to a character. Matter of fact, I haven’t felt that way in 3 months. I’ve loved and really liked quite a few books since that one the kept me up at night, I’ve enjoyed stories and great adventures, I’ve felt close to a few characters, but none of the characters have consumed my mind in the past 3 months. This is both good and bad, which I’ll explain later (I feel a little silly about it...).


Now, since I’ve latched on to a character, the story could take any turn and I won’t care, as long as I have my character. In Theft of Swords,if I didn’t have Royce, I still would have enjoyed it, but I wouldn’t have gone all character crazy like I am. It was a good story, with some wild fun. That said, I’m not one for political intrigue. I mean, I don’t mind it, I won’t avoid a story with it, but it’s got to have other stuff going on to keep me interested. This book did just that. The political sections of plotting and scheming and some POV’s had me reading faster, almost near skimming so I could return to Hadrian and Royce. Still, it ended just before I got into my, “I need to this to move faster” train of thought. So, all in all, the story was great.


On to characters; my biggest weakness in a book. I’m going to admit something that I hope others can relate to, cause I feel a bit crazy when I do this. If I’ve latched on to a character, I mean, really latched on, I can’t stop thinking about the book and I MUST KNOW WHAT HAPPENS. Which means I’m useless until I finish the series. It eats away at me. I can’t sleep, cause I keep thinking about what I read. It’s entirely frustrating. I feel like a crazy person. There’s one series that I haven’t picked up the second book yet because the third and final installment isn’t done. Sadly, I’m afraid I’d go insane if I became much more invested in the character and didn’t have the final book in my hands. I’m not in jeopardy of that with these books, cause they’re all out. Yay me. Embarrassed, I admit that it seriously takes me like a week of horrible nights and absent minded days to move past a book if I’m hooked on a character. Heaven forbid anything happens to them. I go into mourning and I’m quite irritable.


All that said, this book put me in that crazy, psycho mode. All the other books I had planned to read just got shelved. I. Must. Read. More. Royce. Soooo, I’m insanely obsessed now and have bought the next two books which I can hopefully read this weekend. Sigh... I had so many other plans. Oh well.


Hadrian was also a great character, I have a feeling I’m going to start having the same problem with him in the next book. We’ll see. But right now, I can’t get enough Royce. The other characters were great as well, and I liked and hated some. Nice range. But I love myself a brooding, dark past character.


Theft of Swords left me screaming in agony last night. It’s got a bit of a cliffhanger and drove me to lose countless hours of sleep. And I can’t read today, which I’m upset about, to put it very mildly. Hopefully, I can get far enough into the next book so I can get some sleep Friday night. I really hate this reading side to me. I get weird looks from my family whenever I try to explain it, but I can’t be the only one with this problem. Ugh!!


So in conclusion, yeah, I guess you could say I liked this book.


Source: booksbylkevans.com/2014/03/27/review-of-theft-of-swords-by-michael-j-sullivan
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